Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter, nor Cat in the Hat from which the style of poem comes from

On a warm summers night not a sound was to be heard, no not the sound of crying how absurd

Little Duddikins couldn't want for nothing, there's nothing else here to warrant your attention.

No cats or fish or bird or dog, no other child to be our attention hog

Just us normal folk and our special guy, but if you knew the truth you would know it's a lie.

In a quiet little town in rows of plain houses, lives a small boy who ate less than a mouse

He didn't know his name nor how old, he was nothing but a freak or so he was told

Each day he'd wake up and pray it had changed, but alas the nightmare was still the same

Cooking and cleaning for a family of three, wishing and praying to finally be free

Retreating to his mind when the beatings came, never crying out but handling the pain

For he knew with a tear came his uncles glee, for he was unwanted by this family of three

Beaten and abused and left for dead, locked under the stairs on his little bed

Cooking and clearing and much, much more, all since this poor little boy was four

No food could he eat though he was the cook, even one little sniff and he was given The Look

It spoke of hated plain and true, it spoke of distain and loathing too

How dare he wish for more food than he earns, a roof over his head is all that he deserves

He stole the food off our table and the clothes he wears, so we lock him in the cupboard under the stairs

That ungrateful brat thinks he's better than us, always lying and stealing and cheating in class

No unnatural freak is better than my boy, seeing him suffer brings me joy

These are the thoughts of the one called Aunty, the one supposed to love him in the little group of three

Her sister the special one loved by all, is the reason she is bitter, angry and more

She takes it out on the son that was dumped that night; in the rages he wears he makes a sad sight

Is there no one in the world too love this lad, forever alone isn't that sad

But things for this boy must surely change one day; maybe someone will come take him away

These are his wishes his hopes his dreams, as he falls asleep without the boons beams

Locked in the cupboard under the stairs, he wonders if there is somebody who cares

Who will take him and love him like a family should, and give him his well deserved child hood?

He goes to sleep dreaming of red hair and booming laughter, this man and woman his mother and father

But in this story not all is as it seems, the neglect and abuse taken to the extremes

But don't give up and don't deflate, we will not leave this boy to his fate

For locked safe in a castle alone for the holidays, is a cankerous young man set in his ways

Of hatred and grudges of times gone by, and of the night he almost lost his life

Will he change in time to know, that in an oppressed house one cannot grow

Into that your fear most and even hated, a copy of the man who left you jaded

Only time will tell my curious friend, Of how this tale of woe will end.

AN: Just wanted to see if anyone liked it. Planing on continuing with a story but I don't have the beginning hashed out yet... Just the middle ;)