"Chuck vs the Aussie"

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Chapter 17: Day 8 – The Final Event

New Scotland Yard – Interrogation Room 1-A

London, United Kingdom

August 4, 2012

7:30hrs BST

Inspector Angel sits in the cool and antiseptic interrogation room in the bowels of the Metropolitan Police office known as (New) Scotland Yard. The room is dimly lit by bad florescent lights and is grey with the lines of the cinder block walls creating the cold feeling of a modern dungeon in the heart of one of most modern cities in the world. At the center of the room is a cold steel table and two steel chairs facing one another, one with Inspector Angel sitting tapping his fingers upon the metal table as he regards his prisoner with a penetrating look. The weary prisoner looks up from the floor into Angel's eyes for a moment before looking to the left at the reflective 'mirror' glass window that certainly has analysts and officers recording this interrogation from the other side.

The inspector removes his hands from the table before crossing his arms as he stares unnervingly at the man before him who wears a plain grey prison issued track suit as he sits dejected in front of the officer.

Angel finally speaks, "I am waiting Sullivan… we have been at this for days. I expect you to talk… we have you dead to rights; you may as well go easy on yourself and explain what the hell you were up to and who is involved. You may get leniency if you provide us with information in order to capture your bosses."

Justin snorts, "What bosses?" He asks with faux innocent.

Angel's brow furrows angrily as a scowl flashes on his face, "Oi! Don't give me that bullshit! You damn well know this was not your idea; you are a small time crook! Then suddenly you go after international athletes at the Olympics? It doesn't make sense, so stop being cute and give me what I need!"

Justin looks at the floor nervously as he looks unsettled as he fidgets in his hard and uncomfortable metal chair.

The inspector then yells in a commanding tone, "I am not playing Justin! Tell me or we will send you to a place where your bosses, and I know you have bosses, can get at you… or I will let loose Colonel Casey on you."

Justin looks up fearful at the first threat, but a quizzical expression crosses his face over the second threat. Inspector Angel chuckles, "I see you are confused, let me enlighten you…" Angel nods to the mirror and seconds later the door opens with such force it causes Justin to nearly fall from his chair. Justin tries to shield himself before fearfully looking at the now open door. From the shadows a huge man enters and instantly Justin gulps fearfully.

The inspector smiles slightly, "Mr. Sullivan, I would like you to meet Colonel Casey. You see he is an American, naturally, that just so happens to be trained in… how you say enhanced interrogation techniques. You see you went after his athlete and unfortunately for you Casey takes that sort of thing rather personally, must be a Marine thing."

Casey cracks his knuckles before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a device that causes Justin to wince. Casey presses the button on electronic gadget and turns to Angel, and simply says, "Jammer." Inspector Angel then turns to Casey, "Colonel, were you planning on taking the prisoner off our hands… something about national security concerns?"

Casey only smiles predatorily and Justin instantly turns white as he looks at the imposing man before him dressed like death, head to toe in black military garb.

Justin instantly speaks, "I can't! They will kill me!"

Angel looks back at Justin, "Give it up Justin, we already have Bryce and Jill's confessions, we just need your bosses to finish this sordid business."

Flashback to August 1st…

Jill and Bryce sit side by side with matching dejected expressions on their faces as they are questioned by Inspector Angel. Jill is a little worse for wear after her run in with the giant blond she-male.

Inspector Angel begins his interrogation, "We have a totality of evidence in order to convict the lot of you. This is simply a formality and an opportunity for you to take responsibility for your actions, which may help you at sentencing, so speak." Angle then laughs as he looks at the bruised and wired jaw of Jill Roberts before adding with a chuckle, "Or in your case Miss Roberts not so much talking, but I expect an explanation."

Jill glares icily at the inspector, but is unable to speak due to her shattered jaw. She huffs and writes on a legal pad of paper, "Very funny."

Bryce huffs out a sigh, "Fine, you already know everything… why do you need more?"

Angel responds, "Not important, but we are being thorough. Please continue."

Bryce nods, "Alright, I wanted to beat Chuck Bartowski so we came up with a plan to poison him… Jill synthesized the poison and then poisoned his water, but it did not affect him. So we made plans to get him. I was going to bump into him and inject him while Jill distracted him. Well, you know how well that went…"

Angel nods while taking notes, "And what of the first attack?"

Bryce quirks a brow, "I just told you, Jill poisoned his water, but either it did not affect him or he did not end up drinking the damn water. UGH! If he had just drank the bloody water everything would have worked out."

The inspector cuts off Bryce's rant, "Larkin, what of the attempted assault outside the Hawksmoor restaurant?"

Jill and Bryce look at one another utterly perplexed before Jill writes and Bryce says, "What?"

Angel sighs exasperatedly, "You attacked him and tried to hit Chuck with a pipe… just like those figure skaters in the 80s… Tonya Harding."

