Chapter 10

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"Light" L said calmly. "We have a code stalker."


Light froze from coloring a picture on the menu with Sheri, he dropped his red crayon and looked up at L. His face fell taking in what he just said.

"Not again!" Light hissed under his breathe.

"Wait you have had a stalker before?" L questioned worried for th emans safety.

"Yeah, I am like a magnet of sexiness or something. Where is the stalker?" Lilght said with ease.

L baffled pointing to the person, this man had no modesty! But he must agree that he was sexy. The persons hood was now down to reveal a man, in his early twenties it looked. He was reading the menu, and glancing over it at their table every once in awhile.

Light shook his head. "Why is it always a guy! Why can't it be a girl for once, then I could just say I don't play for your team..." He mumbled irritably. He had dozens of fans, but the extreme ones tended to be guys. Only once did he have a female stalker, other wise three full on creeper guy stalkers. Normally they would suddenly dispear from his life when they got really bad... which he hadn't figured out why yet.

"Hello little bitches!" Sayu yelled as she slid into her seat, Misa sitting next to her. "Oh shit! A little one! Uhhh don't repeat anything I say kiddo, k? K. Why the face Light? I said sorry for swearing! Kinda, in a form of saying sorry... I told her not to!"

Light didn't reply he just starred into the distance. "Light has a stalker." L filled in Sayu.

"Another!? Well where at, I will get rid of this one too." Sayu looked around the bakery.

"Wait what! That makes sense that it was you! And we don't know if it's my stalker yet! It could be his!" Light said pointing at L accusingly.

Sayu, L, and Misa all starred at Light in disbelief. "Uhh no one knows who he is Light..." Misa but in.

"It's really you! Oh my god it's really Misa-Misa !" Sheri said holding unto Light for dear life.

No one had been paying attention to the little girl before, but now all attention was on her. She had been gazing at her idol while the big people talked. She didn't even try to read their lips, she didn't care why they were talking about, she was just in total cloud nine being in the presence of Misa-Amane. Sheri buried her little face into Lights lap.

Misa just starred in shock as her fan began to cry of joy. She was use to hysterical fans bowing at her feet and sobbing their eyes out, but they were all older. She was a model after all, normally teens, young adults, and creepy old men were her target audience, not a little girl. Yes, this young girl with soft red hair is a first. Misa looked into Lights eyes, giving a swift motion with her hands to bring her here. He took the girl into his arms and slid out of the booth as soon as L got up to let them up. The ex-Kira placed Sheri into Misa's lap, worryingly looking at her. Misa began stroking the girls hair gently. She peaked her little head up curiously at who the person holding her was. Looking down at her the beautiful blonde smiled. Sheri gasped observing her face, Misa's skin is flawless like porcelain, her eyes gleaming as she smiled at the girl.

"Am I dreaming?" She whispered to Misa.

"No darling." Misa laughed lighty. "All real, now how about we go over to a table of our? So we can chat. KK!?" Misa exciting suggestioned. The red hair simply numbly nodded over ethusically at her idol. "Okay Sweetie! Let's go over there, bye guys see you later."

Misa stood up holding Sheri on her hip, who was currently paralyzed in shock. Flashing a smile at her friends before walking away out of sight to the other side of the cafe, leaving the table in shock. Light watched most intently as she left, he was mighty confused. Why was she suddenly not the Misa she was? I mean one second she is a idiot in love with me and the next she is setting me up with another dude, which don't get me wrong I am grateful for, Light thought deeply. L's focus landed on the boy on his left, his facial features were stiff and worked up.

"Do you miss her Light-kun? Is that why you are looking strange? L asked monotone.

Light slowly changed his focus to the detective. "How can I miss her when she hasn't left?" Lights face relaxed into a small smile. "I was just confused to her personality change, But I'm happy. I am so happy to see her happy, not fake happy. I was so afraid what she would do when she found about us, but she just seems better, it's great! I just didn't want her–"

L shut him up with a gentle kiss on the lips. Light blushed deeply as Sayu and several on watchers wolf-wiseled. L's lips tugged into a small smirk, which mostly only aware to Light.

"You panda bitch..." He growled, Light did not like being embarrassed one bit. Sayu gaped at her older brother before bursting into a fit of her pysco laughter. Some people quickly looked away from their table in hearing the erie laughter.

"I am a panda bitch? Did you really just call me a panda bitch?" L asked a smiling growing on his face.

"What!? Your my panda and your being a bitch...and my bitch...There fore you are a panda bitch!" Light scowled.

Then something happened that only one other had had been witness to before. L laughed and true heartily laugh. He just couldn't stop laughing like crazy, smiling brilliantly. Light starred a moment before smiling in spite of himself at his adorable boyfriend. The detective clutched his stomach as he laughed harder, gasping for air as he fell onto the floor.

