Title: Turning the Tables

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CATEGORY: Missing Scene
SPOILERS: Through Redemption Part 2
SUMMARY: Addressing Sam and McKay
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Sam watched the elevator doors close in front of her, taking the
colonel to the surface. This could be the last time they would see
each other and all she could say was good luck. Damn it, she needed
to say so much more.

Sam turned away from the elevator bay and headed back to . . .
where? She supposed she should go back to her lab and work on . . .
something, but she was really in a holding pattern. It would take
the colonel and the team of technicians in Nevada to carry out her
plan—Jonas' idea—whatever. Lab. She really should head to her lab.
At least it would be quiet there—no McKay.

She really did want to go with Colonel on this mission. If it didn't
work, life on earth would effectively come to an end. If it was the
end of the world, she really would rather go out with him than
without him.

Reaching her lab, she dimmed the lights and moved her chair to the
corner of the room. Suddenly tired, she decided to lean against the
wall and rest her eyes . . . just for a bit.

"Major Carter?"

Sam opened her eyes and blinked rapidly. Crap. "What!" she snapped.

"Sorry, I was walking past when I saw you kill the lights—are you
okay?" McKay asked, actually sounding sincere.

"I'm fine."

"It's just, after your near electrocution, I—"

"I'm just fine," she repeated through clenched teeth. "I'm just

"Oh, okay. I can get you something if you want."

"How about some privacy, huh?"

"Okay, okay, I can take a hint. I'm sorry." Sounding like a hurt
puppy, McKay walked away, heading for the door.

"No, stop. I'm sorry. If this plan doesn't work . . . I'm just
stressed and worried and . . . I took it out on you."

"Wow, there's a twist. Humility. Self-doubt. Wouldn't have thought
that from the artist."

Sam closed her eyes to bite back the retort she wanted to
say. "That's right, McKay," she laughed. "You should be pleased at
how far the mighty have fallen."

McKay ran his hand over his head, frustrated with the change in her
attitude. He pushed another chair over in front of her and sat down,
clearing his throat in the process. "Contrary to popular belief, I
don't want you to fail."

"Yeah, because this time it's your ass on the line, too, not just
some alien trapped in a buffer. Hitting a little too close to home
for you, McKay?"

"Look, I'm sorry about that—I know he's your friend. But, I still
thought you were wrong. It didn't' work on paper or with everything
I'd studied. And, you got lucky, too. I'm surprised your trick
worked and that you got him out. I'm also surprised that you didn't
blow the facility to hell when the DHD malfunctioned."

Sam looked up at him and nodded. "Confession good for the soul,
McKay? You better stop now before you actually start to convince me
you've got one."

"Ooh, sarcasm. You pick up that defense mechanism from O'Neill?"

Her eyes flashed at that remark. "Get out, McKay."

"What, struck a nerve, Major Carter? Ah, I get it. This isn't about
your fear of failure at all. It's about spending your last hours on
this planet alone, isn't it?"

"I would be alone if you would just leave."

"You're evading the question, Carter."

"What question is that, McKay?"

"I'll leave that for you to figure out. Call me if you . . . uh,
want me, Major," he said standing, the innuendo obvious.

Sam stood to face him, inches from his face. "'If I want you?' Like
in a "last man on earth" sort of way or in an `Oh my God, we're going
to die' sort of way?"

McKay smiled, "Either works for me, Major."

She suddenly had the urge to turn the tables on him, give him what he
thinks he really wants. She stepped closer and lightly ran her hand
up body, starting at his thigh and ending on his chest. "What about
this, McKay?" Sam brought up her other hand to ruffle his
hair. "Does this work for you?"

A look of fear registered in his eyes and Sam fought the urge to
laugh at his reaction. "Uhm, Major."

"What, McKay? Isn't this what you want?" She took his hand and
placed it at her waist, pressing her body suggestively against his as
she slid her other hand from his chest to the back of his neck and
leaned in closer. She felt his body stiffen nervously against her as
she pressed her lips against his neck, his ear, before
whispering. "McKay, if we're about to die, why don't you give a girl
a break? I'm calling you on your offer."

"H-here? Now?"

She continued to nibble at his ear, squelching the shudder that
threatened. She didn't want to give her sense of revulsion
away. "The door locks. Where there's a will . . ." Her hand
continued to wander, lingering at the top of his waistband and belt.

"I, uh,"

"Come on, Sexy. You know it's what you want. You've done nothing
but encourage this. Are you going to take me on, or am I too much
woman for you?" she purred, trailing kisses across his cheek and jaw
line between each sentence, her tone just obvious enough to clue in
McKay of her deceit.

Breathing heavily, he pushed away from her, stepping back with a
shocked expression plastered to his face. "Y-y-you . . . why?"

"Why? You've done nothing but bait me with remarks bordering on
sexual harassment since we met. I thought a dose of your own
medicine might be educational. I don't know what your problem is,
but get this, McKay, we may have to work together in the future,
that's if the colonel's mission is successful, and I don't ever want
to have to put up with your crap again. Don't think I won't call you
on it. Do you understand me?"

McKay stood there, stunned, unable to process how easily she played
him. "Yes. You're right. It's just, you're a beautiful woman and—"

"And you thought your lewd comments would make me interested? Think
again, McKay. Try being yourself and not this . . . whatever front
you've worn since you got here. No woman wants to be treated the way
you've treated me."

"All right. You've made your point."

"Okay. That, being said, I'm sorry. Believe me, I didn't enjoy that
anymore than you did."

"Oh, I didn't say I didn't—okay, okay. I won't say it. I'm sorry
you felt that uncomfortable. I had no idea. I'll leave now."

"I think that's best."

"Business only. I won't . . ."

"Fine. Good. Thanks, I appreciate it."

"Get some rest, Major. I'm sure we'll be busy in a few hours," McKay
said as he left, an uneasy truce between them.

After he'd cleared the room, Sam shook off the shudder she felt
during her seduction scene. His were certainly not the last pair of
arms she wanted to feel around her if . . . If isn't going to happen,
she told herself. This is going to work and the colonel's going to
make it. They all would. They had to. There was no other option.
Besides, Anubis' impromptu appearance derailed her decision to join
him in the commissary. He still owed her a piece of cake, and she
had every intention of collecting.

The End