Bryce instantly shakes his head, "No, we attempted to poison him, but we had nothing to do with any attacks!'

Jill nods vigorously while mumbling trying to talk forgetting her injury, which leads her to wince and moan as the pain in her jaw causes tears to form in her eyes.

Angel continues the interrogation and over and over Bryce and Jill stick to the story much to the Inspector's frustration. Hours later Angel emerges from the interrogation room while rubbing his eyes. His clerk nods to him before asking gently, "Inspector? Are you alright Sir?"

Angel looks up with a weary smile, "Yes… I am just a little knackered… it looks like Larkin and Roberts admitted to the Poisoning, but not the attack. We need the DNA report in order to finish this all off."

The brunette clerk nods, "I will go check on that, you go to your office and take a rest, yeah?"

Inspector Angel nods and begins to walk to his office as his clerk rushes off to collect the much needed data.

Soon after, Inspector Angel learned of the DNA match to Justin Sullivan and the huge threat that nearly slipped through the cracks with the sniper team error that could have been catastrophic.

End Flashback…

"Justin, we have your DNA so you are going down for the initial attack. We want everything including your bosses and the second attempt… or I let the Colonel loose on you…"

Casey then cracks his knuckles as he smiles evilly at Justin who cowers in his chair. Justin then takes an unsteady breath, "They… they will kill me…" He says in a small voice.

Angel reacts instantly, "Who? Who are they? Tell us and we can ensure you are safe in prison."

Justin looks up worried, "I don't believe you."

Casey snorts, "I will arrange the transfer and then we can disappear him during transport… I hear GITMO is nice this time a year. Ah, I missed water boarding terrorists… you will have to do… hum… you look like a screamer… I am looking forward to this."

Justin shivers as he looks at the hulking Colonel, "Please no… but I… I can't talk…"

Angel then says simply, "either you tell us everything or the Colonel here will make you talk…"

Justin is clearly torn and Casey and Angel watch the internal battle as Justin tries to find a way out of his doomed situation. Finally, Justin's shoulder slump and he gives in to the inevitable. He says dejectedly, "Fine, I will tell you… but you have to protect me… I don't want to die… I never wanted any of this…"

Angel nods, "Tell us and I promise we will keep you safe."

Meanwhile Casey deactivates the jammer and the recordings begin again as Justin begins his confession and implication of his boss and what he knows of the criminal organization connected to the case.

Chuck's Apartment at the Athletes Village

London, United Kingdom

August 4, 2012

9:55 hrs BST

Both Chuck and Sarah had the morning and afternoon off before their final events in the evening and had decided to have a bit of a sleep in, or as much of one a regimented athlete could, before meeting to spend the day together.

After a restful sleep Sarah made her way to Chuck's building and quickly made her way to his door. Just as she is about to knock she hesitates and her face clouds with nervousness as she chews plaintively on her lips.

For the first time in a long while since the Games began, Sarah was not wearing her standard yellow and green Team Australia track suit. Rather, she's beautifully adorned in a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a sleeveless blue top with little white buttons. Her hair is straight and frames her beautiful face as it gleams in the mid-morning sunlight, while her face is soft with a light and classy brush of make-up making her look youthful and innocent. With her, she holds a simple black canvass duffle bag, which contains the source of Sarah's trepidation.

She takes a steadying breath as she thinks to herself, Ok… don't freak out… its only Chuck… She nods to herself as she builds up her courage and takes another deep breath before knocking on the blue painted wood door.

Moments later the door bursts open and Sarah is lost in the deep brown eyes, curly brown hair and incandescent smile of one Chuck Bartowski. Instantly her smile matches his as they stand facing one another wordlessly.

Chuck breaks out of their 'moment' first as he notices her bag, which causes his eyebrow to quirk a little as he asks, "Um… Sarah… What's with the bag?" He thinks nervously, Gulp, does this mean what I think it means? I didn't think she was ready… Ok stay calm…

Sarah shakes herself out of her Chuck induced reverie as she looks down at the bag slung across her shoulder before looking back up into Chuck's eyes. Instantly she realizes what this looks like and her eyes become saucers and she blushes deeply. "Oh! God Chuck! It's not what it looks like… I'm not presumptuous… it's just… I mean… it's my change of clothes for the events tonight… I wanted to wear something other than the damn track suit… and I'm going to stop talking now."

Chuck smiles brightly and instantly calms her as he says with mirth in his voice, "Hey, I thought I had the exclusive rights to rambling in this relationship?"

Sarah instantly eases as the blush disappears as she thinks, Yep, he's perfect… and maybe if I am not a huge coward I will show him everything that's in the bag…

Chuck smiles once more and says, "Come on in, we have a big day ahead of us!"

