"Chuck vs the Aussie"

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Chapter 25: Epilogue 3 – The Future

Forest near Twin Pines and Pyramid Lake

Los Padres National Forest, California

Sometime in the near future…

A small curly haired boy runs carelessly, but nimbly despite his young age, through the lush green forest of towering pines. He jumps from a tree stump over a small bush and ferns onto a dirt trail as he evades his pursuer. The five year old boy giggles and smiles widely as his older sister chases him red faced and ready for revenge.

"I am going to get you and when I do you will pay for destroying my hair dryer. YOU. ARE. DEAD. NERD!" She screams, while huffing slightly from the chase.

"Come on Ella," the boy responds through labored breaths and huffs of oxygen as he ran away from his distraught big sister.

"I just wanted to see… huff… how it works, besides you should have seen… your… face… when you caught me trying to put it back together – priceless, hahah," he cheekily responds with a large grin through labored breaths.

"ERRRGGG! Dead you hear me! You. Are. Dead!" Ella yelled

As they cut through the forest, he turns towards the lake, "Must get… to… lake," he says breathing heavily and thinking, maybe I can swim away, Ella might give up.

As he reaches the edge of the lake he looks back at his red faced sister's angry face rapidly approaching, before diving head long into the cool lake water.

As soon as he hits the water he takes in a shuttering gasp due to the shock of the lake water, before taking off with manic strokes in order to get away from his angry pursuer. He glides effortlessly through the water as he powers himself further and further from shore.

Ella stops at the edge of the lake. Her brother was less than 20 feet ahead of her on land, yet as she reaches the water's edge, he is well off shore and is gliding further and further from her reach.

Ella looks out at the water and a predatory smile, similar to one often seen on her mother, grows on her face as her blue eyes flash with glee. She yells, "That won't save you Levi! I will catch you!"

She leaps into the water and brakes into a fast front crawl as she races after her younger brother eating up the distance as she fly's through the water just like her brother.

Later at the Lake House Docks…

Sarah sits comfortable basking in the midday sun as she basks in the wonder and happiness that is her life. The smells of the barbeque and the sounds of nature permeate her senses as an involuntary smile grows on her beautiful features as the sun kisses her blonde locks.

A shadow suddenly cools the heat from the sunlight on her face and body and a familiar sent invades her senses as she smiles wider as she touches her stomach and takes a steadying breath in anticipation.

The body causing the shadow leans down and gently kisses her lips as the two melt into the kiss as their fingers dance across one other's cheeks.

Finally the kiss breaks and her blue eyes open shimmering as they meet the deep, loving brown eyes of her partner. Her smile reflects his as they both take a breath before she says, "You're blocking my sun buster!"

Chuck smiles, "I think it was worth it," as he smirks lovingly at her.

Sarah chuckles, "Well of course!"

Devon yells from the barbeque, "Awesome!"

Both Chuck and Sarah laugh and share another kiss. The kiss is cut short when the sounds of disapproving children chime in, "Yuck!" A small voice exclaims before the little boy's older sister agrees, "Yeah Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sarah! You are traumatizing the children!"

Chuck and Sarah laugh, while all four Grandparents and Ellie, who were escorting the kids back from a hike, try to hold back their mirth. Ellie fights back her humor at her adorable blond haired, blue eyed boy and precocious light brown haired and brown eyed daughter.

"Clara and William! Be nice to your Aunt and Uncle!"

Both kids sulk before brightening, "Can we go play with Levi and Ella?"

Ellie sighs and smiles, "Yes… but where are they?"

At that exact moment sounds from the lake invade the scene. Yells and splashes as Ella chases little Levi from the lake. Levi runs head long to his parents with Ella right on her heals as Chuck separates the two. He asks in a fatherly tone, "Hey, Hey, Hey! What's going on?"

Levi smirks at Ella and answers first, "Ella went nuts!"

Ella huffs and a deathly, piercing gaze is fired at her little brother. She swipes her wet blond hair, which looks a light brown from the water, out of her face and begins her case, "Levi broke my hair dryer and he MUST BE PUNISHED!"

