"Oh. You're new."

Dean drags his eyes into focus through monumental effort. Thinking the early hour is already inspiring auditory hallucinations, he's surprised to find that there is indeed someone at the counter waiting for him to take their order. It really is too early for this; who the hell wants coffee at five thirty? Who the hell else is unfortunate enough to be up at five thirty?

"Wha'd'ya want?" Dean makes a half-hearted gesture to the menu board, scrawled out artfully in chalk by someone who was not Dean.

"House roast. Black. Large."

Dean grunts his assent and turns away to whip it up. Unfortunately for him, Dean works at a high end coffee shop—no instant here. Can't just press a few buttons and get a steaming cup that tastes exactly like the last. This is a point that Dean normally likes, the fact that he isn't just pouring hot water into instant coffee or letting a machine do the work, this is something that only a human can do, and only a few can do well. But it is five frickin' thirty in the morning, anything that requires more brainpower than breathing is to be frowned upon, coffee making included.

Begrudgingly, Dean forces himself out of his half-dozing haze and made the coffee as quickly as his sleep addled fingers will allow—without him accidentally grinding one up, that is. Once done, Dean hands over the nice ceramic mug and saucer and gets the requisite amount of money in return (exact change, must be a repeat customer; or crazy person, exact change is weird).

Then the dude, who looks more like he's just rolled out of bed than Dean (and that's saying something), lifts the cup to his lips straight away.

"Woah!" Dean's eyes widen as he wakes more in that moment than he has within the last half hour, "careful, it's hot!"

The warning goes entirely unheeded, but there are no yelps of pain or a face scrunched up in discomfort, only a small, deep whisper of 'watery' before the man turns around and find himself a seat in the empty café. Dean stares after him for much longer than proper and decides yes, this guy is crazy.