Sarah beams at him as she follows his lead into the small Olympic apartment and into the living room all the way to the couch and TV before she asks, "So, what's the plan?"

Chuck's face instantly becomes serious, "Well, I was talking to Zondra and Carina and I learned that you are missing an experience that everyone must enjoy."

Sarah instantly stiffens as fear picks at her mind as she thinks, Oh god, what am I missing… not good and I am going to have to have a talk with Zondra and Carina about blabbing!

Chuck pauses theatrically before smiling brightly, "They said that you have NEVER seen Star Wars! Say it isn't so!"

Sarah looks at Chuck blankly and dumbfounded, "Um… What?"

"Star Wars! One of the nerd holy grails! THE trilogy."

Sarah chuckles as her nervousness disappears and her amusement over Chuck's absolute seriousness and charm amuses her as she replies, "Is… is that a comic?"

Chuck paws his face in amused frustration, "Well… yes, but no. It is a movie trilogy… well two movie trilogies, the original and the… you know what, no."

Sarah quirks a brow, "No?"

"Yes, No," Chuck responds seriously. "I must fix this flaw and teach you about this perfect science fiction franchise! We are going to watch Star Wars: A New Hope, the first of the original trilogy… bub, bub, bub, no buts about it!"

Sarah snorts and holds back a pithy reply as she says with humor in her voice loving the banter, "Okay…"

Chuck pops in the DVD and turns swiftly towards Sarah, "The force will soon be with you my young padawan."

Sarah's face instantly goes blank in confusion, "Force… padawan?"

Chuck groans in good humored frustration, "You'll see. Wow, I have a lot of work cut out for me here," Chuck says teasingly with a smile.

Sarah puts on a faux insulted look before pouting, "Are you saying I'm high maintenance?"

Now it's Chuck's turn to stiffen, "No! Of course not! Besides, I can suffer through watching classic nerd movies for the millionth time…"

Sarah takes pity on him and decides not to torture him, "Good answer, teach me oh wise one."

Chuck's million watt smile lights up the room and warms Sarah's heart as the movie begins to play.

~ A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… ~

The iconic theme music plays and Sarah quirks her brow as she notices Chuck eagerly watching her as she watches the opening of the movie. As she watches, she soon loses track of his eyes bouncing from her to the movie as she becomes positively riveted by the story, while Chuck periodically disappears and returns with drinks and snacks as they enjoy the film. Periodically, Sarah asks Chuck detail questions that he happily answers using his encyclopedic knowledge as she becomes immersed in this new universe and epic story.

Sarah's shocked when she checks her watch as the credits role for 'A New Hope' and she realizes two hours had gone by. Without blinking she turns to Chuck, "It's a trilogy, right?"

Chuck smiles widely, "Why yes it is… we can start slow though…"

Sarah smiles widely, "Well, I'm game."

Chuck beams, "Awesome! Next up Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back! Don't worry, I will explain."

Sarah chuckles at his enthusiasm, but interjects, "Let's have some lunch first… did your sister leave you some meal options?" Chuck nods and jumps up to grab them lunch and to start the second movie installment. Once again Sarah considers taking the next step and opening up to Chuck, but her nervous fear remains.

Chuck returns with their food as the movie starts and Chuck vibrates with excitement like a little kid on a sugar high. Sarah laughs and kisses him before stilling him and saying, "Calm down Chuck," she says teasingly.

Chuck smiles shyly, "Sorry, I get carried away… this is my favorite and it is so hard to find someone other than Morgan to watch it with me, let alone a beautiful girl."

Sarah's heart soars once more, "Thanks for sharing this with me, Chuck." Chuck beams, "Thank you for putting up with me and my nerdiness." They share a kiss that turns passionate, but they are able to gain control as the Empire Strikes Back begins.

Sarah watches enthralled as the scenes on Hoth, the Asteroid chase, the Degobah/Yoda scenes and finally the amazing Bespin scenes and the epic battle between Vader and Luke play upon the screen. Sarah's eyes are wide as she watches the epic light saber battle and the huge finale and revelation. She turns to Chuck and asks, "Do we have time to watch the last one?"

Chuck smiles at Sarah's excitement, "Really? You want to watch Return of the Jedi?"

"Yes, I can't imagine leaving it on such a cliffhanger!"

Chuck laughs, "We will make a nerd out of you yet! Yeah, Okay we have time to finish off the original trilogy."

Chuck starts the final DVD before Sarah and he snuggle into one another as they enjoy the calming comfort of each other's bodies and warmth. As the movie plays, Chuck continues to study Sarah as she experiences this final chapter for the first time. He had long ago memorized the trilogy, which was handy as the beautiful blonde and her magical citrus perfume scent and close proximity certainly distracts him from the film as he studies her reaction to the movie.

Two hours passes and at long Sarah had completed the Star Wars trilogy. Chuck flicks off the TV and asks nervously, "Well?"

