Argent sighed and looked at the tablets.

"Now how can I do this without killing myself?" She muttered. "Even though killing myself won't be that bad."

She popped a pill out.

"I'll just take it one by one. Maybe four should do it."

She uncapped the water. Then she popped the pill into her mouth, accompanied it with water, and swallowed.

Then she took out another one and repeated.

"Now I'm about to go over the limit." She whispered as she took out the third.

She uncertainly held to her mouth, rethinking her decision.

She was about to pop it in her mouth until..


Argent threw the pill somewhere and put the drugs under her sweater.

Hot Spot walked in, locking the door behind him. He had a bag in his hand.

'Is it just in superheroes nature to walk in when shit like this is about to go down?' Argent thought.

She turned and looked at him, mouth ajar. She was surprised and hurt.

"Where the fuck have you been?"

Hot Spot rubbed his neck. "I told you I had to think."

She would have jumped up if it wasn't for the risk of the meds falling out.

"Where do you go for almost 4 days to 'think'?!"

He walked over to the table and sat. "Somewhere in a hotel. It's not important, but I came up with some things."

"Not important? You left without even a note to inform me that you were leaving. I think you were being pussy and ran off, but came back!"

"I wouldn't run away. You're my best friend and I love you. And I would be there for our kid."

She crossed her arms. "I hate you. You're ruining my body with your spawn."

"That's hurtful." He put his hand over his heart. "And it's not called a 'spawn', it's called a baby."

"I wish it was called 'nonexistent'!" She shouted. She propped her head in her hand. "Please, get your parents to sign off on the abortion."

He stared at her for a while in silence, his face blank.

Argent broke the silence."So, will you?"

"No." He said softly.

It was her turn to stare at him.

After a while she said, "Why not?"

"Because you're killing someone and it might kill you too."

She sighed. "I'm the mood for this."

"Antonia, you can't put shit off. I've been thinking and... I can't do this."

Argent threw her hands up. "Exactly! Let me get the damn abortion!"

He shook his head. "Not that. I mean, watch over you." He stopped her from saying something. "And don't tell me you aren't suicidal. I think you should go to the Titans."

Argent lost it and stood. Completely forgetting about the pack, which fell from her sweater.

She went wide-eyed and tried to kick it but Hot Spot was quick to pick it up.

He looked at it before turning it to her. "Allah help me." He pulled it out and counted the number of missing pills. "You took three just now? Please tell me you didn't."

She crossed her arms. "I didn't. You interrupted me."

Hot Spot walked over to the computer. "If you stay quiet, we won't have to tell them about the situation... Yet."

Argent tried to use her powers to pull on him, but she ended up just lightly tugging him.

She wasn't sure if it was the tablets or the pregnancy.

She scowled and walked to the couch, defeated and giving up on life.

Hot Spot contacted Titans West.

Starfire answered.

"Good morning." Hot Spot greeted, knowing it was early in the morning. It's 7am there because it's 3pm in Morocco.

"Friend Hot Spot! It is so nice to see you. Where is Argent?" She was peeking around the background.

Hot Spot pointed to the couch. "Laying down on the couch. She isn't feeling to good."

Star looked worried. "Oh no! How sick is she?"

Argent sat up and looked at the screen.

"A little fever." Hot Spot answered, looking back at the screen.

"What are you guys doing about it?" Raven asked, walking over to the computers.

Hot Spot looked at Argent again. "I'm dropping her off to you guys. It's not good for her to be alone."

"You just want to drop me off somewhere so you don't have to deal with it." Argent deadpanned.

He glared at her and mouthed 'shut up'.

Then he smiled at the two girls. "Expect us asap. Tell the guys."

Star squealed. "I must go prepare the meal of welcome." Then she floated off.

Raven looked sick. "I'll stop her. We'll be expecting you."

He waved before the screen went blank. Then he turned to Argent.

"Are you fucking serious? Why would you try to hurt yourself.. or the child? I thought we went through the whole 'don't harm yourself' shit. This is even worse! You were hurting yourself on the outside now you're working on the inside too?!"

"Don't fucking scold me! I'm already forming placenta! This thing is hurting me!" She shouted.

He cocked his head. "Huh? You only found out you were pregnant 5 days ago and we did it 11 days ago."

Argent stood. "Well, I told you I'm not exactly human. Okay, first of all my body made enough pregnancy hormones in my first week. Now I can so tell I'm progressed enough for it to be about 3 fucking weeks along!"

