Disclaimer: All characters property of Dreamworks Animation. Chess is in the Public Domain. I am not a chess master. If you are, forgive any inaccuracies.

"Have you ever considered how cliché this is?" I asked, taking a pawn with my holographic rook.

"Hmm?" Metro Man asked, moving a knight on his copy of the hologram to block my rook from checking his king.

"You know, superhero and supervillain playing chess in prison? I'm sure I've seen it in a movie, or a comic or something."

"You get comics in here?"

I snorted. "When I'm very very good. So no. But Minion stocks up while I'm visiting the folks."

There was an awkward pause, during which I checked his king to clear a path for one of my pawns to reach the end of the board. Metro Man gave me an amused look and took the rook with a bishop instead, leaving the knight blocking the pawn. He stared at them for a moment, an oddly sad expression on his face.

"So how's Roxanne?"
"What? Oh, her. Um… I dunno. She's going to report on the opening of my museum tomorrow."

"Oh yes. The museum to honor your humble and discrete protection of Metrocity."

"This coming from a man who calls himself 'Incredibly Handsome Master of All Villainy.'"

"But I'm a supervillain. We're supposed to be flashy."

"Are you supposed to be blue?"


"Sorry, you're right. Low blow." He paused. "It's not like I asked for a museum."

"Or anything else," I said bitterly, "but that doesn't stop you from getting it anyway."

Metro Man seemed to reach a decision. His expression softened. He used his knight to take a pawn, leaving my first pawn wide open.

"Ha!" I said, moving my pawn to the edge of the board. "Queen me, and check!" Metro Man quickly castled, but there was no escape. I smiled wryly as I captured his rook, cornering the king.

"Looks like it's your turn to win." Metro Man turned off his chessboard and left. I watched him go, and then triggered the communicator function on my binky.

"Minion, send the package. We have a party to crash."