Sarah puts on a faux thoughtful face before answering Chuck, "Amazing!" At that moment Sarah makes a decision, to show Chuck what is in her bag.

Chuck smiles and says in a relieved tone, "Perfect."

Sarah then says in a slightly nervous tone, "Chuck… there is something I want you to show you… do for you, but I am really nervous…"

Chuck's face instantly turns supportive as he says, "Whatever it is I am here for you."

Sarah takes a deep breath and walks over to her bag. Meanwhile, Chuck's expression turns to one of confusion as he says, "Um… Sarah, we have like two hours before we have to leave for our events… so you don't need to change yet."

Sarah pauses for a moment, confused by Chuck's comments before realizing and responding, "Oh, I'm not grabbing my clothes… there is something else in the bag…" She says as she points to the bag. She takes a deep breath before unzipping the bag and ever so slowly removes a black case hidden inside the canvass bag.

Chuck's eyes go wide as Sarah once more bits her lip softly as her nervous energy echoes throughout her body. Chuck's only response is a reverent, "Wow… are you sure?"

Sarah gives him a nervous smile, her fear clear upon her delicate features, "Yes… Yes I am… as long as you are still interested?"

Chuck smiles his special grin and answers without a second thought, "Of course!"

She flashes him a toothy smile before looking down at the simple black case before snapping open the clasps on the side. She opens the case and gently removes the precious contents before she looks up at Chuck, "I don't know why I brought this to London… it just felt right… you know?"

Chuck simply nods as he lowers himself to his seat on the couch as he watches her prepare. Sarah smiles and nods back at Chuck as she removes the violin. The violin has a deep and beautiful wood luster with a slight red wood tint and has a classic looking sheen on the elegant curves of the instrument. She holds the neck of the violin as she tests the strings and checks the tune as she brandishes the bow in her dexterous hands.

As she readies herself to play she thinks, What should I play? There are so many options… hum, well I can start off with a short solo piece and then if he wants more I can play some of the great violin concertos.

"Okay Chuck, this is called Ave Maria by Schubert… it is an opera that is usually sung against a piano, but this is the violin adaptation… I hope you like it."

Chuck can only think, I will… as his excitement peaks.

Sarah takes one final deep breath as she raises the violin to her chin as her posture takes a perfect position and an air of confidence projects from her beautiful form as she raises her bow. She strikes the chords as her fingers dance and the bow moves seamlessly across the strings as the beautiful and ethereal music plays for Chuck. As Chuck listens he realizes that he recognizes the music from of all things a video game (Hitman) as he tries to imagine the words in his mind, with some difficulty as they are in German, but more than anything he is enthralled by Sarah's talent.

Chuck is simply dumbfounded by the hauntingly beautiful melody and Sarah's unmistakable skill as she conducts a solo symphony for an audience of one. Chuck tries hard to fight back a single tear as his soul is moved by the beauty before him, the talent he cannot even articulate. Too soon the violin falls silent and Sarah looks deeply at Chuck with nervous expectation.

Chuck is frozen, completely at a loss to respond to something so… perfect. Sarah begins to fidget as the silence becomes deafening and her face and shoulders soon fall in dejection. She thinks sadly, I knew this was a bad idea… it was too much… at least Chuck is too nice to mock me.

Chuck finally snaps himself from his dazed state as a small, shy smile emerges on his face as he rises from his seated position. Instantly he closes the gap between him and Sarah and pulls her into a crushing hug. Sarah is caught completely off guard as she was wallowing in self pity. She is snapped out of those thoughts and now all she can think is, What the hell?

"Um… Chuck?"

"Sarah, that… that was amazing! The most beautiful thing I have ever heard… you are perfect. I can't even comprehend how you can be so talented… I think you broke me for a minute there.

Sarah smiles tentatively, "Really? You liked it?"

Chuck unleashes his widest Bartowski smile, "I would never lie – that was moving… can you play more?"

Sarah's smile lights up the room, "Yes!"

For the next hour and a half Sarah plays parts of various violin concertos including the greats such as Paganini, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mendelssohn and Beethoven. Chuck is simply enthralled by the Sarah's expertise as she plays her favorite classics for him. Her skill and absolute passion are clear as she plays and plays the music to perfection, barely stopping for a break as she serenades Chuck with these great works of art.

When she finally stops Chuck gives her a standing ovation, which causes her to blush crimson. He surprises her as he pulls her into a passionate embrace and a long kiss. When the kiss breaks, Sarah grips Chuck's chest and shoulders tightly, not trusting her legs after the knee wobbling embrace.

"Wow!" Sarah says reverently.

Chuck smiles down at her in his arms, "Yeah, Wow. You are amazing." Chuck uses his finger to tilt Sarah's chin up so she is looking at him before softly pressing his lips to hers. He touches his forehead to hers as his expression becomes serious.