"How can you tell?" He asked, curiosity clouding his anger.

"First of all have you noticed that face has more color to it?" She pointed to her face, which had that faint glow to it.

He looked her over and smiled.

She scowled. "Wipe that bloody grin off of your fucking face."

He ignored her and walked over to the couch, still smiling. "Why are you so upset? When I was thinking, I realized that we have no problems. First of all, the city pays our bills. Secondly, we don't go to school. Thirdly, are parents don't care. Lastly, I don't care if the titans have a problem with it."

Argent remained silent and sat back down in the couch.

'There will be plenty problems.' She thought.

He patted her shoulder. "Everything will be fine."

She absolutely lost it and started crying.

Hell, he didn't know she cries.

He wasn't gonna hug her. Nope.

"Go get your things sweetie. You're moving to California." He said, mockingly sweet.

Then he stood up and smiled at her.

She stopped and wiped her eyes. "I hate you." She sniffled.

He bent to face her and pinched her cheek. "Hormones are already kicking in!"

She slapped his hand away. "Fuck you, your dick, and your sperm."

He laughed. "That's not what you said when I screwed you. Your exact words were 'more, more'... I'll go get your things."

He took up the pills and walked into the hall.

She broke down in tears again.

It must be a six sense for heroes to barge in when someone's in danger.

Even when that someone doesn't care.

Hot Spot knew wasn't going to be able to convince Argent to fly and he didn't want her to.

Instead he struggled to tie her to his back and threatened to drop her things in the ocean.

So now she was lying face-up on his very warm back, using all her strength to engulf her things in her red energy, as he flew to California.

"Untie me!" She shouted over the sound of the flames shooting from his hands.

Her hands were tied together also.

He just ignored her and kept on flying.

They had to have been flying at top speed for at least 3 hours.

"Calm yourself. We should be landing in another two hours."

She frowned.

About 3 Hours and 30 minutes Later

Argent groaned as they landed.

Hot Spot untied her from his back and powered down.

"I hate you." Argent mumbled.

"I love you too." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She pushed him and floated her suitcase behind her as she ran to the door.

He chuckled and ran after her.

She hurriedly pressed her hand against the scanner and ran to the elevator.

It closed before Hot Spot could get on.

"Steps for me." He mumbled.

As soon as the elevator stopped she ran to the door and pressed her hand to it.

Then she sped straight through the ops room, her things dropping there; past all the titans; and through the door to the bathroom.

Hot Spot walked through the door, panting.

"Why... the hell... are there so... much steps?"

The other titans looked at each other.

"Uh, hi to you guys too?" Robin greeted.

Hot Spot waved. "Where's Argent?"

"She ran through that door. I think the bathroom." Beast Boy pointing with one hand, the other around Raven.

"Oh shit." Hot Spot mumbled and ran to the bathroom.

Thank goodness she was just vomiting and not swallowing a bunch of pills.

He held up her hair and looked away.

"I," more vomit. "hate you."

She pressed her face against the floor.

Raven strolled in and opened the mirror, pulling out a toothbrush in a package.

Argent took it. "Thanks."

Hot Spot walked over to the mirror and opened it. There were a few medicine bottles.

"Can you please lock these up? And all sharp objects?"

Raven looked concerned. "Why?"

Argent started brushing her teeth and glared at Hot Spot through the mirror.

He shrugged. "I don't trust her with those things."

Raven crossed her arms. "You must have a reason."

Raven stopped brushing and turned to glare at Raven.

"Mind your own." She deadpanned.

Raven shrugged and walked over to the medicine cabinet, removing all drugs.

Argent continued brushing as Raven walked out.

Hot Spot peeked out the door. "You know you have to tell them, right?"

Argent narrowed her eyes. "It's only 10 something in the morning here. Can you give me time? Twit." Then she continued brushing her teeth.

He rolled his eyes and walked out.

She finished up brushing and walked back to the ops room.

"Good morning all." She muttered as she ran her hand through her hair and walked over to Star.

Star gave her a light hug. "Are you feeling fine? Do you wish for the noodle soup of chicken?"

Beast Boy frowned and walked over. Then he morphed into a chicken and turned back.

"Think of me when you feast on chicken. It could probably be me."

Argent looked at him blankly before turning to Star. "No thank you dear. I have no appetite."

