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"Flight leaving New York to Washington State boarding now in lane C5." The intercom boomed loudly across the lobby of the airport, signaling I had about 10 minutes to get to the gate across the entire building from where I was currently sitting and eating my burger happily.

"Dammit." I muttered under my breath, earning an offended noise and glare from the mother sitting with her two children at the table next to mine. I stood up and mouthed a sorry, throwing my scarlet dyed waves behind my shoulder and picking up my two suitcases that were now everything I had.

Pushing past people, I hobbled my way across the airport in my now stupidly thought out high heels, straight through security and baggage drop off before scuttling into line, with 3 minutes to spare. Outside I smiled proudly, but inside I proceeded to break out my full on happy dance, complete with a moonwalk and dream hands. After a few people got their tickets taken and allowed on the plane, it came my turn to present my ticket to the admittedly not so attractive ticket lady. Her graying brown frizzed coif was haggard, and her dull blue eyes were surrounded by crow's feet and overdid purple eye shadow. Mascara clumped and flaked on her bulging under-eye circles, making her seem twice her approximate age. Her bright pink not blended blush frankly scared me because of the frightening resemblance to a circus clown. I cringed and shoved my hand out which held the plane ticket, cringing as her clawed hand reached out and ripped it from my hands. She handed me some papers back and muttered "Have a good flight."

Well, it could have been "I hope you fall out and die.", but I was already stepping into the long and scary hallway before she opened her mouth. I felt bad for acting like that, but I was truly petrified. I had never enjoyed clowns or the circus in general when I was little, I had much rathered staying home and watching my mother get ready for the evening out while my grandmother watched me.

First, she showered and scrubbed off everything from the previous night before, and then she would strategically lay her makeup out before sitting down in front of the white antique mirror, frowning at her reflection before smiling when she caught my small face watching. My mother was always one to put on a show of happy for me, but those moments when she showed me how it was really like, I never forgot. I remembered being confused, why she was frowning. Mom was always the most beautiful person I had ever seen, and most of the men she went out with thought the same, so why did she not think just as much of this herself? These questions must have shown on my face, because my mother looked over her baby pink bath robed shoulder at me, winking and gesturing for me to come over.

"Come 'ere baby, mama will show you how she makes herself look like a true lady." She would purr, setting me up on the counter next to her collection.

"But mama," I would counter, my eyebrows hitching together in the mirror. "You are a lady." She would laugh and shake her head, grabbing a white bottle and squeezing a small amount on her finger tip, silencing me in awe of the entire art of cosmetics and the before and after. I won't lie; it made her even more beautiful than she was without it. This was why I had chosen my career path when I was only seven. To be a makeup artist. As I had gotten older, I began to dig more and more into the root of makeup and the different kinds, and ways to place it to show its best potential. I went to beauty school all the way through high school before being accepted to one of the top makeup and hair colleges in New York with a full ride scholarship. This summer I had finally graduated at the top of my class, and was offered a position at the famous Brandon Beauty headquarters to be their leading makeup artist. The only problem was that Brandon Beauty's main headquarters was clear across from where I was currently living in New York. Forks, Washington.

After a lot of thinking, I knew that this was part of my new life. So, I did what any girl would do before moving clear across the country for a job which I may or may not get or keep.

I sold all of my shit and bought a plane ticket. Seems logical?

I huffed and plopped down in my seat, hooking up my seat-belt ahead of time and pushing my ear-buds in, pushing shuffle before laying back and closing my eyes, hoping I would wake up alive and in Forks, with my two suitcases still there.

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