Hey there, Mastergamer here. I've just played Asura's Wrath and now I have some many ideas going through my mind. This particular one is most prominent. This story takes place after Asura destroys Kalrow's fleet. But with a few differences: Kalrow and Wyzen are still alive and Asura was killed a third time, but with a twist. To see what happens, simply read the story.

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Episode 1: A Reaper's Sorrow


The planet is in a state of turmoil.

At least that's what Yasha thinks as he stares at the planet from the control room of his ship in space. Staring down at the planet, the deity of sorrow thinks back to what occurred five hundred years ago.

Five hundred years ago, his brother-in-law and former comrade, Asura, rose up from the dead twelve-thousand after dying at the hands of his commander and current lord, Deus.

Asura was a wild card, one that would've disrupted Deus' plans to bring peace to the world, so he had to have been dealt with. Deus had come up with a plan that could finally defeat their greatest enemies, the Gohma, and end the everlasting war they fought. But, the plan called for sacrifices.

Deus organized the murder of their former emperor and blamed it on Asura. Said demigod was enraged and tried to battle Deus, only cast of from their city and fall to earth, dying on impact. Deus, along with the remaining eight generals, including Yasha, then took control of their nation and reorganized themselves as the Seven Deities. They then started to take actions that would bring their cause to fruition, a cause that Asura would've only hindered. But it would seem that Asura was full of surprises.

After twelve millennia had pass, Asura came back to life and was looking for blood. He came across a village that was being attacked by the Gohma. Soon after, one of the seven deities, Wyzen, came to the village to kill the Gohma and purify the village. The meeting of the two demigods resulted in a battle. The fool Wyzen underestimated Asura's power and ended wasting a lot of mantra in the fight, mantra that took a long time to gather, which still wasn't enough to defeat the former general of wrath. Wyzen used what little mantra he had left to escape before he ended up dead. To say that the deity of violence was punished for his waste of mantra would be an understatement.

Seeing an opportunity to end this farce, Yasha traveled to the ruined battlefield and confronted the weakened Asura. In his current state, Asura was only able to crack Yasha's mask before being cleaved in two by said deity. Yasha hoped that Asura would stay down this time, rarely did Asura do what was expected of him.

Five hundred years later, Asura was revived a second time in a small village. Whether do to a coincidence or not, Gohma invaded the village the moment Asura appeared. The Gohma invasion caused Kalrow, another deity, to bring a purification force to kill the Gohma and purify the village. Yasha didn't know why, but Asura tried to stop the purification and destroyed the entire force, causing Kalrow to barely escape with his life. Said deity of sloth had a failsafe in case Asura came close to killing him; Kalrow outfitted his ship with a powerful mantra bomb that he had developed. After escaping his ship, Kalrow set off the bomb, with Asura still on the ship. No one could've survived the blast. Following that logic, Asura must've been no one.


Yasha stood in the ruins of the village; the bodies of the villagers lay dead on the ground, no doubt the work of the Gohma. But the deity if sorrow's gaze fell upon a single figure kneeling before him.

Asura looked as if he would keel over any moment now. Kalrow's mantra bomb sure was powerful to leave Asura in this state; Asura lost both his arms, parts of his skin were either burnt or missing, revealing the cybernetics demigods are known for underneath, orange blood flowed from wounds all over his body. Yet Asura put all of his effort into the rage filled glare he was giving to Yasha. Yasha didn't know whether to feel pity or annoyance for his former comrade. His gazed hardened when Asura stood up and belt out a loud yell.


Asura ran towards the deity with the hopes of crushing his skull under his foot. He was only a few feet from Yasha when his feet suddenly gave out on him. Asura fell face first into the ground, his energy leaving his body due to the wounds he had received. Yasha stared at the growling demigod as he contemplated whether or not to let Asura's wounds kill him or take his life himself. Looking down at Asura, Yasha decided that taking his life was more merciful than letting him bleed out like this. With his hand now covered in blue mantra, the deity raised his arm to deliver the final blow to the dying Asura.

"Maybe this time, you'll know better and stay down." without any emotion in his voice, Yasha brought his hand down to deliver the final blow—


A slight feeling of pain suddenly surfaced from his right temple. Yasha brought his hand to the side of his head. Looking down on the ground, he saw a small rock on the ground, no doubt the object that hit him. Hurried footsteps were suddenly heard, stopping in front of him. Yasha turned his head only to see…

'Mithra? What is she doing here!'

Standing there in front of the dying Asura was a young girl, a girl with Mithra's face. Yasha stared in shock at the girl, questions running rampant through his head; how did Mithra escape? What was she doing here? Why was she staring at him with so much anger? The last question made Yasha take another look at the girl; she was garbed in the clothes of a peasant, the dirt covering her body tells that she was present when the Gohma attacked and during Kalrow purification, and her eyes…

Eyes full of anger…

Anger directed at him.