Chuck and Sarah are about to respond when they are interrupted by hysterical laughing from behind them. All eyes turn to the source of the howling as incredulous, yet mirth filled looks are directed at the laughing fools.

Chuck smiles and asks the question, "Um… Mom? Dad? What is so funny?"

All the kids nod and ask as one, "Yeah! What's wrong with you Grandma and Grandpa?"

Mary and Stephen look at one another and each wipe a tear away before taking some deep breaths still shaking slightly. Mary starts, "Oh my dear's… (laugh)… you are so cute."

Stephen continues, "We… (haha)… just flashed back about… twenty six years!"

Mary then adds, "Chuck you did the EXACT same thing to poor Ellie's hair dryer!" Stephen then adds, but I think you were a little older… Levi must be a quick study!"

Elle and Chuck look at one another and Ellie gives him a little glare before smiling, "So Levi AND Chuck must be punished!"

Chuck gapes, "Hey what did I do?"

Ellie smirks, "Teaching my nephew bad habits!"

Ella smirks triumphantly, "YEAH!"

Levi and Chuck look down with a puppy dog look. Sarah decides to spare her boys, "Well Chuck and Levi what do you have to say for yourselves?"

Both are contrite, "We're sorry…"

Sarah smirks, "Good, tonight you will fix Ella's hair dryer and will have chores to do tomorrow."

Chuck and Levi groan, "But Mom!"

"No buts! Now go play, your cousins wanted to play in the lake. Just be careful and for the love of god try and be good!"

All the kids answer in a far too cheery and innocent way, "We will." That made Chuck shiver at the potential trouble the Bartowski-Woodcomb darlings could get into.


Chuck and Sarah sit together on a large wood tanning/reclining chair with a large colorful pillow for comfort. They sit with their hands and ankles intertwined as they smile with their eyes closed. Chuck finds Sarah's cheek and gives her a little kiss as his hand slides from her cheek down her shoulder all the way to her very swollen belly. He moves down and says in a soft voice, "And how are you and the twins enjoying the cabin?"

Sarah laughs, "They are doing fine… though they keep kicking every time you play that music!"

Chuck smiles, "Our musical nerds are just practicing their swimming, isn't that right."

Sarah scoffs and chucks, "I still can't believe I married such a nerd."

Chuck puts on a mock affronted look, "You love it! Besides… I could continue to try for Luke and Leia as their names…"

Sarah smiles while linking her fingers with his over their soon to be twins, "Don't I know it… the loving it part and again not a chance."

Chuck huffs in mock sadness, "Fine…"

Sarah then asks, "We do need to come up with names…"

Chuck sighs, "The right names will come. Remember how Ella just came to you, I mean combining Ellie and Emma's names was perfect. But Levi was something that just seemed right. I think the right names will just come… (he whispers slightly) like Luke and Leia."

Sarah huffs, but smiles at his adorableness, "Still no Chuck, I may love the Trilogy, but no."

Chuck smiles, "We will know when we find the right names."

Sarah smiles widely and pulls Chuck in. They share a kiss that is interrupted as the patter of footsteps and sloshing feet.

The four sets of eyes look at them expectantly until the adults finally pay attention. Sarah looks over at each of the kids, "Yes?"

Clara and Ella speak, "Mom/Aunt Sarah!" Then as one they continue, "Levi and Willie think that Daddy (Uncle Chuck) would beat you in a race!" Both girls say this in a scandalized tone. "We know you would win!"

Chuck laughs and Sarah gives him a glare and crosses her arms above her pregnant belly. He raises his hands and asks "What?"

Both boys cut in, "Yeah! Boys rule and Dad would totally win!" William then adds, "Yeah Uncle Chuck is totally Awesome!"

Sarah looks at the girls, "That sounds like a challenge!"

Chuck's head snaps towards his wife, "Um… darling?"

Sarah levels a gaze at him, but sweetly replies, "Yes Charles?"

Chuck cringes, Oh no not the hormonal competitive side… the kids are going to get me killed. He regains his composure, "Sweetie… you are 7 months pregnant… with twins… I don't think a race is… wise…"

Sarah huffs, "What afraid I will beat you?"

