I own none of these characters, I'm just using them to make my own story. I hope you like it!

Chapter One-The Beginning

I smiled shutting my locker before turning to head home, another letter.


You're still pretty as ever, and that shade of pink really suits you. You should wear it more often, but then again you look pretty in everything you wear.

-admiring from afar.

I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I read the letter. I'd been receiving these letters for a bit now. But they were almost always signed different. Same writing, always something sweet, but this time it was "-admiring from afar." I knew it had to be the same person, or at least I couldn't think that more than one person would even look at me in any kind of romantic light. I still wish I knew who was sending the letters, but I haven't gotten the slightest clue.

Smiling along I turned the corner seeing Xion and waved. Xion was dressed in her usual attire, a little black dress, enough for her to get noticed but not enough to make her look bad. Her bangs hung in her face like mine do sometimes and her usual black flats. Xion waved back at me, smiling slightly before waving me over, walking quickly I smiled at my best friend.

"You ready?" I gave her a nod before she saw the paper on my hand. "Another letter? Well, that explains the goofy grin on your face. What's it say this time?"

My smile grew before I surrendered the letter and watched as she read it. Shaking her head smiling she handed it back. "Well?" I asked excitedly, I couldn't help that I enjoyed the compliments.

"I think your "admirer from afar" needs to be admiring closer. Kairi I haven't seen you smile so much since you found out we'd both gotten in to the same private school." Xion smiled at me teasingly before turning and heading toward her car. As juniors in our "fancy private" high school, we got some privileges. I followed giggling softly rereading my letter.

"I agree, I think he needs to reveal himself. But, how would I tell him that?" I could see the wheels turning in her head before we climbed into the car.

"Has anyone been treating you different lately?" I thought for a moment before pouting.

"Not that I can think of." I spoke softly. Xion shook her head and sighed at me before starting the car.

"Coffee?" She asked sweetly. I nodded at her before we headed out to my favorite café and I sat in silence. No one's been treating me any different; I'm still pretty invisible to everyone. Well except when I'm with Xion, and then it's just the polite "Hello." The car rolled to a soft stop and Xion turning looking at me. "Okay, so no one's been acting any different toward you? C'mon he's gotta show some type of affection toward you sometime."

"Not if he's 'admiring from afar.'" I laughed softly, pushing my bangs back out of my face before getting out of Xion's little black Lexus, and heading toward my favorite little café.

I pushed the door open to Trinity's, letting the scent of the place wash over me before heading in. Trinity's was a quaint little place, low lights, old vintage looking booths, tables and chairs. It even had their own secret family recipe that made all their coffee taste amazing, which is why I loved it so much.

Xion walked over to the counter ordering us a vanilla twist, and a hot chocolate. Xion wasn't big on coffee but that never stopped her from coming here with me. Sitting across for me she smiled and shook her head.

"What?" I asked, suddenly self-conscious.

"You're sure you don't know who this admirer of yours is? You aren't hiding it from me are ya?" The heat rose in my cheeks again before I bit my lip and shook my head.

"Speaking of admiring . . ." Xion's face burnt red before looking down. I smiled softly. "Did he talk to you today?"

"He's gotten himself a girlfriend." Xion mumbled quietly. Xion had had a thing from Roxas for the longest time, but being Xion she never moved on her feelings. I sighed softly reaching out to pat her hand.

"Who?" I asked cautiously.

"Namine." She groaned softly before laying her head on the table. I sighed softly feeling bad for her, and pulled my hand back.


"Yeah?" She mumbled from the table.

"You're way too pretty for him anyway." I spoke sternly, yet gently. Xion picked her head up off the table rolling her eyes at me before smiling. I knew I'd gotten to her.

"No more talk of admirers." She said softly. "Let's just enjoy the moment because later, we are ordering pizza and getting sweets and wasting the weekend with this new game I got. You're still staying over aren't you?" I nodded taking a sip from my drink and looked out the window.

The sun shown softly, the clouds moving lazily and I wondered what my admirer was up to.