Sayu sat across from them giving. Clearly disgusted look. "Dudes! I am okay but could you not call each other your bitch? Being perverted and inappropriate is my role! And Light I am pretty sure L is seme... Just saying." Light starred dumbfounded as his lover laughed harder. "Yeah anyway I have interrupt but I already have so yeah can we order food now? I am fucking hungry!"

"Exallent idea Sayu-sun! Let's get cake." L said as he crawled back into the booth returning to his usual position and expressionless face. "How about strawberry cheesecake, normal cheesecake, devil fudge, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, hmmm cookie crumble looks good.." L thought out loud as he read the menu.

"What the fuck man! How are you even living! You should have died of diabetes long ago!" Sayu appointed accusingly at L who starred back confused.

"That's what Rodger always told me..."

"Ahhh! Okay I am going to go get a birthday cake so sit tight you two!" Light said as he crawled over L's lap and began walking toward the front of the cafe to order L's surprise, L blushed as he did so.

"Thinking dirty thoughts are we L?" Sayu laughed wickedly as L shuddered.

The waiter sat Misa and Sheri outside in courtyard they had in the back of the cafe. The courtyard fit five of so tables of two of three people. In the center a huge weeping willow grew tall, the tables placed in a circle around it. Misa-Amane observed the little girl in front of her. Her eyes emerald green, glittering with something Misa could not pinpoint. Her hair in two flaming red braids. She wore a pink dress, with a square neckline, it fit her snugly.

"What is your name deary?" Misa asked kindly putting her hangings in Sheri's, who was concentrating on reading Misa's lips.

"M-m- my name?" She hesitated. "I'm Sheri."

"I'm Misa-Amane."

"I know that silly! Your my idol!" The red haired girl giggled.

Misa's face hardened. "Why do you look up to me."

Sheri looked up at the blonde and sopped smiling. "Because you are beautiful and make others feel beautiful...even with your condition."

Misa squealed eyes widening.

"Yes please, no name on it." Light finished or serving a special cake for

his 'panda bitch'.

"Okay, is will be done in a bit, you can sit on the bench to wait sir."

He nodded and sat down on the wooden bench. He was in the front of the cafe. This was where the host and hostess get you to bring you to a table, and where you order bakery items. The room was small, there was the bench and a counter in front that were you sign in and order.

Light sighed, he knew he was being followed, he sensed someone watching him, but he knew that when he left to go order L's cake. He wanted to talk to this guy. Maybe he would stop stalking him. When the lady behind the counter walked away to put orders into the baker' Light closed his eyes.

"You can come out now..."


Light chuckled softly. "Don't be shy. I know you are here." He heard a soft gasp and a scoff. "So there is two of you, not together though, I can tell that much. Well one of you will come out and the other is to... serious for that... am I right? I think so. We can call the one who will come out stalker A and the one who will stay in the shadows, probably plotting my death, stalker B. So come out stalker A I know you will indeed." Light's eyes still closed as he spoke. "So you have decided to come out.. good."

Light's eyes flashed open. In front of him stood the stalker that L pointed out. He could see him clearly now, the mans hood was even down. The boy looked in his early twenties, like Light. His japanese ancestry is evident in his face. Light starred the mans eyes.

"Nice to meet you, stalker A." Light grinned at the gaping man before him.


"Sayu will you please answer you phone. This is the third time who ever it is has called you. They may need something, and you ringtone is getting quite annoying."

L and Sayu sat at the booth waiting on food to come to them. They sat on opposite sides, on Sayu's side she was laying out with terrible manners, and L was on his side sitting like usual. Sayu's phone had gone off at least three times by the same person until L had gotten annoyed enough to speak up. Sayu looked up at L with pissed written all over her face.

"I can't just answer it right away you idiot! Then it's like I belong to them! If they fucking need me they'll call till I answer!"

"What if it's your boss you something?" L puzzled.

Sayu laughed. "Didn't I tell you? I'm the best of the best! I have no boss, the top mafia bosses all come to me! I don't come to them! Now I must answer this, so shut up now."

She is always so blunt, thought L, unlike Light she doesn't seem to care what others think.

"This better be good!... Sounds boring... What the fuck!? You think I will just do that! Where's the action?... I'm listening... I will get back to you, I like the sound of this case, I just can't leave right now... Couple weeks... Yeah go fuck yourself to death."


Sayu slammed her phone down on the table and flung her head back starring at the ceiling. She squeezed her eyes closed tight. 'This is no good. I cannot do this mission for at least a week or so. I have to come up with an excuse for such an absence, but I am the only one who can do such a job... ' Sayu thought.

"Sayu? Sayu-kun is something wrong? You seem distraught." L chewed on his thumb as he spoke.

Sayu looked up to meet his eyes. "No.. I was just thinking in how to rid Light of stalker! No biggy!" She lied.

He detective gave her a blank stare. "I know you are lying, but you reminded me where is the stalker..."

They both looked at the empty table where he had been then back at each other yelling in unison.