A letter later

it was the biggest day of leia's life the wedding of which hapes would join the new republic while you might say Han solo and his best friend chewbacca sat in the cantina a few blocks away from the palace watching the wedding on TV han was on his 3rd corellian ale and it scared chewie to see his best friend like this (han at least you tried don't blame your self) chewie growled to his friend who's eyes glued to the TV screen "it is my fault chewie i didn't try hard enough i will never be the same from this day forth the name Han Solo will only be a name he will not exsist anymore" han said walking out of the cantina and sitting by a old tree in the park he sobbed hoping she got his last letter

A month later...

leia cried in her room in the humongoues hapes palace in her room luke sitting on the bed next to her "leia what's wrong?" luke asked concern for his beloved sister "i made the biggest mistake of my life luke" she sobbed on his shoudler "no you didn't you did for the new republic but i way you should have chosen with your heart" luke said wisely "luke you don't under stand just yesterday i found a letter from... from..." she stuttered "from who leia?" luke asked her "from HAN SOLO!" she cried even more "it was the most romantic thing i ever read and i broke his heart" she sobbed again "well you can always get a divorce from isolder and find han" luke said trying to cheer her "no i can't" she said to him with a look only he would know "i was told by chewie a week ago that han couldn't stand living without me so he comitted suicide and chewie didn't make it in time to stop him Han Solo is dead" she sobbed even harder "oh han what have i done i'm so sorry i hurt you" she cried going with luke to han's grave site which was in arlen cemetary where they found chewbacca crying as well it read here lies han solo brave solider and hero to the rebel alliance and new republic born july 13th 29bby died july 13th 9 aby "he died on his birthday chewie?" luke asked (yup luke he did his birthday wish was two things one was for leia to find his last love letter to her the second was to have one more loving passionate kiss from her) chewie said