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"Oi! Goku!" Sanzo yelled as Goku jumped into the communal bath.

"Lighten up, old man," Gojyo smiled at him.

After bullets were shot towards Gojyo and Goku, they heard a laugh on the other side of the wooden fence.

"It seems that we never truly get to relax." Hakkai said.

Gojyo smiled. "Oi! Hakkai! Are there other ladies there with you?" He could imagine it now. He wished he was Hakkai at that moment with a plethora of naked woman around him. If only he could feel their cream colored skin against his.

"I believe it's just me," Hakkai said. "Though, I will be leaving soon. I should get dinner started."

Gojyo felt himself disappointed. She was alone. He wouldn't mind being there with her though. The man leaned back against the gray rocks looking up at the night sky. The communal bath would be a perfect place to engage in a sexual fantasy if he were there, alone, with Hakkai. He did recall to staring at her slender cream-colored legs when she walked around the house in a skirt.

"Hakkai, are you still there?" Gojyo called out to her.

"I was about to leave," the three heard her body move in the water.

"Why don't you wear a skirt anymore?"

Goku's and Sanzo's eyes widened. How could Gojyo ask such a question?! How did he have the balls to speak about a woman's choice in clothing?

"It's pretty inconvenient running around in a skirt. I wouldn't want to be doing flips and worry about my undergarments." She laughed- nervously. "I should be getting dinner ready. I'll meet you three in our room."

They heard the door close before Goku yelled at Gojyo. "What the hell's wrong with you?! Why did you ask Hakkai that?!"

"I just wondering."

They looked at Sanzo, who was turned away. They expected him to shoot a bullet or pull out the magical paper fan.

"Oi, are you blushing?" Gojyo squinted at the monk.

"Shut up, pervert."

"Oh, so the monk's not so innocent. Were you thinking of a mini skirt?" Gojyo teased him.


In the women's bath, Hakkai sighed with a sweatdrop in front of the door. She pretended to leave to hear what they would say. Gojyo's question did catch her off guard but Goku's and Sanzo's reaction… "Boys will be boys I guess," she said to herself and left.

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