Chapter 9

Kanda searched everywhere. Allen was nowhere to be found.

Lavi sat beside Kanda as he meditated. "Kanda, we have to prepare for the possibility that we may never find him."

"I will find him, even if the only thing I can retrieve is his body, I will never give up." Kanda said looking forward.


"Let me out!" Allen yelled, banging on the door.

Allen was in his Noah body, it didn't change when he took over for Neah. He still had brown wavy hair, no scars, and golden eyes. The only thing different was his pale skin.

Allen kicked the door. "Let me out! I know that you can hear me!" Allen kicked the door again,

"Easy Allen." He heard from the other side of the door. It was a young girl's voice.

He kicked the door. "Stop teasing me! Let me go!"

"We can't your important to us."

Allen kicked the door.

"Please don't hurt yourself, Prince Walker."

Allen kicked the door. "Let me go! What did you do to me?!"

"Well for one, we made you a lot cuter."

"Why are you keeping me here?!" Allen demanded.

"You will find in due time." She giggled.

Allen screamed and kicked the door, a final time. He collapsed on his bed, exhausted and scared. Allen lay there, looking up at the ceiling. All he could think of was that he was possibly going to die there.

Something tapped against his window. He stood up on his bed to look out the brick-sized window. He pushed open the window and a yellow ball squeezed through.

"Tim." Allen whispered. He held Timcanpy. "It's good to see you."

Tim flew around Allen and nuzzled his cheek.

Allen chuckled. "Hey Tim." He gently scratched behind his wings. "Tim, you need to go to Kanda. Tell him I'm alive and being held captive."

Tim nodded and flew up. Allen helped him through the window. "Please Tim, bring help."

Tim bobbed and flew away.

Allen closed the window and sat on his bed. He laid down, ready for some rest.


Something tapped on the window and Kanda growled, upset about being disturbed again during his meditation. He looked up and saw a little golden ball. "Timcanpy?" He stood and walked over to the window, opening it for the little golem.

Timcanpy flew in and shook off, spraying water everywhere from the rain outside.

"Timcanpy, what are you doing here?"

Tim opened his mouth his mouth and a recording played. "Go to Kanda. Tell him I'm alive and being held captive." The recording was of Allen's voice.