Chapter Three-Shopping?

I walked out of the bathroom smelling just like candy, dressed in a baby pink t-shirt and a pair of Xion's dark wash shorts. I shook my head curious as to why Xion threw this particular outfit at me and walked back into her bedroom.

Xion was sitting on her bed wearing a solid black shirt and dark wash shorts too. She looked up at me smiling when she saw me and stood up. I looked at her slightly confused before walking over slipping on my flats when she started talking.

"So I know what we're going to have to do today." I turned looking at her curious, tilting my head slightly.

"And what's that?" I watched as her eyes lit up in happiness. "Not tell lies to the world surely…like that I've kissed Pence." She waved her hand in the air looking back at me.

"I wasn't actually going to do so, but I knew it would get you up." I sighed softly shaking my head looking at her. I knew she was right but I wasn't about to admit that.

"Okay, so what have you got planned for the day?" I looked at her seeing the wheels in her mind turn before she smiled wickedly at me.

"I say we have one of two options here."

"Okay and they are…?" Xion smiled at me innocently before crossing her arms.

"Well, we could go shopping today so you can impress your admirer…" She trailed off as I stuck my tongue out at her wrinkling my nose. I hated shopping, and Xion knew it. "Or…we could always find more ways for you to fall into Mr. Sora himself." Xion smirked at me as my cheeks burnt. Looking down quickly I shook my head.

"We're not going anywhere near him." I muttered softly, looking up to see Xion smiling in victory.

"Shopping it is!" I groaned softly before sighing in defeat. I knew better than to try and argue shopping with Xion, especially since now she knew I had the smallest kind of crush on the cutest boy in school.

Ten minutes later Xion and I were in her car on our way to the only mall anywhere close to us; oddly it was also the biggest one yet. Xion started playing songs we both knew by heart allowing us to sing and make fools of ourselves to one another, not that we hadn't already but it at least put me in a better mood to go shopping.

Xion pulled into one of the thousand parking lots as we climbed out of the car and strolled right into the mall like we owned the place. I smirked at Xion as we walked pass a few guys standing in the store and she blushed, I giggled as she ducked her head walking faster knowing their eyes were trailing after her I smiled.

"Awe Xion, are you shy?" I teased.

"No!" She said quickly looking up at me still blushing. "I just, had a thought." She muttered softly.

"Oh? Let me guess you think one of those boys is cute and you wanna kiss him." I looked at her and smiled when I realized I was right.

"Drop it, please." Xion looked at me and I nodded still smiling.

We walked through way too many stores for one place to have, carrying at least six or seven bags each before we agreed it was time to eat. Xion led the way to the food court where we got to large fries and two "Super-Size" drinks, when Xion smiled and then looked at me. I'd already sat down chewing on a fry when I noticed Xion was looking at me mischievously.

"What?" I asked cautiously. Xion just shrugged and looked back down at her food. I let my curiosity get the better of me, turning around I felt my heart stutter and butterflies take over my stomach. There he sat, right across the food court in plain view, dirty blonde hair spiked up, blue eyes trained of the person across from him. Unaware that I was just across the room, when, my heart sunk at first when I had the thought that he was here with someone else until I looked a bit more realizing that silver hair belonged to Riku. I turned back around looking at Xion shaking slightly.

"Stop biting your lip." Xion teased giggling. I stopped unaware I was doing it in the first place and looked down. "Do you want me to invite him over here?"

I looked up the blood draining from my face before I blushed deeply. "No!" I squeaked trying to make myself smaller when I saw Xion get up and walked behind me, eventually I couldn't hear her footsteps and my heart raced double time. Unable to think I got up rushing away from the table leaving my bags where they were. I headed back toward the restrooms when I slammed into someone. Groaning I looked up, seeing nothing more than silver hair and turquois coloured eyes.

"I-I'm sorry…" I mumbled quietly. Riku laughed looking down at me a shrugged.

"So where's the fire?" I looked up blushing before looking back at the table where Xion was sitting alone and Sora was still at his table. "Oh don't tell me, you ran because you saw him?" Riku shook his head and leaned down whispering. "He's not so scary."

I looked up at Riku my face still on fire as he laughed. Riku walked away leaving me there speechless as I walked into the restroom looking into the mirror. I took a few deep breaths before walking back out meeting Xion back at our table completely aware that Sora and Riku had gone missing from the food court.

Xion looked up at me a sighed. "Well, I was going to get Sora to come over here and talk to you, but after I refilled my drink you were gone." She looked up at me calling me chicken with her eyes as I sat down.

"I needed to run to the restroom." I said softly. Xion rolled her eyes playfully before throwing a fry at me.

"I still say you're a chicken." Xion smiled giggling. I shook my head and smiled back. "He's not as scary as you think." Xion said softly to me. I froze for a moment before remembering Riku had said those same words. I shrugged and ate another fry looking at Xion before she smiled at me.

"Ready? We've got one more store to hit then we can leave if you'd like." I nodded picking my bags back up before following her into one more clothing store watching as she bought another black skirt. I shook my head muttering about how she needed to buy coloured clothes before she just waved me off. I walked away for a moment seeing something blue that caught my eye.

A soft light blue dress hung on a hanger hidden slightly but not enough. I set a few of the bags down before picking up the dress. It was beautiful; the dress was layered with three different layers and a light brown belt to match. It was strapless and soft to the touch. I hadn't heard Xion come up behind me so when she oohed I jumped and turned around.

"Buy that!" Xion squeaked. My heart was racing from her scaring me as I looked at her glaring. "What?" She asked puzzled.

"You scared me!" Xion's eyes lit up as she giggled.

"I did?! That's awesome! I mean I'm sorry but that's awesome!" Xion was so pleased with herself I just sighed.

We walked out of the mall my dress hidden in one the any bags I had as we headed home and Xion looked at me.

"Tomorrow, your admirer will have to tell you who he is." I looked at her puzzled for a moment.

"Why?" Xion smirked before shaking her head.

"You're gunna look H-O-T hot." I blushed giggly lightly.

"The word hot and I don't go together unless the word not is in the middle there." Xion just shook her head as we walked out of the store climbing back into the car. Xion smiled before turning the music up and started singing to me dramatically.

"YOU'RE INSECURE, DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR!" I blushed trying to hide before Xion got too into the song. "BUT WHEN YOU SMILE AT THE GROUND IT AIN'T HARD TO TELL, YOU DON'T KNOW, YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!" I laughed shaking my head smiling before I caved in and sang right along with her, blushing with Sora on my mind.