He takes a breath and says, "I want to show you something…" He thinks worriedly, I hope she likes this and doesn't think it is too weird…

"Okay, so I told you about the game I have been making… well it's not done, but I wanted to show you something that is so important to me, like your music you just shared with me…"

"Chuck, you don't have to."

"I want to…"

Chuck begins to show her the renderings he had made up until this point, but prior to the addition of a certain blonde spy to the game. Sarah is naturally wowed by his talent creating an amazing alternate world of spies and the CIA.

Sarah gushes as she watches the amazing graphics, "Chuck, this is amazing! This makes some of the Call of Duty we played look like old school Doom!"

Chuck blushes, "Thank you, I tried to take the graphics and game play to a new level, but there really is not a whole lot of improvement over some of the great current games."

"Chuck, this is so cool! Can I play a demo?"

Chuck nervously looks at his feet, knowing that the demo contains the 'Sarah' character and he fears the can of awkward worms that might open, but he is unable to say no to the beautiful blonde before him. "Sure, but…" Just as Chuck is about to begin a long winded ramble trying to explain the character in a way that would not be creepy, both his and Sarah's alarms blare loudly.

Sarah huffs, "Ugh! Ok… rain check?"

Chuck smiles widely, secretly relieved that his secret was safe for a little while, "Absolutely."

With that the two got ready and made their way to the Aquatics Center for their final events of the London Olympics.

Outside the Aquatics Center (Olympic Venue)

London, United Kingdom

August 4, 2012

19:55 hrs BST

Shaw had come up with his final plan to save himself from the wrath of the Director and the Ring. They had mindlessly become fixated on the Americans and most of all on Bartowski, which suited Shaw fine due to his arrogance and desire for monetary gain. Shaw knew that his final gambit would be his best chance to bite back the sting of his previous failures and secure his place in the criminal underworld.

As Shaw exits his Tesla he thinks over his plan one final time. So Bartowski is protected completely as proved by Roberts and Larkin's capture… too bad… their plan would have helped me out perfectly, oh well. Security is too tight, but I know that the key to Chuck is the girl, Walker. She is not nearly as protected as Bartowski is and if she is hurt then he will rush to her aid and stay with her and abandon the race and his team, which will leave the team in shambles. Best of all, whether the Americans win or lose, as long as I neutralize Chuck the Ring will be unable to touch me as I followed their orders. I win no matter what whether the Ring does or not, stupid Director… his hubris will be the end of him.

Shaw smiles evilly as he crosses the roadway in front of the Aquatics Center as he perfects his plan at ambushing Sarah Walker.


Morgan and Alex sit in the back of a Hackney Carriage on their way to the Aquatics Center in order to watch their friends compete in their final races. However, as Alex and Morgan are transported to the venue their linked hands led to additional body contact, which led to a kiss, which quickly turned passionate. This passionate kiss quickly evolved to a full on make-out session in the back of the cab as young love overwhelmed the normally reserved couple.

The driver began to have serious difficulties keeping his eyes off the show in his rearview mirror, as the couple had completely lost themselves in the moment, completely unaware of the audience. Subsequently the driver was not keeping his eyes where they were supposed to be – on the road.

As the cab approaches the Aquatics Center, Morgan adjusts his leg in true Morgan fashion, meaning he awkwardly straightened his leg kicking the driver clumsily. The driver, already distracted veers slightly before regaining control, but too late to avoid the impact.

The driver slams the breaks, which slows the vehicle, but he is unable to avoid the tall, raven haired man j-walking in the street. The cab screeches to a halt and Morgan and Alex are flung forward as Morgan takes most of the brunt of the impact into the back of the cabs front seats, which was not dangerous, but was a little jarring. The cabbie then yells in anger, "Bloody Hell! Not again!"

Meanwhile, Shaw lay in the street in pain after the glancing impact of the black cab. Shaw curses his luck as he rolls painfully on the pavement as he checks his limps and body for breaks and injuries as he shakes off the blow.

The cabbie, Morgan and Alex rush to check on the injured man as a pair of police officers join the fray after calling for paramedics.

Morgan 'eloquently' asks the fallen man, "Dude, you Okay? You got knocked out!"

Shaw scowls at the bearded little man and angrily replies, "I'm fine. The hell were you doing you bloody idiots! You could have killed me!"

Alex blushes, "Sorry…. Um… we may have distracted the driver a little…"

A police constable arrives and commands, "You (pointing at the cabbie), go talk with Constable Smith over there." The cabbies head drops as he dejectedly does as he is told. The police officer then turns to Shaw, "Sir, stay seated the paramedics will be here to take you to the hospital soon."

Shaw seethes and through clinched teeth says, "I'm fine, just a little sore. I don't need to go to the bloody hospital!"

