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Maddie's POV

"Why do I get the feeling that we are at the starting of senior year again?" I mumbled as all five of us just sat in the van. Rodrick turned to me as I buckled my seatbelt, "I know it's at Ashley's but it's for all of the seniors. It's like a after party. Plus, her parents know this time." He tried improvising.

I sighed, "Yeah but is there going to be alcohol? None of us are even 21 yet and you know my condition." Rodrick seemed discouraged of what I said when a frown implanted on my face.

Ward retorted, "It's ok Maddie! We know each other a lot more this time so it won't be as awkward and we won't force you to drink." I nodded as Rodrick started to drive.

Really Fast.

He zoomed past that treacherous corner that scared me to death and drove past a bunch of people. "Rodrick." I muttered holding onto the seat. Ward just kept talking in the back, "I heard that her cousin will be coming and he's over 21." I just ignored him, not rudely though. It was just because I was scared to death by Rodrick's usual horrible driving.

None of us wanted to see Ashley's face again but why are we going? Just because it's for seniors? Oh. A Senior Party/House Party. People will be hooking up in a bedroom, drinking way more than last time and dirty dancing…. Ugh, I don't want to think about that at all but I would soon have to face that all. Why would her parents allow this? They must be those rich parents who give their only child what ever she desires. I shivered to myself in disgust of those thoughts.

We got a couple honks by a bunch of people passing the busy road with a couple of them flipping us off with the middle finger or "Watch it dumbass!". I ignored all the yelling as we headed through a road, catching my eyes on the Devil Worshipper's woods. Ah, fine memories. Scratched Legs, Being drenched in water and scaring Greg and 'Baby Hippo.' As Rodrick explained him.

We were already close to Ashley's since this town was huge. Actually, we were already parking by the other cars. "Are you ok short stock?" Rodrick unbuckled his seatbelt just staring at me. I nodded looking wide eyed as loud music played and people walked in.

I did recognize somes seniors. Wait, Do I see? I looked to see a small pod of freshman walk towards the door. I've noticed them a lot because they give out so much attention. Ah, whatever.

I shook my head back to Rodrick, "Nothing, I'm fine now." I swung the door open, stepping out with my black flats that had converse print on it. Of course, it was from Rodrick but I have to admit they were really nice. It was my birthday present too.

The guys all came out of the car when we were all suddenly stopped, "A Bow Tie Chris?" Ben snorted. I whipped my self to Chris, navy blue skinny jeans, white trim shirt with a black bow tie. They didn't notice him before we even started driving?

He just panicked looking at me, "It's-" I spoke up cutting in, "come on guys! It's attractive! Lot's of guys do this." Rodrick just whipped himself around, smirking at me and pointing at his shirt, "What about this? Isn't this sexy? The hat gives me extra sexy-ness" He gave me a wink. His grey T-shirt had "Go Big" in large letters and he wore a black beanie.

Ward who was also wearing his usual beanie spoke in the background, "Yeah, uh, I need that hat back after the party Rodrick."

I rolled my eyes, "It's just a bow tie anyways, can we just go in there and get it over with?" I was the one who pulled him towards the gate. We switched from side to side to move out of everyone's way. "It's still sexy right?" Rodrick's faint voice asked in the background.

I smiled, "yes ver-" I was cut off by the girl we all hated. Ashley. Ashley gave us a fake grin, "Oh, decided to enjoy this amazing party of mine?" I stared at her short and very tight black dress that had triangle cut-outs exposing the sides of her waist along with very tall high heels. I kind of laughed because she was holding a hand bag too. She flipped her long black hair.

Ben spoke up, "This isn't a stripping club honey, it's a house party." She stuck her tongue out playfully and snapped, "This isn't a band gig, this is my party and at my party, why would you wear those garbage clothes? You probably got them from the local dump, suits your style though!" She then shot her eyes towards me, giving me a disgusted look, "Especially you and your boyfriend shortie, you should be glad I'm letting you in." I mouthed what she just said bumping against her as she let out an annoying cough.

I rolled my eyes, "What a immature little rich bitch." The guys laughed at my remark patting my back, "Nice."

After we entered, We just all awkwardly stood there staring at everyone, lot's were dancing and the other half was drinking or playing video games on the couch. People were making out in corners and spiking the punch bowl.

I then remembered I still had Rodrick locked in the clutches of my tiny hands. He whipped me around making me face him. I felt him put his lips right into mine, rubbing my back intensively with one hand and running his large fingers through my hair with the other. He kept on kissing me continually releasing and pulling me in. I started to giggle really loud. He turned his head away to see the guys dancing to the music.

