Under The Knife brings you Broken. Rated M for a reason: Blood, horror, and torture. You have been warned.

Sonic lay strapped to the operating table. He hadn't had anything to eat nor drink the past week…strength was not his ally any more. He was dying, and he knew it. Even if he wasn't restrained, he knew he wouldn't have the strength to flee. Nearby his prison was a table filled with all sorts of medical instruments, most of them being knives. He had been staring at them for the past hour, fear coursing through him as he thought in horror of what the doctor would do to him.

As in reply, the door swished open and he walked in. Sonic twisted his head to one side, a soft groan escaping his lips. The doctor walked over to the table and carefully chose a knife. Sonic struggled with the last of his dying strength against his bonds, still unable to escape. A pitiful whine escaped him even though he tried to hold it back. He turned his head to the side, eyes squeezed shut.

"Oh, Sonic. Why are you so worried?" The doctor asked in a terrifyingly soft voice. Sonic felt him slip a brace over his right leg, immobilizing it even more securely to the table. The monitor nearby the table began making high, frantic beeps along with Sonic's heartbeat. His vitals spiked as adrenaline shot through his weak and exhausted body in a last effort to escape. Feral animal instincts took control. As the doctor reached up towards his prisoner's head, Sonic clamped his teeth firmly over his first and second finger.

Sonic held his grip as blood began to flow into his mouth. He forced himself not to gag; to release the pressure and the pain he was paying the doctor back with. He clenched down harder, ignoring the shouts of rage. A cold, metal device was pressed sharply into the center of his chest. Sonic knew what that meant. Before he could release his torturer, a brutal zap of electricity had passed through him, making all his controllable muscles contract and then go limp. The pain it left lingering was worse. It felt as though a burning hot brander was being dug through his chest, spreading sparks throughout the rest of his body.

"I will break you yet. And when I do, no one will be able to stop me." The doctor growled. Sonic could barely hear him over his own whines.

He could only shudder in fear of the upcoming pain as the doctor connected him to a few more of the machines stacked around the table, all of which having some sort of monitoring function. A muzzle was slipped over his face. Sonic heard the scrape of metal on metal and braced himself for pain.

It was worse than he could have ever imagined. The blade sank through his restrained leg like butter, imbedding itself into his bone. It was drawn out harshly and then stabbed back in. Again. Again. Hacking away at his limb. Blood stained the table, his cobalt fur, the floor, the knife, the doctor's hands. Sonic's screams never left his throat from the metal muzzle that dug into his chin. Tears streamed from the corners of his eyes and his chest heaved with pain and the difficulty of breathing. The monitors were indicating the danger point of his vitals…he had lost too much blood and his heart couldn't take the stress.

Sonic fell silent suddenly, taking the doctor by surprise and delaying the next hacking motion at his broken leg. A pleading, begging, heart-wrenching whine tore itself from his throat, the final cry before his head pitched to the side. He went completely limp and the monitors flat-lined.

It took almost six shocks to restart his heart.

Sonic awoke in a blinding white room on a hard cot. He didn't have the energy to move yet alone keep conscious. The pain throbbing from his right leg only added to his agony. He flailed blindly, crying out and finally pressing his back to the cold wall, curled into a shuddering ball. He was so cold…and yet his skin felt so warm. He arched his back, a strangled scream coming from his throat. He lay on his side, breaths coming in too-quick and too-shallow gasps. His eyes closed halfway and he went still.

Even as the door opened, he didn't respond. A hand was pressed to his forehead, but Sonic didn't have the energy to fight. A low moan escaped him and he tried to move away from his capturer's arm.

He was rewarded with a shock for his efforts. A squeak of pain and surprise pierced the air and he convulsed violently. "Don't resist." The doctor's voice sneered. "You'll only make it worse. If you don't resist, I will gradually ease your pain. Resist me and I'll double it."

Sonic tensed up but didn't make any resisting motion. His eyes were still squeezed tightly shut and he was whimpering like a dying animal. The doctor ignored his cries and prepared a syringe filled with a clear liquid, injecting it into his arm. Sonic tried to pull away and another shock ripped through his body. He found the energy to scream and kicked blindly out with his un-bandaged, un-injured leg. Another shock, this time to the middle of his back. Tears stained his face and his whines rose in pitch until they reminded the doctor of an injured dog. Sonic spasmed slightly, unable to control his muscles anymore. But all fight had been stomped harshly out of him. The doctor injected the rest of the syringe into his arm and left. The mixed medicine and tranquilizer took effect immeadentally, making Sonic drop off into a deep sleep he so desperately needed.

The doctor carefully monitored his prisoner's vitals from a small metal collar that was wrapped around his neck. He was weak…it shouldn't take long to break him. When he finally did, the world would fall as the hero became nothing more than an obedient dog terrified of punishment.