The officer does not back down, "Sorry mate, you're in the Olympic cordon, there is no way in hell you are not going to the hospital, liability and such."

Shaw tries again, "But…"

"No buts!" the officer commands before turning to Morgan and Alex, "You two go give a statement over there then you can be off while we sort this out."

Morgan and Alex walk away to give their statement before going to watch Sarah and Chuck compete, not knowing that once more Morgan (and now Alex) had saved Chuck and Sarah.

Warm-Up Area at the Aquatics Center (London Olympic Venue)

London, United Kingdom

August 4, 2012

20:00hrs BST

Once again Sarah finds herself in the warm-up area with her medley teammates for her final race of these Olympics. After her amazing morning and afternoon and… well all day with Chuck she was practically vibrating as excitement and energy coursed through her veins. As she thinks to herself, Wow… this is it… the last race. Better make it a good one!

And with that Sarah felt another boost of energy as the teams were marshaled and soon made their way out to the pool area for the race. She pauses with her team at the screen next to the athletes' entrance to the pool as a huge cheer erupts for the famous, young swimmer. The team makes its way to lane 4 and as they shed their outerwear for the race as they hear a mighty roar as the Americans, including Zondra, immerge followed by the home British team, which stirs the crowd into a fan frenzy.

Sarah takes a deep breath and prepares mentally for her backstroke leg of the race. The beep sounds and Sarah and the other backstroke swimmers jump into the pool and take their places holding onto the silver handle bars on the starting blocks. Sarah holds the bars and she places her feet on the starting wall as she pulls herself out of the water in and arched position with her knees near her chest as she prepares to leap backwards into the pool.

She controls her breathing and thinks of Chuck and her friends and family before her mind clears and she waits for her mark. The beep sounds and she instantly launches herself backwards into the pool and into an inverted dolphin kick as her amazing reaction time earns her an early lead. She breaches the water as she enters her perfect backstroke as the American Missy Franklin begins to close the small gap, while the Japanese swimmer Terakawa moves from fourth place into third, while the Russian Vivian Volkoff starts out in third before being overtaken slightly by the Japanese swimmer, all of whom trail the Aussie and the American.

The swimmers rush to the end of the pool before rolling and kicking off the wall and heading back to the start using the backstroke. Sarah had held the lead for the first 50 meters, but now Missy Franklin and Sarah were trading the lead as they were neck-in-neck as they made their way to the starting wall. Missy Franklin and Sarah essentially touched the wall at the same time as their teammates leap into the pool before the Japanese and Russian swimmers touch the wall chasing the Aussies and Americans.

The American, Soni, leads using the breaststroke as Sarah's teammate, Leisel, falters slightly and falls from second to third, while the Russian Stepanova bursts into second place followed closely by the Japanese swimmer Suzuki. As the swimmers hit the far wall, the USA leads followed by the Russians, then the Japanese, then the Aussies and finally the Chinese are moving from the back of the pack to fifth place. Nothing changes as the very close race returns to the starting wall and the third, butterfly leg begins.

Despite being in fourth, Couttes (who won the position over Sarah's nemesis Amy) takes off and powerfully uses her perfect butterfly stroke in order to move ahead in the race. The American Volmer holds the lead as the swimmers hit the far wall, but Couttes has moved from fourth all the way into second place ahead of the Japanese who hold third and ahead of the Russians, who have fallen into fourth place. Couttes nearly catches the American, but Volmer touches first and Zondra launches herself into the pool and into a dolphin kick before breaching the surface and beginning her front crawl in first place. The Aussie Schlanger is hot on Zondra's heals as the swimmers race to the far end of the pool before tuning and kicking off into the final 50 meters. As the swimmers eat up the final 50 meters, the Japanese and Russian swimmers trade third and fourth as the American and Aussie swimmers battle it out for the Gold. The teammates out of the pool yell and holler to push the swimmers to the finish and Zondra pushes herself to her limits and just touches ahead of Schlanger, securing Team USA another Gold. The Aussies take the Silver, while the Japanese swimmer Ueda holds off the Russians and takes the Bronze, with Russia taking fourth and the Chinese finishing in fifth.

Zondra cheers loudly as her team celebrates as they pull her from the water and share a group hug with the cheers of the crowd echoing in the background. Sarah helps her teammate out of the water and they share tired smiles as they congratulate one another on a well earned Silver before sharing hugs with the other teams.

Sarah and Zondra share a tight hug as both laugh at the finish as Sarah can't help but joke, "I thought you were going to let us get another Gold there!"

Zondra laughs, "Not a chance! Great race girl!"

Sarah smiles widely, "You too, congrats on another Gold!"


Chuck watches as the race finishes and sees his friend and Team USA teammates celebrate as well as the joy on his girlfriends face after winning another medal. Chuck is pumped and he cheers and psyches up his team as they share high fives after the USA win and Chuck's girl's performance.