"I doubt that you've eaten in 4 days." Hot Spot called back worriedly.

Argent crossed her arms. "Yeah, the four days you went missing."

They all looked at him.

Robin was about to open his mouth.

"Don't worry, I was still on patrol."

Robin nodded and turned back to the screen.

"Where did you go?" Beast Boy asked.

"Somewhere." Hot Spot said.

Beast Boy shrugged and turned to the TV.

"Woah! Little lady didn't eat for four days?!" Cy asked.

Argent walked over the spot next to Hot Spot. "I'll just retch it back out."

Cy looked worried. "Do you want me to scan you?"

"NO!" They all looked at her funny. "I refuse to go to be checked. I know what's wrong. I have a stomach virus."

"How long will you be here?" Robin asked.

Argent shrugged. "Until he," She looked at Hot Spot bitterly. "deems me ready to come home."

"You live with him now?" Cy asked.

Argent frowned. "I'm forced to."

Hot Spot discreetly pinched her arm. She jerked her arm away.

"That is glorious!" Star said, floating over.

"Why do you say 'forced'?" Raven asked.

"Why do you guys ask so much questions?" Argent retorted.

"Natural curiosity." Robin answered.

Beast Boy raised his hand."Another question: how was your birthday?"

"Suckish. But I did love the song Kole, Herald, Jericho, and G'narkk played for me."

"We have all your presents." Robin mentioned.

Argent nodded. "That's nice. I would open them but I am sleepy."

"I shall show you to your room." Starfire ushered her to follow.

Hot Spot started fidgeting. "I, um, will, go, uh, help her get situated." He walked to the door and took her suitcase down the hall, just to get an excuse to follow her.

BB, Cy, and Rob started snickering.

"He got it bad." Cy chuckled.

Raven rolled her eyes. Boys.

Argent finally convinced Star to get out only to have Hot Spot walk

She threw herself and the bed. "What do you want? Just leave me alone for once."

He started laughing. "That's gonna be a problem if you're having my baby." He walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Ugh. You and I have problems. I don't want to tell them."

He shook his head. "You don't, I do. You might as well..."

"Fuck you." She gave him a weak middle finger before yawning.

He crawled up on the bed. "Go to sleep."

"Don't tell me what to do." She said as she dosed off.

He ended falling asleep as well.

About An Hour Later

The two were awakened by earsplitting beeping noises.

"What the fuck?" Argent groaned.

"Titans! Trouble!" They heard on a loudspeaker.

The pair walked out and into the main room.

The titans were circling the computers.

"Mad Mod has finally come out of hiding. He's always using some type of technology to screw with us." Cyborg announced.

"Hot Spot come with us and we'll be home in an hour." Robin said in a bored tone.

Hot Spot looked at Argent. "Someone has to stay with her."

She crossed her arms. "The fuck? I'm not two. I can't get the fucking windows open!"

The titans were confused. The windows?
Robin looked around. Who could they leave?

"Raven. We won't really need you for this mission."

She shrugged. Another opportunity to meditate.

Argent glared at Hot Spot, her eye twitching. 'I fucking hate you.' She mouthed.

He grinned and kissed her on the cheek. "Feel better."

They all piled out the door.

Argent and Raven looked at each other.

"I'm peckish." She said.

"Peckish? You should be starved. 4 days? I'll go make some veggie soup." Raven said.

"Veggie soup? Beast Boy is rubbing off on you." Argent commented.

Raven shrugged.

Argent sat at the kitchen table and waited for her to finish, almost dozing off multiple times.

Raven put her soup in a bowl and handed it to her.

"Thank you." She had her head and the table.

She picked around her carrots.

"There are depressed emotions radiating of of you." Raven noted. "I can tell you're contemplating suicide."

Argent gave up. "Can I trust you with a secret?"

She nodded.

Raven was the must trustworthy that she's ever met. She could carry a secret to her grave.

Argent took a sip of soup. Then she took a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant." She mumbled.

Raven hair stood up and the TV flickered on.


Argent scowled. "I gotta fucking thing growing in my stomach."

"And the father is?"

Argent blinked. Who else would it be? "Hot Spot."

"I thought you guys were just friends?"

"We are. That doesn't mean we won't fuck."

Raven calmed herself down. "You guys never heard of a condom?"

Argent clutched her head. "We had protection but we found out that it was faulty."

