Where do I begin with the explanation behind this idea? It's just one of those crazy, random, unbelievable ideas that pop into my mind when I'm at my most stressed-out point, and since my parole officer has been keeping an eye on me, I must relieve my stress with my hobby of writing, using any idea that comes to mind.

Having been lacking inspiration and being too lazy to re-write some of my other stories, I just decided to read a story and see if I could come up with a one-shot derived from it… Instead, I got an idea for a 7-shot! Count 'em, SEVEN!

What could a story that's longer than a one-shot but shorter than a series be about? Well, it comes from my story, Body Switch, deriving from the last couple chapters. So read on and keep your sanity in a secured position because this just may be the most mind-boggling thing you've ever read… if you're one of few people who don't think anything I've ever written is such.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fangface, and I refuse to mention such a horrid truth repeatedly through THIS scenario.


I had thought I had escaped the cruel reality I came from, when I first entered this world believed to be a mere fantasy. I had thought that it was all a dream when I first came here, but turns out it was a dream come true- a world where cartoons actually existed, and where certain people from reality had a way of entering such a realm. Where the horrors of the real-world was something everyone thought were fictional, and where good always triumphed over evil. Where you never had a dull moment because there were always friends to take you on wacky adventures, and everywhere you went there was a new journey waiting for you. I thought to myself, This is real… This is my escape from reality… This is my destiny… my dream.

Little did I know this dream was going to be a nightmare, for unbeknownst to my friends and I, a piece of reality followed us into this world, and reminded me that- no matter how long I stayed- the place I was born in did exist, and I could never escape it… no matter how hard I tried.

I didn't want it to be true, I wanted to think that it was all a nightmare, but it wasn't. Somehow… I don't know… in some way, she found out the secret- a wretched female being that had attached me to a bungee cord so that whenever she sent me over the edge, I would spring back up for her to do it again. This she-beast had a habit back in our world of making my reality an unbearable place to live… and now it appears she has plans to do the same with this world- this sanctuary I had come to love.

And it wasn't easy to take all this in AND be pregnant at the same time with someone else's kid.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I lose you on that last part?

Let me explain. My name is Wherever Girl (WG for short). In reality, I am named Astrid Southerland. I have two aliases so no one from reality or the tooniverse can track me down… Why am I telling you this? Because, my dear friend, this is Fan-Fiction, where something like this can easily be interpreted as make-believe. My friends, Tracker and Fangface the Second (FF2 as we call him), came across this world long ago, and have been traveling it ever since.

One day, we met a couple producers who were having trouble with their cartoon-characters and some OC they claimed some fans (aka, us) made up. Listening to how the characters have been griping at who's life sucked more, we decided to help by having all the characters switch bodies with one another, just to see what it was like… all the while send them in a goofy situation. Little did we know that this was a start of a chain of events that was part of our fate… but that's a whole other story- a whole LOT of other stories, actually, since it took 3 different authors to tell them.

During our mishap, Tracker, FF2, and I discovered that we could fuse with our cartoon-counterparts/OC: Kasandra/Hunter, Kite/Kitefang, and Brielle, do to all of us being cartoon-brids- a combination of toon-and-reality… and somehow, when we fused, we ended up looking like anime-characters. Why, we had no idea. But it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, during our fusion, Kasandra/Hunter and Brielle happened to be pregnant, and when they became part of Tracker and I, we ended up carrying their kids… even AFTER we split. The kids ended up in our stomachs, though were unaffected as Edwin informed us, claiming that the fusion would leave no affect on the infants, and that fusing again would safely put them back in their mother's stomachs.

Kasandra got her baby back… but to some sick asshole injecting Brielle with vampire blood and putting a virus in her system, which would possibly hurt her child-to-be… and guess what that meant? I was stuck with her kid for a week!

Now, I couldn't be mad at Brielle, since she was looking after her child and I knew that- due to a tragic incident that involved her entire family being slaughtered- she would be a wreck if she lost her first-born child, so I decided to help her out. She already went through hell watching her parents and older sister die, being raised by a werewolf-hunter, having to travel on her own for so long, and all the while trying to shake said hunter because he kept stalking her AND trying to kill our werewolf friends… so I had to cut her a break somewhere.

The FATHER on the other hand… he wasn't getting off so easily, considering he was the one who got her pregnant in the first place! Upon hearing news that I was pregnant with his kid, I immediately fainted out of shock… and then chased after him with a machete, threatening to shut down his reproductive system in the most painful way possible. I was pissed at him even when Brielle was pregnant! …Okay, sure, they were married and it happens… But it still aggravated me! And now that I had to carry his kid, I felt a loathing toward him, and had doubt that it would cease…

But that was before SHE came along.

I had encountered her in a hallway at the studios, and somehow she found out about the fusion/pregnancy incident, and- believe it or not- she was more pissed than I was. But she didn't try to kill the father… no, she just thought pushing me down a flight of stairs and forcing me to have an abortion would be better! She would have succeeded too, if Silver (FF2's newfound werewolf-half) hadn't caught me, and mauled her until she went back to reality.

At that moment, I had forgotten my rage, having it been replaced by my care for this child that wasn't mine… I had even referred to it as 'my' baby, despite I knew otherwise. But the way she had threatened it, having called it an abomination, it was as if I had been overcome with maternal instinct, wanting to defend it- especially since I had promised Brielle I would take care of it until we could get it back into her own stomach. I didn't even care that Puggsy was the father anymore- I just wanted to make sure it was safe.

My rage toward the bitch was nothing compared to his, I found out, once we told everyone about what she tried to do to me and the child. I had seen him ticked off, pissed, annoyed, irritated, and aggravated… but upon hearing that someone tried to kill his child, there was a fury in his eyes that could not be defined, a loathing in his expression that outmatched my own, as if HE suddenly wanted to chase after someone with a machete, or worse.

After seeing such anger on his face, I could no longer loathe him for getting Brielle (and, in a way, me) pregnant. He cared about his kid, as much as Brielle and I, and was going to be a good dad taking care of his son-or-daughter to be.

And I was going to make sure I took care of it for the next seven days… and make sure my sister stayed away.


Day One: Half an hour after the attack.

"There's no sign of her anywhere." Tracker told me as we sat in our room in the apartment complex. The producers decided to give us our own place to stay, as gratitude for taking out Marcus. "She's probably still in the real-world,"

I gave a small nod, sitting there with my knees pulled up to my chest, staring at the quilted bed-spread I sat on.

She put an arm around me. "It's going to be okay, WG. We'll find her, and make sure she doesn't pull anything like this again,"

I wanted to believe her… but I couldn't. My sister always had some way of getting to me and getting my nerves shot. But I simply replied, "I know… Silver probably scared her off pretty good, so she probably won't want to come back." I doubted my statement, knowing that it would take more than a cartoon-werewolf to scare Jennifer off. Heck, it would take more than an armada to keep her away!

Tracker patted me on the back. "Get some sleep. You'll need to rest your nerves while you're pregnant with Pugs' kid."

I rolled my eyes. "It's bad enough my sister paid a visit, Track. You don't need to bring up THAT unspeakable subject."

She chuckled. "Sorry, but you may want to get used to it. Everyone knows it, so it's likely to get brought up."

"Not if they see me carrying my machete,"

It was her turn to roll her eyes. "You and your psychotic nature. I'm surprised Jennifer wasn't scared to approach you,"

We lied down in our beds. Tracker fell asleep, but with my mind cluttered at the moment, there was no way I was about to dose off soon.

Day one… and already I was hoping this week would end.