'She… isn't Mithra' Yasha knew that Mithra wouldn't be happy with what he did, but the anger that the girl in front of him showed was something Mithra would never be able to muster. Taking another look, Yasha saw the girl spread her arms out in front of Asura, as if to protect him. This girl may not have been Mithra, but her apparent need to protect the dying demigod and her face shook Yasha to his core.

Both of their attention was then drawn to Asura as he let out a painful groan. The girl's face suddenly filled with worry and she kneeled besides Asura. The girl spoke to Asura, saying that he needed to save his strength, saying that he needed to rest to get better, but Yasha knew that Asura is too far gone. The girl knew this too, as she was now telling Asura to get up, to not die, all with tears in her eyes. This site nearly broke Yasha; the sight of a girl with Mithra's face crying over a dying Asura…

Mithra's face crying over a dying Asura…

Mithra… was crying over her dying father.

Yasha turned around and started to walk away; he needed to leave this village.

As he walked away, he could hear the girls cries and feel the flame that was Asura's life go out.


Thus Asura died a third time.

The moment Yasha returned to the Karma Fortress he raced to the core where Mithra was kept in her deep sleep. He didn't know whether to be relieved or not to see that she was still in stasis in her pod. Since then, Yasha kept returning to the core after every mission; always to see if Mithra was still there. Yasha also looked for the human girl that shared Mithra's face, though he wasn't sure why; the day after Asura's death, the sorrow deity returned to the village, only to find the girl and Asura's body gone. Yasha decided not to dwell on it as his attention was needed to be focused on the cause

A year has passed since that day, the operations of the seven deities continued as planned. Despite the amount of mantra Wyzen wasted five hundred years ago, the deities were nearing the amount of mantra needed to defeat the Gohma once and for all. Despite this, Yasha couldn't help the feeling of foreboding that fell upon him.

Asura came back to life twice now, who's to say that he won't come back again; Asura was always stubborn like that. Yasha still wondered what drove Asura to fight against the only solution that will end the world's suffering; did Asura want revenge against them for being framed for the emperor's death? Was he looking for retribution for Deus killing him? Did he feel like his daughter Mithra was taken from him? Was he looking to avenge the death of his wife Durg—


Yasha hasn't thought about his sister in a long time. She was the second casualty that was the result of Deus' coup d'état. During the mission to obtain Mithra, Durga was unwilling to let her go, resulting in Sergei, deity of vanity, to take her life. Yasha mourned her for a while, but believed that her life was not taken in vain, for it allowed the cause that he solemnly followed to begin. Until the Gohma were no more and peace was brought to Gaia, Yasha will have no time for emotion.

Yasha was brought out of his thoughts when one of his soldiers spoke up.

"Lord Yasha, we have detected a large concentration of Gohma heading towards a village in the west. What are your orders?" the metallic voice of the robotic soldier asked the demigod.

"How far are the Gohma from the village?" Yasha inquired.

"About sixteen kilometers."

"Set a course to intercept them. If we don't make it in time, then purify the village." Yasha ordered in a monotone voice.

"Yes sir!"

The Gohma were closing in on the village. If they made it in time, then they'll kill all the Gohma. If they were too late, then they'll purify the village.


Yasha had mixed feelings on purification; purifying a village overrun with Gohma means to destroy the village and everything in it, then collecting all the human souls and convert them into mantra, mantra that was dearly needed stop the Gohma. It wasn't perfect, but sacrificing a few now to save the many later was what Yasha followed for now. Besides, the human souls ascended to heaven the moment they were converted to mantra, so they will no doubt find peace after their deaths.

At least that what he believes

Yasha shook his head; now was not the time to be thinking about things like this, there were Gohma that needed to be eradicated.

In only a few short minutes, Yasha's flagship neared the village, but so has the Gohma. Looking at the screen in front of him, Yasha saw the energy signatures of about a small army's worth of Gohma now only five miles from the village. He sighed in sadness when he deduced that the Gohma would get to the village before them. It would seem that this situation would end in purification. Yasha turned to the crew to order purification as the Gohma were now one mile from the village.

"The village is lost, purify the village on my mark—"


Yasha was interrupted by the screen behind him. Turning to look, he saw a surprising event. All the Gohma signatures were suddenly disappearing as they were half a mile from the village. Numerous Gohma signatures disappeared from the screen at an alarming rate; by his calculations, the Gohma would be exterminated completely in the next twenty seconds. What could be doing this, what could have enough power to take down this many Gohma? No sooner had he asked himself this did a familiar name came to him.

"Asura" he whispered.

So he did come back; how many times did he have to die to learn. This has just gotten more serious. Turning around, Yasha made for the control room's exit.


"I'm going down there myself. I have a feeling about what's killing the Gohma. Stand by for my orders." Yasha instructed before leaving the room; he was looking forward to a reunion.

With his incredible speed, Yasha found himself just outside the village. He was welcomed to the sight of numerous Gohma corpses rotting out of existence. To have been able to kill this many Gohma in such a short time, Asura's strength must have increased in the last year. It was strange though; the landscape was still intact. Asura would've leveled the land fighting the Gohma, yet only the Gohma were the casualties of the battle that took place; Asura was known for a lot of things, but control wasn't one of them. Yasha was brought out of his thoughts by a loud roar.