Soon after Chuck and the team move into the marshalling area and they move out to the pool area to the huge cheer of the crowd. Team USA quickly moves to lane 4 and prepare for the race alongside the other teams.

Soon, the backstroke swimmers are in their positions arching out of the pool preparing to launch themselves into the water. Grevers of Team USA waits for the beep before kicking off the wall starting the race off in first with a great reaction time. The American takes the lead and is closely followed Hungarian Cseh then the British team then the Japanese and then the Australian team.

The swimmers hit the wall and begin their backstroke efforts back to the starting wall and their teammates waiting to leap into the pool for the second leg of the relay. Grevers holds the lead and finishes the final 50 meters and touches the starting wall as Hansen leaps into the pool and dolphin kicks under the water before rising to the surface directly into a perfect breaststroke. The Japanese swimmer, Irie, touches the wall second and his teammate (Kitjima) jumps into the water and follows close behind the American, as the Brits touch third and the Hungarians fourth, while the Aussies sit in fifth.

The Japanese swimmer pushes hard and closes the gap and in the final 50 meters takes a slight lead over the American, Hansen, while the Hungarians hold third ahead of the British and the Aussies. As the swimmers touch the starting wall and the third leg, the butterfly swimmers, leap into the pool overtop their teammates already in the pool. The Japanese hold the lead briefly, but the American that just leaped into the pool is none other than Michael Phelps. Phelps makes up space and in the first 50 meters moves into a tie for the lead and then takes the lead outright as he touches the wall, rolls off and kicks back towards the start. He eats up the final 50 meters and gives the Americans a small lead over the Japanese in second, the Hungarians in third, the Aussies who have clawed their way into fourth and the Brits who hold fifth place.

Phelps touches the wall first and Chuck leaps head long into the pool with pure concentration as he looks to rally the final lap and ensure his team a final Gold medal. Chuck hits the water and dolphin kicks beneath the surface before rising to the surface and kicking hard into a fast front crawl. The Japanese hold second, but Chuck increases the lead as he pushes hard with a clear mind after the perfect day with Sarah. He hears Sarah's violin in his head as he flashes on calming images of her and his family/friends. With this motivation he pushes even harder and puts the race out of reach as the remaining swimmers compete for second place.

In the final 50 meters the Japanese hold second well behind Chuck, while the Aussies make a great push into third and then challenge to overtake the Japanese, while the Hungarians have fallen behind into fifth as the British move into fourth. In the end, Chuck touches first for the Gold, while the Japanese hold onto Silver and the Aussie take the Bronze, with the Brits finishing off the podium in fourth and the Hungarians finishing in fifth.

Chuck's team yells out as Chuck smiles his wide grin from the pool as camera flashes cascade upon the young swimmers. Chuck shakes hands from the water with the swimmers in his neighboring lanes before climbing from the pool to be congratulated by his team. Chuck goes to shake Phelps hand, but is pulled into a one armed hug ask Phelps says, "Great finish Chuck!"

Chuck smiles humbly, "I had to make sure you got your 18th Gold and 22nd career medal!"

Phelps smiles and nods, "Thanks Chuck, like I said before - try not to break all my records."

Chuck smiles as he grabbed by the rest of the team for interviews before the medal ceremonies.


After the initial interviews and cool down routines both Chuck and Sarah were awarded their medal alongside their teammates to the massive applause of the crowd. After which, both Chuck and Sarah tried to disappear into the crowd of athletes and volunteers, but the media affairs members of their teams quickly found them and delivered them to the clutches of the media for more interviews.

Chuck and Sarah were separated and began a barrage of individual interviews as other athletes came into an interview area, which is a large room with a vaulted ceiling and plenty of space for the reporters and TV crews and their equipment.

As Chuck was answering yet another questions he notices Awesome nearby and despite the interview says a quick hello, "Hey Awesome buddy! Having fun?"

Awesome laughs his bellowing laugh, "Always Chuckster!" He then smiles widely. The reporters interviewing both Chuck and Devon look at one another shrug and quickly decide on making this a group interview.

The reporter asks the two friends who now stand side by side, "Chuck, Devon! How do you know each other?"

Chuck laughs at the ludicrous nature of the media beast, "Well, we have been competing against each other for years… and oh yeah he is dating my sister… so yeah."

The reporters begin writing feverishly as a TV interviewer asks, "Was that a little awkward when you found out Chuck?"

Chuck laughs, "No, I introduced them."


Sarah's interview had gone well so far, well as well as possible as strangers attempted to get every ounce of information and personal details out of her, particularly about her relationship with Chuck.

Humorously enough, Sarah had seen Carina and Zondra being interviewed nearby and had used the opportunity for a distraction. However, like Chuck and Awesome this became a trio/group interview. Sarah was happy for the support, but clearly wanted the nightmare that is the media to end.

