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The evening turned out to be one I would never forget. Edward was so charismatic; it pained me to say good night. After cleaning up the smoothie mess, yes Jasper forced us to do so before we could eat. So messed up, I know right? But a clean kitchen and new clothes later, we were dining in the dimly lit dining area of Jasper's apartment and they were on a rant of "Tell embarrassing stories about Bella". I couldn't take any more so I pulled out my flirtatious alter ego. Yes a 15 minute bathroom break with Alice could teach you a thing or two.

"Edward would you like to sit a while on the patio with me? I could use some company" I smirked and attempted to seductively walk towards the patio.

"Sure, it could get a little chilly at night, wouldn't want the lady to freeze, and now would we Jasper?" He returned without missing a beat

Jasper gave him a knowing smile while Alice tried to mouth to me one of those crazy codes she made me memorize. It was all useless because we were both taken aback by what happened next. Edward lifted me up bridal style across the threshold of the patio smiling down at me with a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"What are you doing?" I half screamed

After putting me down he replied, "You know, I normally don't behave this way on the first date. I like to save the good stuff for later. But I think you're worth it."

"Well you better pull out some more tricks because I'm not impressed at all." I replied, knowing my blush probably gave me away.

"You didn't deny this as being a date, I'm a bit shocked. Jasper said you could be pretty stubborn and I was just happy you agreed to meeting me, I mean it's just…uh" He was a bit flustered and couldn't look me in the eye.

I was shocked to see this gorgeous, charismatic man, turn into this nervous guy, but it made me feel more intrigued and attracted to him even me.

"Hey," I replied, "I'm not good at first dates either. But on our next dates, just promise no smoothies please?"

His face lit up immediately with a radiant smile. Taking control of the situation he lightly touched my cheek and said "Trust me, there will be no interruptions during our next date"

I had known this man for about four hours and already had it bad. He could take me to the alley and I would be happy. Unfortunately, our little moment was interrupted by loud mouth Alice

"Oh Jazzy Pooh, look they still have their clothes on!" Alice exclaimed

I moved from my spot to attack her but was stopped by strong arms. Edward's eyes stared into mine and he pleaded with me to sit down, whispering in my ear "I got this". While gliding over to the little pixie.

"Ally Cat, don't embarrass them like that. You know how shy Bella is already. Let's just leave them be." Jasper spoke in a calm voice

"Its fine J," Edward replied. "I was going to take Bella back to the dorm to give you too alone time anyways. The neighbors have told me how noisy things get around here when a certain lady visits." Edward said fighting to hold in his laughter.

Alice turned red, then purple, and stormed off saying something about green eyed devils. You would've thought Edward had known her for years to tease her that way. It just proved that he and Jasper really were close like brothers. I had only known these people for a year but knew they would be a part of my life for a long time.

I could only hope the same for Edward. This ride home to the dorm would be interesting. Well I was assuming he had a car. If not, I wouldn't mind walking with him. He was gorgeous after all. I was brought back to the present by Edward offering to help me into my coat. I said my goodbyes to Alice and Jasper. Jasper held on to me a little longer whispering in my ear "Give Edward a chance. Trust me on this" His eyes locked on mine. I smiled and replied "Of course J" Teasing him about his newly discovered nick name.

I stepped into the chilly night with Edward by my side.

"I'm parked just down the block" He stated

"Ok. Thanks for the ride" I stated dumbly

"No problem. I really enjoyed tonight. Smoothies and all." He smiled

"Sorry about that again. I don't do well with surprises as you have learned from those embarrassing stories." I murmured the last part

"Those stories were classic. And you're just really adorable. It makes me like you even more." He said the last part while staring into my eyes

I believed every word that he said. Despite what I went through with Paul, I knew that Edward was different. He was sweet and thoughtful. Every word he said was carefully calculated. It amazed and startled me. This man was going to be the death of me.

After sitting in his car for hours and ransacking the playlist on his iPod, we decided to go into my dorm.

"I'm impressed. It suits you very well." He stated

"Simple and to the point is my motto. Alice's style choice seems to balance out my plainness." I said

"You too balance each other out perfectly. But you are far from plain. More like classic. Everyone loves the beauty of something being simple and timeless." He replied

"What motivates you to be a photographer?" I blurted out

"I enjoy capturing the beauty of a moment and sharing that with the world. I prefer natural beauty and watching people in their natural habitat." He answered

"Candid photos, huh? I would've pegged you to be some adventurous photographer. But that suits you well actually." I stated matter of factly

He slowly walked over to me, holding my gaze with every step. "See what happens when you assume things."

He was invading my personal space, not that I was complaining. He leaned in and whispered in a sultry voice, "and here I was thinking a woman as beautiful as you surely couldn't be single." He paused to tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear and continued "But that just might change one day."

I was close to hyperventilating and the smirk on his lips revealed to me that he knew the effect he had on me. I was like puddy in his hands and I eagerly was begging for him to mold me into whatever he so desired. But I had to let him know I could bite back so I did the inevitable. Just as he leaned in for the kill, or kiss I should say, I yawned, and walked over to the door seductively, slowing kicking off my shoes and went for the kill.

"Before you leave, would you mind undoing the zipper for me? Alice usually does, but she's clearly preoccupied tonight." I trailed off.

He stood there dazed for a moment before quickly walking over to me to do the honors. He leaned against me slightly while unzipping and let his finger graze my back slowly before looking me in my eyes with an " I'll get you next time" look and saying

"Good night Bella and I'll be calling you soon to plan our date"

"Good night Edward" I said before watching him walk out of my room. I just hoped that he would be coming back soon. I didn't get much sleep that night, but couldn't stop the smile that was on my face. This man was dangerous and I wanted more.

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