Authors Note: Hello this is my first LXLight story hope you like it! Oh and this chapter is like a intro taste tester... haha... just to put it out there. I promise the rest of the chapters will be much longer! And better! Anyway please reveiw more is comming!

He hated himself. With all of his person he just was disgusted with his actions. How could HE do something like that!

'I'm not a killer!' The serial killer thought, mind swirling.

When Light Yagami held the Death Note, after arresting Kyosuke Higuchi, he got his memory back. Memory though is not what defines our future, and between the time that he gave up the death note and regained his memory, he changed, and so did his future. That was not part of Kira's plan, not at all. But it happened, Light Yagami changed into practically a different person. Even though in all truth he was Kira, he wasn't Kira in the heart, not any longer.

Light was walking aimlessly around the task force building. His fist suddenly took hard impact into the wall next to him, putting all his anger and stress into the blow.

"Fuckkkk..." Light swore as he did a very interesting dance while grabbing his, now broken, hand.

"I have never heard Light-kun use such language, something wrong?" Light turned and saw the dark haired detective at the end of the hallway.

"How long have you been following me!" Light's anger at himself transferred to anger at L.

"I was not following you. Simply going to my room, but you seem to be blocking the way," L pointed his lollipop to were Light was standing then quickly continued licking it.

Light looked to his right were he punched the wall, a huge indent was obvious, he shifted his gaze a little back and saw a door. 'that must be L's room... hmm I wonder what it looks like.' He stared at L. 'He looks so cute eating his candy... WHAT! UGGh What am I thinking! You don't think L is cute!... Yeah he is more like a sexy kinda guy... AHHH! Think clean thoughts Light!... but I like thinking dirty thoughts about L... Oh my god. I cannot believe I am arguing with myself. I have finally stooped so low...'

"Light-kun?" L's voice called him back to reality.

"oh.. uhhh. yeahh umm... sorry I will be going I guess... so you can go in your room. err sorry about your wall, I'll fix it later." Stuttering Light started to walk, well tried to walk away but ran into a wall. He blushed furiously then ran to the stairs.

L watched him leave. The great detective was very confused.

Light stumbled out of the stairwell onto the rooftop. It was raining very hard. But the young killer did not mind. He loved the rain because he could tune the world out and think. So he sat down and let his thoughts consume him.