Turning around, he beheld a Gohma Crusher a few feet from him. It raised its trunk high, as if preparing to attack. Yasha prepared to fight the giant corrupted elephant, when suddenly—


The Gohma stopped suddenly for a few seconds before…


The Gohma all of a sudden split down the middle, both haves crashing to the ground. Yasha was shocked to see this, but his attention was drawn to something else.

A few feet from him, and behind what used to be the Gohma Crusher, was a figure. The figure was garbed in a brown hooded cloak. In the figure's hand was a sword the size of its body and in the shape of a trench knife. Even with the cloak on, Yasha could tell what this figure was.

'A human! A human defeated the Gohma!' Yasha continued to stare at the figure in shock. The figure then looked to Yasha.

"You sure took your time getting here." It said.

Yasha could tell from the voice that the figure was male. For a human to wipe out a horde of Gohma; the mere thought was nonexistent. He was brought out of his thoughts when the figure spoke again.

"A demigod that wears a cracked gold mask; you must be Yasha." the figure concluded.

The demigod was weary of the human before him, as said human seemed to be studying him.

"Asura was right; you have arrogance and blindness coming off you in waves."

What! This human knows Asura? Now Yasha was really on edge.

The figure looked up as the demigod arms were bathed in a blue light. The figure merely sighed as he brought up his sword in front of him. Yasha then spoke in a threatening manner.

"Tell me where Asura is and I'll overlook the fact that you're covering for a traitor." Yasha bluffed; purification was one thing, but he would never harm a human himself. He was betting on the fact that one of the seven deities threatening him would scare the figure into cooperating. Then again, the figure fought against Gohma and came out without a scratch, so intimidation may not work.

"If you want me to tell you where Asura is, then you're going to have to beat it out of me." The figure said as he stood ready to fight.

Yasha was torn; this human knew where Asura is and was purposely keeping it secret from a deity. But at the same time he couldn't bring harm to a human. The reason he followed the cause was to save the humans from the Gohma. Yasha turned to the human; he will send his most weakest attack at the ground in front of him, hoping that would scare him to talk. Lifting up his arm, he stared at the human, his mask hiding his hesitance.

"Very well then." Was all Yasha said before swinging his arm, releasing a wave of blue mantra at the ground in front of the human. The energy wave struck the ground and created a cloud of dust, obscuring the human. He wasn't fond of using his power to intimidate humans, but this was necessary to get him to talk. He waited for the dust to settle, hoping for the human to be more cooperative.

"I told you, you're going have to beat it out of me, which means you shouldn't hold back."

Yasha was stunned to hear the human's voice behind him. Turning around, he spotted the human standing a few feet behind him; how did he move so quickly and without him noticing it? The force of the attack apparently knocked back the human's hood. Yasha got a good look at the human's face and was shocked; he was nothing more than a child, alive on Gaia for no more than seventeen years. The boy had orange hair and brown eyes, eyes that were staring seriously at him. A scowl was on the young man's face.

"It's my turn now, don't you think?" the human spoke before raising his sword and swinging it down at Yasha. Said deity brought his left arm to block the sword.


The ground under Yasha crumbled under the force from the blocked sword. Yasha was surprised to feel so much power behind the strike, from a human child no less. He jumped back a few feet and flexed his arm; it felt like the bones in his arm were in a vice when he blocked the sword. Looking back at the young human, he could feel something he didn't notice before; the human radiated power, power that was certainly not mantra. This boy was certainly human, but he was not normal. The power this young man was intense and Yasha knew that if he held back, then he would certainly be injured significantly.

The glowing blue aura of mantra around Yasha intensified, his hesitance gone. The human readied his sword as a blue aura of an unknown energy surrounded him. Whoever this human was, he will not submit easily and will surely hold nothing back.

A leaf was floating in the wind in the background. It fluttered gracefully before losing altitude. The leaf floated for few more seconds before landing. The moment it touched the ground…

Yasha and the human clashed.

To Be Continued…

Preview: Yasha does battle with a human whose power equals his own; the young human uses a form of energy that is unknown to Yasha. After, the other deities encounter humans with incredible powers while continuing to gather mantra for their cause. Who are these humans and what is their connection to Asura?

Next Time: Episode 2: The Seven Warriors

And so ends the first chapter of Wrath: The Seven Warriors. I've always wondered what would happen if Yasha were to meet the girl who looked like Mithra and vice-versa. This story takes place after (or chronically way before) my, still in the making, Avengers story (to see the premise of this yet to be made story, go to my page and look at "Mass Effect Stories"). Try to guess who the human Yasha encountered is. As for who the other warriors are, here are some hints: Fox, Dragon, Pirate, Sky Flame, Four Elements, Blacklight. Even though this is a crossover, this will be place in the regular story section, mostly because there are currently none there. So, read and review. Mastergamer, out.