Here's my Argent story. Trust me, this story isn't about pairings. Anyone notice that my stories involve torturing the characters' ? There is a lot more of that in a future story called Mistress Madness. I think I have a problem... Well, enjoy! Rated M for language and mild sexual themes. I joined this chap with the next one.

Finally! A breath of fresh air for her. No more blasted dams to fix. Uh uh! Argent has herself a real life criminal to track.

It all started when she arrived home from the slumber party. She had that horrible hangover from all the liquor she consumed the other day. All that liquor, which made her behave way out of character. She definitely meant to scratch Bee up like that, she won't deny that, but she didn't mean to make out with them all and leave that love bite on Star's neck. She has to admit that Star's reaction was gold. She freaked! But it was her fault for not opening her mouth...

Back to the story. So, Argent walked in her small, government granted, apartment. She threw herself on the couch for a while before getting up and taking an Advil. The migraine was killing her. To make matters worse, the earsplitting alarms sounded. Argent had cursed Robin, Cyborg, and whoever else schemed to ruin her life with a deafening alarm.

The punk teen dragged herself over to the computers and shut it off. She expected another dam but instead saw a person. A man wearing black all down robbing a bank. She thought it was gonna be an easy win. She was so wrong. The man turned out to be capable of blending in with everything. She didn't know where exactly he was when she was prepared to strike. At least he couldn't crawl on the walls.

She knew she would not win this way, so she used a Robin tactic: Place a tracking device on this man. The very ugly built man began to taught. He would appear then blend in with his surrounding.

He appeared. "Ha. Do you give up now Pipsqueak?" He teased.

She scrunched her face in disgust as she watched the giant boil on his chin move as he spoke.

"You're an ugly one." She said.

He frowned. Then smiled. "You can never beat the Chameleon! Get that bloody straight!" He boomed.

Argent reached into the waistline of her skirt. She pulled out the tracker. She knew this had to be done precisely.

She listened carefully and heard the creep breathing by the teller counter. Using her powers she knocked down some ceiling over him. Not hesitating to moan in pain from the noise, she quickly flickered the device at the swift criminal. She prayed it made a touchdown on skin. It landed right on his neck. She pressed a button and knew that the tracker was inserting itself in his second layer of skin.

"What in the bloody hell?" The robber muttered, feeling the tingle of the tracker entering his skin. He dropped one bag of money before fleeing.

Argent had to go to the police station to file one of those long reports. Her work never ends. After the report she flew home to go contact Robin.

And that's where our story begins.

"-and I can't fight him today, so I placed a tracker on him. I might get him tomorrow."

Robin rubbed his very hairless chin. "Don't do that. He might be apart of a major organization, for all we know. Monitor his movements."

"Okay. All I know is that I need rest tonight. I'll begin tomorrow. Talk to you later." She was about to turn off the webcam.
"Wait!" Robin called.

Argent's hand went over her ear. When she removed it, she whispered "What?"

Robin smirked. "Can you explain why my girlfriend is hiding a hickey from me?"

Her black lined eyes went wide. "Uh.. um, I- uh. T-things got crazy. She had said 'practice'. T-that's all-"

Robin waved his hands. "It's fine."

She sighed. "Oh. I am sincerely sorry."

"I said it's fine. Enjoy your rest."

"Thank you." She turned off the webcam.

She should have known that he would find out. He did work with Batman, one of the world's greatest detectives.

Argent's head was throbbing. She kicked off her boots and walked to her nicely decorated Gothic themed bathroom.

"Such a long day," She removed her skirt.

"Finally got a criminal." She removed her shirt.

She walked over to the mirror and opened the cabinet. Taking cottonballs and wetting them she removed her make-up.

When she was done she turned on the radio she keeps in the bathroom, and removed the rest of her clothes.

'She works hard for the money! So hard for the money! So hard for the money, so you know you better treat her right!'

Argent groaned. "Wrong!"

She lowered the volume and changed the station to something softer.

She enjoyed her warm shower. Taking the towel from the rack, she stepped out.

'I wonder where this criminal might take me.' She thought as she walked to her room.

Bzzp Bzzp Bzzp

Argent's silver arm reached over to the alarm and pressed the button. She lifted herself off her plain red bed and walked to her bathroom.

"I need a change in scenery." She muttered, as she opened the door to the bathroom. "Living in solitude is Raven's thing." Argent sniggered, walking over to the sink and brushing her teeth.

