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Stephanie Meyer told me to back off her Edward, so I did. But she didn't say I couldn't create my own. Cue the evil laugh

"May I have all the parents and children please reconvene to the main floor for photo ops." A woman said across the speakers.

I kneeled in front of my daughter, Noelle, adjusting the already perfect sparkling pink bows in her pig tails. "Are you ready sugar lump?"

"Mommy I told you already I am not a sugar lump! That has way too many calories. You can call me princess." Noelle replied.

"Well you will always be my sugar lump no matter what your Aunt Alice says" I reply.

I grab hold of her hand and we head out to take our photos before the banquet begins. The turn out this year is remarkable. There are over a hundred people in attendance. I smile when I spot my father, Charlie, in the crowd. We slowly make our way over to him.

"Well Bells, looks like the Town of Forks can give the Seattle Police Department a run for their money this year." He states, while giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Noelle begins to pout and my dad notices. "Aww sweets don't make that face. You know you're my favorite four year old in the world!" He scoops her up, spins her around and gently kisses her cheek.

"Grampy, you can call me princess. No sweets if I want to fit into my ballerina Tutu on Friday!" She says while wagging a finger at my Dad.

He throws me a confused glance and I shrug "I have to talk to Alice about that." I mouth to him

"Mommy, men just don't understand" Noelle states matter of factly while cupping my father's cheek.

I can't help but to laugh at her. Now I have to really talk to Alice about what she says around my little girl. Too bad she's visiting her family this week. Maybe I'll send her a quick message. No, then she'll never come home. Alice knows not to mess with "Angry Bella" as she puts it. I am brought back from my thoughts by my daughter tugging on my dress.

"Mommy, it's our turn for pictures. Let's hurry before my hair messes up!" Noelle frantically says.

We make our way over to the photo shoot area and I suddenly feel uneasy. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that egg salad as an appetizer. Then suddenly I understand why I am feeling uneasy. Instantly, I am second guessing the dress I chose to wear tonight. I wish Alice was home to play Bella Barbie. But Noelle told me I looked "Alice Perfect" before we left out. So my mind begins to ease. But then again I have never felt fully confident around this person.

I calmly direct Noelle to where we are supposed to stand for the photos, hoping I will go unnoticed. I am praying that my father doesn't recognize the photographer either.

"Hey Bells, why don't you stand on this side, and Noellie can stand in between us?" My dad proposes.

"Sure. That sounds great Dad." I quietly reply.

I hope this impromptu posing satisfies the photography. Lord knows I don't need to meet up with any of my past today. To my dismay, the photographer begins walking towards us and each step they get closer, I swear my breathing speeds and the room feels lighter.

Suddenly, the room goes dark and the last words I hear are my daughter stating: "No mommy don't ruin your pretty dress!" and I'm out cold.

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