Aaaand, I'm back! Sorry for not posting a fic yesterday, I was busy wrapped in my other fic (Gearitorium) which just begged to be updated. It's kind of a multi-chaptered long-fic, hence why it took a while. The title of this fic comes from an old "goofball" I know, it's a part of one of his kooky catcphrases.

Without further delay, let us continue with our journey! As they say once an adventure begins, Bawn voyage!

Heh, puns.

Word Count: 428 words.


She stands up on one leg now, only half breaking out of her cross form. Her left leg is still crossed, and her right provided balance. With her eyes closed and both index fingers and thumbs clasped together, she resumes meditation.

He opens his right eye to take a peek, he hopes that she doesn't notice that he broke one of her assorted guidelines. As he eyes her leg structure, he frowns.

His body structure wasn't exactly built for such flexibility.

He attempts to exit out of his cross formation, but he only screws up halfway and ends up on the ground. The upper-part of his body did not compliment the lacking stature of his short legs.

In response to this failure, he throws his arms in the air in frustration, and prepares for a seldom curse until her voice calls out.

"Calm yourself, B. For frustration is not the key to this exercise. Cleanse your mind, try again, with all your energy."

He looks over to her to see how she's doing.

She's back in cross form, but her arms are now over her head.

"It's all about balance and your emotions. If you feel like you cannot do it, then you won't do it, and vice versa. Keep in mind that anger and similar emotions are vexatious to the soul, in other words, they will falter your progress."

He listens to her advice, and attempts to stand up again. As he does so, his mind seems to be doing nothing but reminding him of his failure. He tries to fight it off, but in the ensuring battle, he forgets to relieve pressure off of himself.

He falls again.

As he is about to show more signs of negativity, he remembers Dawn's words.

So instead, he shows a smile rather than a sigh.

She breaks out of form, walks over to him, and helps him get up.

"Come on, perhaps it's about time we take a break. I believe you've deserved it. With the work you've been showing and all, it's the least I can do for you." he nods, and the two collectively look around, taking in the surroundings of the area around them. As a state of awkwardness and unsureness covers them, she speaks.

"Hmm, B. I apologize for the inconvenience but, do you recall the path we took to get here?"

As the two finally make it back home that night, there is one thing above anything else that will be forever burnt into both of their minds.

"Never doubt the layout of a forest."