When she was done with the whole shower-clothes-makeup process she walked into the kitchen. She was sure to put on a radio.

"I'm gonna make some toast! I hope I don't burn it!" She sang in a Metallica manner, dancing to the fridge and pulling out the bread. She popped the bread in the toaster.

Beep Beep Beep

"What the fuck?! Every time I'm about to relax this thing goes off. What the fuck is it now?" Argent ranted.

She turned off the alarm and checked her computer. It was the tracker.

"Does the ugly bastard have to be on the move at 9 freaking AM! Give me a break." She looked at his location. "Hmm. He's moving quite fast. I'm calling Robin." It's 2pm in California, 19 hrs behind.

Argent contacted the Titans West, only to be greeted by the hyperactive changeling.

"Hi! What's up Argent?!"

Argent smirked. "Hello there, Bunny Rabbit Beast Boy." Beast Boy frowned. "Where's Robin."

Beast Boy opened his mouth"He's-"

"Right here, Argent. What's up?" Robin walked next to Beast Boy.

With a 'hmph', the green teen walked away.

Argent rolled her eyes before looking at Robin. "The criminal is on the move."

"Where to?" Robin asked, taking up a book and pencil.

"I don't know, but he's moving fast. I assume he's in the air."

"Where is he traveling over right now?"

"The Mediterranean Ridge."

"So he's moving towards Africa?"

"Yes, and what ever plane he's on is moving faster than the average plane."

"Could he fly?"

"If he could, don't you think I would have told you yesterday?" She pointed out.

"How much money did he steal?" Robin asked, jotting things down.

"Approximately 40 grand."

Robin put his book and pencil down. "Argent, I suggest the job is transferred to Hot Spot ."

Argent sighed. "Do you mind telling how that was determined?"

"This felon is clearly taking a route to Morocco. Other than that I've discovered that there is a major jewel auction going on there and it was reported that Chameleon snagged approximately 40 grand. If there is one thing I know about criminals like him, is that they love to blow money away. I feel that his suit is made out of technology that allows him to blend in with his surroundings. Hot Spot's heat would be ab -"

"No. This is my project and I'm not letting no one else take it." She said calmly. "Is there a problem with that?"

"That's fine. How will you be getting there and where will you stay?"

"I'm flying and I'll just bunk with Hot Spot for a while."

"Are you going to be including him in?"

Argent rolled her eyes, tired of all the questions. "I'll think about it."

"So you're seriously going to be lugging a suitcase in the air as you fly." He chuckled.

She smiled. "I can use my powers to hold them."

"I'll leave you to your packing. Make sure you call Hot Spot."

Argent sniggered. "Whatever. Tell Cyborg, Star, and Raven I say hi."

"Sure. Bye."

"Bye Robin."

Argent walked over to her toast. She was surprised it didn't burn.

"I'm going to Morocco. That sure is a change in scenery. Maybe when I'm done catching that creep, I could do a little shopping." She thought aloud as she smeared honey on her toast.

Taking large bites of toast she hurriedly poured water in a glass and swallowed the water and toast together. She ran to her room and took out her suitcase. She was way to anxious to get out of this lonely apartment.

She packed underwear, 2 uniforms, 3 casual shirts, 2 jeans, her pj's, and a skirt. She threw in a ballet flats and a small container of whiskey, just for when she has 'one of those days'.

She looked into the box under her bed and had a silent debate on whether or not to bring her toys. A pro is that it'll be a good thing for horny days like whiskey is for bad days. A con is that she's going to be bunking with someone, and not just anyone, a guy. She could just wait until he's out of the house. Another con is that if he walks into the room and accidentally kicks over her stuff, it'll just fall right out. How embarrassing! But she really wa-

"Oh, screw it." She threw a pink dildo in and locked her suitcase. She tied the key onto the lace of her boot. Then she grabbed a shoulder bag.

Argent rolled the grip into the hallway and walked to the bathroom. She put her toothbrush in a traveling tube and threw it in the bag. Then she picked up her makeup bag and threw it in. She added her perfume and washcloth to the mix.

"Oh shit!" Argent grabbed her towel and robe to put in her suitcase.

Now she was all done and was pondering two things. Should she call the pyro or just show up at his door and cause him inconvenience. Argent chose the latter. Imagine the look that will be on his face.

With that she rolled the suitcase outside the apartment and locked the door.