"How about we start our night off with a little dancing?" A little dancing. How he said that made me laugh inside. I held his hand swinging it, "I'd love to." I wasn't the greatest dancer in the world but hey, that Phys Ed class this year really helped Rodrick and I. He spun me around leading me towards where everyone else was either grinding with someone or jumping up and down.

Right now a skrillex song was playing. I forgot which song it was but it was actually quite catchy even though there wasn't much singing. The music boomed throughout the whole entire house even my heart was bumping to the beat. Rodrick was swaying his hips slowly back and forth. I was just doing somehow the same thing because I didn't want to seem like I was too goody-goody for that.

No grinding but some dancing for me.

I looked really awkward while dancing because I just had my arms in the air making weird fist pumps trying to copy some people in the small crowd.

Rodrick was laughing a bit, "Having trouble?" I nodded with a little blush. He smirked at me with his guy liner glowing under the light. I loved when his big brown eyes stared at me. "Here, I'll put you on my shoulders, so you won't look so awkward" I stopped for a second to check to see how tall the ceiling was. It was pretty far up. I shot him a ok, "sure." He then grabbed my waist, lifting me up like a box onto his shoulders.

He then noted, "don't strangle me." I said, "I won't" as I kissed the top of his head. He started hopping around while I did with him. People started giving us cheers because of our idea. I just had my mouth wide open with a big smile on my face. He started running through people, holding onto my legs very tight and kept circling everybody dancing. I felt like I was on a go-cart as he zoomed throughout the dancing people.

I started laughing, "Rodrick, I'm slipping!" He let me slide overtop of his head, letting me fall into the clutches of his long arms. He gave me a peck on the cheek, "Fun night huh?"

Rodrick's POV

We stopped into the same old kitchen that we had been in about 10 months ago where Maddie had snuck coke into my beer and I was shamelessly flirting with Ashley. We've grown so much since that time, but sadly the kitchen was the same.

Maddie was already accompanying her self with a red cup, pouring sprite into her drink while I was behind her, filling beer into mine with a pinch of coke. Sounds disgusting but I just wanted to try it. She leaned against the kitchen counter taking a sip of her drink. I followed after her, wrapping my free arm around her. She gave me a smile then directing her mouth to her drink. I also paid attention to mine, taking a large gulp. She pointed her drink at me, "Don't plan on getting drunk do you? Because your parents will find out and they will ground you, at 18! Ok?" It was a random thought that came to her head but I gave her a nod.

I just decided to gulp the who cup full of beer I had left. It wasn't much.

After I threw the cup near the sink figuring that someone would clean it up, I just sighed giving Maddie another kiss on the cheek. She crunched her shoulders laughing a little bit. I let my self drag closer to her as I led my lips to hers, her hands stuck to my chest as I leaned over her.

She tried to talk as I kissed her. "Get a room!" Someone called out from behind me. "Rodrick, let's just go somewhere else so we don't disturb 'Ashley's Fabulous party." I felt a forceful push on my chest as we both chuckled.


I smirked at Maddie, dragging her into the empty hallway nearby, she let out a small laugh as I lightly pinned her against the wall. She brushes her lips against mine making me smirk. I lift her up onto her toes, letting a quiet moan come from both of us. I wrapped my hands around Maddie's as they were trapped on the wall. Shivers came down my spines as we continued kissing, pushing my lips deeper into hers. Her lips were so soft and sweet.

I took a breath, "We need to do this more often." She pulled me back in, kissing my insanely.

I loved it. I felt the heat in my body as I leaned in closer. I slid my hands down to her tank top, reaching the bottom lifting it up lightly. She sort of blocked me as she lifted my head to her mouth. I denied playfully kissing at her neck, letting her kiss my head. I press her harder against the hallway wall when we are stopped by a voice.


"Hey, Uh." It was Chris's voice, "Sorry to interrupt you guys but I need to tell the band something, Ben and Ward are sitting near the dance floor." He seemed stern as I fixed my messy ball of hair. Maddie fixed her striped tank top balancing herself up. "Sure." I seemed confused but he was really stern about what he said.

Maddie's POV

Wow, that was a steamy moment although we were interrupted by Chris. I knew what he was going to tell the guys, he was going to tell him that he was gay. We did talk about this before that he had to tell them sometime because the guys were still all curious on why they didn't see his date at all for prom.

Rodrick held my hand, pulling me from behind as we followed Chris. Ward and Ben were sitting in these two fancying chairs checking out the girls who wore short skirts. I rolled my eyes as I sat in the free chair beside them.