A reporter asks, "So girls, you all had an amazing Olympics, what was your favorite moment?"

Carina and Zondra both say at once, "Chuck and Sarah's kiss!" Sarah instantly blushes as her friends break into a giddy laugh.

Sarah then pouts, "Thanks guys…"

Carina and Zondra roll their eyes before Zondra answers seriously, "Mine would be a tie… I would say the 200 meter IM because it was an awesome feeling to know we all got a medal. But also my 200m free Gold was a huge individual achievement."

Carina nods agreeing with Zondra's point, "Me too, though for me it is a tie between the 200m IM, my first medal, and my Gold in the 200m butterfly. I mean I wasn't supposed to be in that race and I am so lucky and blessed that everything worked out… I have a lot of support from my friends," Carina says the last part a little shyly and out of character as she opens up briefly.

Sarah nods, "Well for me I would say the 200m IM as well, we all did great and it was my only individual Gold. It was a great feeling to succeed alongside great friends."

The reporter than pushes, "That and meeting Chuck?"

Sarah smiles involuntarily and answers without thinking, "Yes."

Before Sarah can become outraged that the reporter had again gone personal and worst of all that she slipped, Chuck and Awesome… and their entourage of media followers walk over to the girls.

Chuck approaches in hopes of saving them all from the media, but in the end all the athletes in one place creates a bit of a media swarm as constant flashes and pictures of the group and their medals were taken as questions were asked of the group of friends. It was rather overwhelming until it finally came to an easy question.

A reporter asked jokingly, "Well, you all have a tone of medal around your necks; it's fair to say this may be the most decorated group of friends. So, what did you all win?"

The friends look at one another, realizing the stupidity of the question with the internet giving full access, but realizing the interviewer was taking the opportunity to record it straight from the athlete's mouths to bookend the swimming events for these young stars and the throngs of interested fans around the world.

Awesome booms, "Well, I can start. I won two bronze medals in the 200m IM and the 100m freestyle, which was awesome! But I am an underachiever in this group" he jokes.

Carina then steps up, "Same with me, I won Gold in the 200m butterfly and a Bronze in the 200 IM."

Zondra then follows, "Well… I won three Gold's in the 200m free, the 4x100 medley and the 4x200 free. I won Silver in the 200 IM and two Bronze's in the 4x100 free and the 100m free."

The reporter comments, "Amazing work, such great achievements." He then looks at Chuck and Sarah who naturally are together in their Team track suits, holding one another in a side hug, not caring that the media is eating it up. "And you Chuck and Sarah?"

Chuck and Sarah share a look and Chuck says what they are all thinking, "Well, we don't like to brag… so"

The interviewer begs, "Come on guys, for your fans?"

Sarah and Chuck sigh. Sarah then starts, "I was blessed to have won four Silver medals in the 100m and 200m backstroke, the4x200m free and the 4x100 medley. I also won two Gold medals in the 4x100m free and the 200m IM." Sarah then blushes as the group of friends applauds her great haul.

Chuck sighs and looks at the friends not wanting to brag, "You know… I had a lot of support and great teammates, so it really doesn't matter what medals I won…"

Sarah laughs at Chuck's perfect humility and begins to answer for him, "He won four Gold medals and three Silver medals and as of right now has the most medals won by an individual… and I really doubt anyone is going to win more!"

Chuck blushes red as the group jumps in as Carina, Zondra and Devon list off his wins, "Gold in the 200m IM, Silver in the 400m IM, Silver in the 200m free, Gold in the 400m free, Silver in the 4x100 free, Gold in the 4x200m free and Gold in the 4x100 medley."

Once again Chuck blushes and steals the hearts of millions around the world as they watch the down to earth display as the friends begin teasing and bantering with one another. The media is ecstatic at the amazing footage they are getting from the young friends. Finally though, Chuck, Sarah, Zondra, Carina and Devon are able to escape the media circus and bid one another goodbye after a round of hugs.

Chuck and Sarah are wrapped around one another as the group agrees that a celebration dinner is in order followed by a little fun. They all agree and understand that things are about to get a little more wild as the parties really start to ramp up as athletes, like the swimmers finish their events and are free to finally let loose after years of training.

Chuck and Sarah walk together with big smiles on their faces as they exit the building and head back to their apartments to rest and prepare for the celebrations that are soon to follow their grueling competition.

As they leave Chuck says quietly in her ear, "Congratulations Sarah, you are amazing."

Sarah nuzzles his neck and smiles as she inhales his sent, which is mixed with the faintest touch of chlorine from the pool before she replies with bliss in her voice, "Congrats Chuck, and you are the one that is amazing."

They share a smile and then a kiss that turns passionate before they get into their security details van and head back to their rooms before the parties begin.

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