Argent's in Morocco! It only took her about two hours at top speed flying. She could have sworn she passed by the plane the criminal was on. Well, to everyone on the plane, they only saw a red flash. Argent touchdown in an alley by the block she supposed Hot Spot's apartment was. She couldn't just land in the middle of the street. Too many problems. Thank goodness it's around 12am or else she would have caused chaos.

She flipped open her communicator and searched for Hot Spot. The dot of his communicator showed that Hot Spot's apartment was close by. If jet lag is bad in a plane, Argent was feeling crappy. If she didn't get to his house quick, she would pass out.

She followed the tracker to the building and went through the second door to the top loft. She still had the strength to get on his nerves.

Bang Bang Bang!

"Police! We know you're harboring a cute young girl in there!" She shouted in the deepest voice she could muster.

"What the fuck?" She heard being muttered as someone shuffled to the door.

Argent held in a laugh. "Open... Up the freaking door!"

"There's no cute girl in here." Hot Spot muttered, opening the door. He looked down at her and his mouth went open.

"There is now. Spotty!" Argent hugged the shirtless sleepy pyro/

"Um... Do you wanna tell me why you're here?" He asked, not trying to be mean.

"Can I come in first?" She asked, entering anyway with her luggage.

He was still stunned. "Uh. Sure."

Argent walked in and laid down on the couch. dropping her grip on the floor.

Hot Spot walked over to his kitchen and took out a can of soda. "Want something to drink?"

Argent lifted her hand and waved it off.

He sat down at the table. "So... What brings you here at this hour? And, so unexpectantly."

"Ask me when I wake up." Argent mumbled before snoring lightly.

Hot Spot shook his head. "She comes waltzing in and scares the shit out of me before sleeping on my couch."

He finished up his soda and walked back to his room.

2 hours later

Argent yawned and rose off the couch. She looked at the clock on the end table to her right.


"What am I gonna do now?" She said as she walked over to his computer. She typed in the encryption code of the robber's tracking device. He's flying over Chad now.

After she found that out, she called up Titans West. Not just to report, but to talk to someone.

Raven answered and as soon as she saw Argent she blushed. "Hello."

Argent winked. "Hi Raven. You still upset about that."

Raven rolled her eyes and threw up her hood. "You violated my mouth."

"So? Just let you know, you were more than a handful." She said, groping her breasts just to stress her point.

Raven folded her hands over her chest. She looked into the background. "That's not your apartment."

"Robin didn't tell you guys about my assignment? Two hours ago I came to Hot Spot's apartment."

Raven looked at her blankly. "Did you make fun of his pudginess yet?"

Argent snickered. "I'll get to it. He's sleeping now."

"You're on the couch?"

"Yeah, but tomorrow I'm kicking him out of his room."

Raven smirked. "You have fun with that."

Argent scoped Raven's background. "Isn't it 6 something? Shouldn't you guys be eating dinner."

"The pizza didn't come yet. Beast Boy's calling his pizza girl girlfriend, Cyborg's tuning the T-ship and," Raven smirked again. "Star's giving Robin a hickey in his room."

Argent smiled. "I told Star that it works wonders."

Raven laughed a little. "I can tell by emotions coming out of his room. I just hope they don't have sex."

"Then there would be emotions and screaming coming out of that room!" Argent laughed.

"Hi small pint!" Cyborg greeted, walking next to Raven.

"Hey Cy!"

Cyborg looked at the background. "That's not your crib."

"No, it's Hot Spot's." Argent said.

Cyborg was trying hard to keep his mind straight but after what he learned about Argent... " Uh huh." He decided to change the subject. He looked at Raven. "Is Star still in Robin's room?"

Raven nodded.

"I better go call them to watch a movie before she gets pregnant. If Star can have a baby by a human." He turned.

Argent lifted her finger. "Star has human parts. I'm not sure about down there but..."

Cyborg rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, uh, bye!" He ran out.

Argent began snickering. "That's how you get rid of Cyborg. Mention his little 'sister's' sexual parts."

Raven couldn't help but chuckle.

"I think I'm gonna go bother Spotty now." Argent said.

Raven's mouth turned down. "Isn't it 2 something in the morning."

Argent thought it over. "Yeah. I might as well wait till 5. Tell Robin that the Chameleon is over Africa."

"Okay. Bye."

Argent blew her a kiss. "See you, Herbal."

Raven blushed and flipped her the finger.

Argent snickered and turned off the webcam. She walked over to the couch and turned on the television.

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