Raven nodded.

"Now my life is ruined! And he won't let me get an abortion-"

"Or kill yourself." Raven finished. "How will this ruin your life?"

Argent stared at her. "No one understands."

Raven crossed her arms. "The explain it to me."

Argent frowned. "I'm not mother material. I've never had proper parental influence. I don't know how to love something. This baby will suffer under my guidance." She started crying. "I-I can't do this. I'm not even done growing and now I have something growing in me that I have to raise until it's 18. I just turned 17! I'm not ready to lose it all... after I have a child I won't be able to have the fun that I do now. Oh, but Isaiah gets to go out and find 'love' while I stay at home and mistreat a brat. This shit is too much for me!"

GAWD! It felt so good to let that all out!

Raven leaned over and laid a hand on her shoulder. "How about you think of it this way: this is your chance to make things right. Use all of the wrongs your parents did and use that raise your child. It's your chance to prove to your parents that you won't follow in their footsteps."

Argent took another sip of soup. "I'm following."

"Hot Spot looks completely on board, if not even excited. It's radiating off of him. Stop worrying him by becoming suicidal. You have 9 months to get it together. I don't want to hear anymore talk about abortion. You're having that child and we're all raising it." She droned.

Argent looked at her and genuinely smiled. She jumped out of her seat and hugged Raven, almost throwing her out of her seat.

That was the most Raven has ever said, and the most inspirational.

"I'm still upset but that made me rethink things. I'll give it thought. It's good to know some people will stay by my side."

Raven hugged her back awkwardly. "We don't have to tell the others yet if you don't want to."

Argent pulled away. "I would be glad to, but Hot Spot is forcing me to."

"Let's sit on the couch." Raven suggested.

Argent finished up her soup and washed the bowl.

"Just drop it in the sink."

Argent shook her head and continued washing it.

Raven sat on the couch, relieved that depression isn't diverging off of Argent as powerfully as before.

Argent walked over and wiped her face. "We're just gonna watch TV until they return?"

Raven smirked. "You have a stomach virus, remember?"

Argent nodded. "Yeah... Raven, I should tell you that my pregnancy is progressing quickly. The baby should be developed like a month early."

"How far along are you?"

"Technically 2 weeks... but I could tell the baby is at 3-4 week worth of development."

Raven nodded. "Alien hybrid... Star would carry babies for about 11 months. And she never stops lactating."

Argent's eyes widened. "Seriously? She could be so much help."

"Yes, she will indeed."

Argent scooted over and laid her head on Raven's shoulder. "You're a good friend."

Raven smiled a little. "You are too."

Argent raised an eyebrow. "I'm constantly harassing you?"

"Beast Boy does that to always and he's my boyfriend now."

Argent chuckled. "You guys made it official?"

Raven nodded. "I'm surprised you and Hot Spot didn't tell anyone."

"We were worrying about me getting pregnant."

Raven's eyes widened. "So when you locked me out of the room you and Hot Spot-"

"Were going at it like our bodies were on fire."

'Wow' Raven mouthed.

"Yeah so I'm knocked up and Hot Spot left for 4 days without telling me."

Raven thought it over. "But he came back. I think he was always gonna come back."

"That's what he said. Now he's dumping me here."

"Because he's worried about you. It's just the best that you're here."

"The best for who? I feel like some criminal. But I deserve jail for getting knocked up."

Raven patted her hair. "It's okay. We'll all be here for you. Even Robin."

"I hope so."

About an Hour Later

The other titans walked in and were surprised the see Argent laying in Raven lap, sleeping, and Raven stroking her hair.

"Is she okay?" Cyborg asked.

Raven nodded.

Hot Spot sighed, relieved that Raven watched her.

Starfire walked over and felt Argent's forehead. "She is warm but it is nothing serious."

Argent stirred, before sitting up. "Hi."

Hot Spot walked over to sit next to her.

"You still hate me?"

She crossed her arms and nodded.

He handed her a large box of chocolates.

"We told him he probably shouldn't but... who can argue with him?" Robin said.

Argent narrowed her eyes at Hot Spot as she opened the chocolates.

"You can't," she popped one in her mouth. "Just give me chocolates and expect everything to be fine." She popped another on in. "Damn, are these good."

She held it out. "Anyone want?"

Starfire took one. "These are indeed delectable."

Argent smiled and took one more before closing it.