Rodrick and Chris pulled a chair in facing them. "Well, this better be good Christopher because my good buddy here and I got some spanking to do." Ben was drunk as he bit his lip staring at all of the girls. Rodrick slapped his head annoyingly, "Pay attention Ben, just for a sec." Ben wobbled his head having his eyes on Chris. Chris just eyed me giving me a nod.

They all leaned over as Chris spoke, "You know that time when Maddie and I were having coffee and when I didn't show you my from date?" A question popped up from his mouth as they all gave him a nod, "Yeah." I sat there quietly waiting for their reactions. Hopefully they will understand.

"Well, there is something that has to do with both of those situations that include me and Maddie is the only one who knows because I thought it'd be better if I'd tell you guys at a different time since your my friends." His voice seemed very calm as he spoke, "Just don't freak out and try to take it as easy as you can. Even if you're paying more attention more to those girl's asses." He was directing the sentence towards Ben and Ward. Chris snapped his fingers towards them as they caught his eye. "Can you just get it out already Chris?" Rodrick asked impatiently licking his lips. Chris finally leaned back with a very big sigh.

His mouth slowly opened with a quiet stutter blowing the hair out of his face, "I-I'm Gay."

He felt relieved to get that out as he covered his face with his hands. I circled my head towards to the guys who all had different facial expressions. Rodrick was just completely frozen. It was quiet for a few moments as Chris and I just stared at them completely.

Ben suddenly let out a really loud laugh, "You're not gay! Don't be so drunk Chris!" Chris wasn't drunk at all. "Why would our bassist of Loded Diper be gay? I bet you love that girls ass!" Ben was actually pointing at a guy, mistaking him for a girl because of his drunk ways.

I slapped my forehead as Ward spoke up, "Nope. I don't believe you either Chris. Chris, you are not gay ok? You kissed a girl in the 8th grade and you shouldn't be gay anyways. My parents always said-"

Chris just ignored him, waiting for Rodrick to answer, "What do you have to say Rodrick? Huh? That a gay guy shouldn't be allowed in the band?" A flash of lighting came from the window with a booming sound of thunder making a few people gasp for a second.

I heard Rodrick gulp loudly, "No."

Chris just continued on grumbling. It seemed like he was going to burst out into tears.

"Then what is it?" "I just don't know how you, the bassist of loded di-"

He was cut off by Chris again who flipped the chair, storming off which caught some people's attention. "Just save it!" He yelled loudly, a strange but angry look on his face appeared.

I abruptly stood up, so did Rodrick.

"Chris wait!" I called out as Rodrick followed after me. His voice made me turn back to him, "Let me come." He seemed firm with his voice. I heard the door slam and it was Chris.

I angrily stared at Rodridck, his big goofy brown eyes staring at me. I stopped and lifted my hand slapping it against his cheek. We caused a scene but I didn't care. I would've slapped Ben and Ward too but I had to run after Chris. "Chris wait!" I scurried towards the door, slamming it behind me leaving Rodrick's face in shock once again as he rubbed his red cheek.

Chris's POV

I couldn't believe this crap.I couldn't believe my own friends wouldn't accept me for my sexuality! The only person who did accept me was Maddie. Of course her because she understands.

Not them.

It was pouring rain and thunder was in the sky, just another typical dramatic scene where I can hide my foolish tears. I need to take the bus, I thought to myself as I started to walk towards the road.

"Chris wait!" Maddie's voice came from behind me. I turned around to see her already soaked with the water in her hair dropping down to her arms and legs. Before she could start talking, I interfered, "Maddie, they aren't accepting me! Do you see them saying they are supporting me or even saying ok? No!" I could see Maddie's mouth stutter as she came closer, "Chris, they're all drunk and confused. We could all talk-" I started to raise my voice towards her, wiping my wet bangs out of my face.

"We can't talk! You heard what they said! You were there with me!" I dropped my arms making them slap against my legs. I violently moved my mouth, "I'm taking the bus home, I have the money anyways." I sighed twisting myself around, walking towards the gate.

The thoughts came to my head again, we are all cool and buddy buddy with each other but now it's all "I just don't know how you, the bassist." Rodrick, the typical Rodrick Heffley would say that and he did. "You shouldn't be gay anyways." Ward's shivering voice came to my head. Why is it so horrible to like the same sex? Yeah, everyone says I'm masculine looking, I'm in a band and I kissed a girl in the 8th grade, so what? Just because I did that doesn't mean-.

My thoughts were bursted by a furious honk and a sightless light that hit my eyes. I squinted cluelessly at the light standing frozen solid.

Darkness and pain that's all I felt.


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