Greg's POV

I glace over at Marcia and she gives me the look. I know it's time to make our move. Before we came with our family to Bobby's spelling bee planned on leaving early. We agreed sitting through a possible three hour show was not how we were going to spend our night. Casually we tell our parents we need to pee. Passing the bathroom quickly we head straight toward the exit.

It's a good thing I was able to take the other car. The spelling bee happened to fall on the night of Hanks annual party the most awesome rite of passage party now that I have my license I can actually drive to it. This is the kind of party you do not want your parents dropping you off at. There are D.J's, girls, alcohol, drugs, spare bedrooms, hot tubs. Marcia begged to come. It's a little rough for your first high school party but I let her anyway. She begged me enough.

We pull out of the parking lot. You can hear the party from streets away. Then Marcia asks, "So what exactly is at a high school party Greg?"

"Well for you I guess I would say guys, a D.J., and stuff….."I answer her.

"What kind of stuff are you talking about?"Marcia asked.

"Well I mean mom and dad should tell you but I'll just give you a warning and say stay away from bedrooms and hotubs, and don't be stupid."

Marcia's POV

He so thinks of me as this little kid and I have a boyfriend. Why else would I want to come? Harvey's grown a lot since grade school. We finally pull into the drive way of Hanks house! We enter though the gate to the backyard. I spot Harvey in the crowd. He gives me a wink and I head toward him. Greg leaves to find some of his friends. Harvey is standing with a group of other friends, including some very attractive girls. Suddenly I'm filled with jealously. Those girls better stay away from Harvey if they know what's good for them. Harvey pulls me in for a kiss and I start to make out with him. After a few minutes he pulls away and offers me a drink.

"Here Marcia, it's some vodka. Yeah it tastes gross but all of the 'cool' people drink it," Harvey tells me. Then he continues, "So you want to take this to the spare room where it's a bit more private?"

I answer him with a seducing, "Yes." And we head upstairs.

While upstairs we discover that all of the spare rooms are taken so we head into the bathroom. A few of Harvey's and my friends are already in there. Depressed I turn to leave but Harvey's close friend Ben tells us to join the real party. Also in the bathroom are about 3 different couples doing "the deed'. Harvey and I decide to join them. Now I see why these parties are so great. Very Great!

Mrs. Brady's POV

Bobby has made it so far I'm so proud of him! Now I don't know why Mike is unfocused but I'm so proud if Bobby gets this next one he's going to nationals! I take a glance at my watch and it looks like we are going to end up home a lot earlier than I though we would be. Taking another glance I realize that Greg and Marcia have been in the bathroom for an entire thirty minutes! But I can't risk Bobby getting unfocused so I guess I'll find them later.