She turned to a smug looking Hot Spot.

"I still hate you." She mumbled.

"I love you too."

She stuck the middle finger up at him.

He swung his arm around her.

"Will you ever leave me alone?" He asked, irritated.

"Never." Then he kissed her on the forehead.

The other titans were chuckling.

"I sounds more like you guys had a fight than she having a virus." Beast Boy pointed.

The other titans started laughing and drifting off into their own conversations.

Hot Spot nudged her.

Argent raised an eyebrow. "It fucking 12:36pm. Give me time." She whispered.

"I'll give you till 6."

She shrugged. "I told Raven."

"What she say?"

"She made me think about it. I'm not gonna try to kill myself anymore, but I still don't approve of this."

He hugged her. "Good. I bet the other titans have more encouraging things to say."

About 6 Hours Later

They were all sitting at the table.

Hot Spot made sure to sit next to Argent.

He looked at the clock before discreetly poking Argent with a fork.

She grabbed her arm. "Shit!"

The other titans looked at her.

"Tell them." Hot Spot urged.

Raven knew what they were talking about.

Argent bit her lip and shook her head.

Raven offered a small smile. "It'll be fine Argent."

"What's going on?" Robin asked.

"Nothing." Argent mumbled.


Argent clamped her hand over his mouth.

"Pregnant." Argent finished, dropping her hands.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy jaws dropped.

The water in Star's hand would have dropped if Raven hadn't caught it with her powers.

"Who's the daddy?" Beast Boy asked.

Argent's mouth went ajar. What's with these people? Hot Spot is sitting right next to her. Can't they guess?

She put her head down.

Hot Spot was shocked too. "Me!"

"No condom?! Damn, do you know what you've done!" Robin yelled.

Hot Spot slammed his hand down on the table. "First of all, there was protection but it was faulty! Secondly, what the fuck have we done! You're worrying more about your fucking image than our feelings!"

"Well a pregnant teen superhero won't work well in the tabloids!" Robin shouted back.

"Do the shutting up Robin! Do you not think of how beneficial this would be?" Star yelled.

Robin glared at his girlfriend. "How?"

"Think of it: we raise a child to be a titan. A great titan." Cyborg said.

Hot Spot stood. "If you guys think that you're let Robin go all crazy with power and use our child to be nothing more than a hero, then someone's fucked up in the head!"

"Wait- You're leaving Argent here?" Beast Boy asked.

Hot Spot sat. "It's for the best. She's a little suicidal and wants an abortion."

Argent looked up. "So?"

"That doesn't sound so bad. She isn't even a month, is she?" Robin said.

Hot Spot tried some techniques to keep from powering up.

Raven threw a plastic cup at Robin.

Beast Boy shook his head. "That's not cool dude."

Starfire glared at Robin. "So if I was to get pregnant, you would suggest the abortion?"

Robin sat. "Okay, I guess that was harsh. I'm sorry. It's just that-"

"We don't give a crap about the media!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Yeah, Argent comes first." Raven piped in.

Argent rolled her eyes. "I'm being forced to carry this thing in my womb for like 7 months." When they looked at her strangly her only answer was, "Alien hybrid."

Hot Spot frowned at her but said nothing.

Beast Boy smiled. "We'll get through this. I know we will."

Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven smiled also.

"Maybe." Robin said uncertainly.

Hot Spot rolled his eyes. "I'll be here to visit all the time."

Argent scowled at him. "I hate you so much."

He grinned. "Make sure you guys watch her. I think I'll stay the night."

"Same room?" Robin asked.

Hot Spot shook his head. "She might kill me."

Argent crossed her arms. "We are staying in the same room. I need to tell him a few things."

Hot Spot shrugged.

"Are you two dating?" Beast Boy asked.

They shook their heads.

"Best friends. But she hates me right now even though it was her fault." Hot Spot chuckled.

Argent pointed to him. "He's too okay with this, right?"

"When did you find out you were pregnant?" Starfire asked.

"My birthday."

"Your birthday?" All of the core team asked.

She started eating as a response. No more questions.

"Yeah, she took a pregnancy test on her birthday." Hot Spot yawned.

Star then squealed. "This shall be glorious!" Then she looked around. "Oopsies! I was not supposed to say that aloud."

The all ate in silence.

The sequel is 'Stifling The Real Cravings'... Get it? She's prego so.. There shall be cravings.