Chuck shakes his head, Don't answer that it is a trap… "I just mean it may not be safe for the kids…"

Sarah scoffs, "I checked with the doctor and I am fine… to beat your ass! Oops I mean behind." She glares at the kids who are giggling. The laughing stops as the kids immediately get the 'don't you use that word look.' "Come on Chuck help me up! We are racing!'

Chuck gulps… great


The girls including Ellie, Mary and Emma are still cheering and gloating over Sarah's impressive 'victory' racing Chuck in the lake.

The boys sit down and Willie and Levi look at Chuck confused, "How did you lose?"

"Yeah, I have seen you swim on video at school and you are so fast!"

Chuck smiles, "Well Sarah was very good in her day too."

Levi smiles proudly, but William asks, "But you were the best ever!"

Awesome comes up and pats his boy on the shoulder, "One day my boy you will learn winning isn't everything."

As William and Levi think with utterly confused expressions on their faces Stephen, Jack and Awesome lean in, "Smart move Chuck…" Jack then adds, "I love my daughter, but god help you if you had won."

Stephen smiles and shakes his head, "You can't have pride and hope to survive a pregnant woman's hormones!"

Mary yells over, "What was that!?"

Stephen stiffens, "Nothing honey!"

Chuck laughs as he walks over and flops in a deck chair. Sarah waddles over and sits on the chair and on his lap and leans into his strong chest and smiles with a little gloating look. She then sighs, "You let me win."

Chuck stiffens and tries to contemplate a way to escape, but alas his lovely and very pregnant wife has him at her mercy. He takes a deep breath, "No… you've still got it."

Sarah laughs, "Damn right I do! But I am 7 month pregnant Chuck… and not stupid. I should hurt you, but what you did was to damn sweet for me and the girls."

Chuck begins breathing again.

Sarah then adds, "But…"

Chuck cringes, "What?"

Sarah smiles mischievously, "You owe me a Bartowski foot massage and night of intense seduction."

Chuck smiles and answers, "Yes ma'am!"

He leans in and hugs her close before giving her a sweet kiss.

As the two sat together looking out at the peaceful and secluded lake they took in their kids and their niece and nephew all playing. They turned and took in Devon, Ellie, Mary, Stephen, Jack and Emma all talking animatedly.

Sarah let out a sigh as she looks over her shoulder and into Chuck's eyes, "I am so looking forward to Carina and Cole, Alex and Morgan and of course Zondra coming out tomorrow! We should tell the kids!"

Chuck laughs, "No, they would never sleep… let's make it a nice surprise."

Sarah sighs, "Your right. I love you Chuck."

Chuck smiles his special smile and kisses her forehead, "I love you Sarah."

Sarah then sighs and begins to think. God I am so happy… my life is perfect. I have the best man I could ever hope to have love me. I have two beautiful kids and soon we will have our twins to add to the family. God they may not be angels all the time, but I would kill anyone who threatened their happiness. And with Chuck by my side I know they are going to be raised right. They will be kind and honorable, just like their daddy. And the fact I have Ellie and Awesome and Clara and William in our lives – our strange but special family. I nearly screwed this all up but now… now I have everything, my folks, Chuck's folks, a family and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I am blessed…

Sarah then turns and looks into her husband's eyes and asks, "Did you ever think life could end up like this?"

Chuck smiles and whispers, "Only in my wildest dreams." He pauses and thinks, "But I thank god every day that I found you."

Sarah then fidgets, "But I almost…"

Chuck shushes her, "Sarah stop that it has been years. We were meant to be together and we never could have given up on one another. Memory loss, Spies, rabid animals – whatever! Nothing could have kept me from loving you."

A tear breaches the corner of her eyes, "God your perfect."

"No… but having the perfect woman love me… my dream girl sure helps."

Sarah slaps his chest, "Charmer!"

Chuck smiles and kisses Sarah with all the love he has surrounded by their kids and family as the sun begins to set on the lake. Neither Sarah nor Chuck could have asked for or predicted a better end to their story. But in truth, their journey was only beginning…

They Lived Happily Ever After…

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