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Long ago the clan of Noah attempted to take over the world and claim themselves as the rulers, but they failed. The kingdoms of the other countries brought them down and banished them from the lands.

There were two kingdoms that fought against the Noah. The most powerful one was the kingdom of Exorcists ruled by Froi Tiedoll. The other kingdom was weaker, bigger kingdom of Finders and normal people ruled by Mana Walker. By combining their forces, the two kingdoms took down the clan of Noah.

Thirty years passed and nothing was heard of the Noah, until one night, while everyone was sleeping the Millenium Earl came to everyone in a dream. He announced the revival of the Noah clan and that they would take over the kingdoms.

Concerned by the threat Tiedoll and Walker met to discuss what plan of action they should take.

"We have to maintain our pact of friendship." Tiedoll stated. "That's what won the war last time, out two kingdom's fighting side by side to defeat the Noah."

"Yes, I agree. But we need to do something to further strengthen our friendship. We need to have a legacy to uphold it." Mana said.

"So you mean our sons? Wait… I thought you didn't have any children." Tiedoll paused, remembering that Mana's only wife and baby died in child birth. "I'm terribly sorry, for bringing that memory up."

"Don't be," Mana smiled, but Tiedoll could still see a little pain left in his eyes. "I've recently adopted a son, Allen Walker."

"That's good. How old is he?"

"Six; About to be seven in a few more weeks. "

"My son is nine; I think they'd get along well." Tiedoll smiled.

"What do you think about setting up a little bonding time for the two?" Mana suggested.

"I like it, I'm listening."

"Well, we can have them spend the summer, two months, over at each Kingdom, alternating each year." Mana continued.

"I like the sound of that." Tiedoll smiled and extended his hand in agreement. "Just warning you, this might not be easy Kanda isn't exactly a social butterfly."

Mana laughed and shook Tiedoll's hand. "It's okay, Allen's shy too. But I'm going to work with him on loosening up."

"Summer starts in seven months; we will be awaiting young Allen Walker." Tiedoll informed walking out of the room.