The Soundtrack Of My Summer
"When words fail, music speaks." A collection of Big Time Rush songfics with various ships and plots. Rated M for sexual situations, language, and other things.

Song: Blame It On September by All-Star Weekend
Ship: Camdall (Camille/Kendall) and mild Jameo (James/Jo)
Plot: Kendall and Camille have an amazing summer romance together, but when summer ends, will their relationship end as well?
Rating: T (for language and sexual innuendos)
Genre: Romance
Word count: 3,823
A/N: I'd like to dedicate this to my lovely online BFF Redeeming Red (: I know how much she loves Camdall and I wanted to write something for her, so here we go! Lol. And this is the start of my series of songfics/oneshots. I hope you all enjoy! I don't own anything.

"It's not gonna fit!"

"I'll make it fit!"

Kendall Knight rolled his eyes and put his hands up, backing away from the trunk of his girlfriend, Camille Roberts's car. With a grunt and a hard shove, Camille managed to squeeze yet another brown box inside her car. With a smug smile, she turned to Kendall, her eyes taunting him with, "I told you so"

Kendall rolled his eyes again and picked up another box. "Tell me again why you're packing now? You don't leave for another week."

"But if me and Jo don't get it done now, then we're guaranteed we'll be late going back to Connecticut." Camille explained, referring to her best friend Jo, who was going back to Berkley with her. "And once we get back there, we basically have to move back into our apartment and get ready for school."

Kendall sighed and leaned against her car. "Lot of work." he commented.

"You're telling me." Camille huffed picking up another box. She was hoisting it into the backseat when she noticed Kendall staring at her. "What?"

Kendall smiled. "Just thinking that you're as beautiful as the day I met you." he told her.

Camille smiled and put the box down, walking over to Kendall and placing a kiss on his lips. "Thank you." she said softly.

"It makes me sad you're leaving." Kendall murmured, pressing his forehead against hers.

"Me too." Camille reached down to lace their fighters together.

"This has to have been one of the best summers of my life." Kendall told her. "All thanks to you babe…"

Kendall stuck his head out the window of the tour bus, looking out at the city before him. "Hello, Minnesota." he said to himself. The bus pulled to a stop and he slid back inside, exiting it with his three band mates and best friends, James, Logan, and Carlos. The four of them hadn't been here in so long, and they were all talking about how it hadn't changed a bit since they were there. The three boys turned to Kendall, expecting him to comment on Minnesota's status on insects, but instead they noticed his attention was capture by the house across the street. More specifically, the girl walking out of the house.

She was short with long brown hair pulled into a side braid going down her shoulder and a pair of sunglasses on her face. Kendall's eyes scanned her body, from the gladiator sandals on her feet, up her long legs, to the jean shorts she wore with a lime green crop top over a black tank top. He only saw her for a few seconds before she grabbed a box from her car and vanished back inside, but he was smitten.

His friends caught on immediately to this and all smirked teasing smirks. "Have you ever had the feeling you're drawn to someone?" James sang, nudging Kendall.

"Shuddap." Kendall swatted him, not taking his eyes off of the house.

"Dude, just go talk to her." Logan advised him.

"No way." Kendall denied almost immediately. "I can't talk to cute girls- I forget my name."

She walked outside again and this time, Kendall adverted his gaze downward. "Just go!" Carlos encouraged and the four of them pushed him forward.

He stumbled over his feet and neared her and she looked up, offering him a small smile. "Hi."

"Hey." he said, running his hand through his hair. "I'm Kendall."

"Camille." she put down the box in her arms and extended her hand.

Kendall shook it, then pocketed his own. "So, you're moving in?" he asked, gesturing towards the car full of boxes.

Camille shook her head then reached up to brush a strand of hair behind her ear. Her hair was lighter than most girls' and it smelled slightly of saltwater. Summer was tangled in it; it made Kendall smile. "I'm just staying at my mom's place for a bit." she explained to him. "With my best friend." after Camille said that, a loud crash was heard from inside the house followed by an obscene shout. Camille raised her finger towards the door. "That would be Jo." she chuckled and Kendall laughed. "We go to Berkley." she added.

"Oh cool." he said, genuinely interested. "You like Connecticut?"

"Yeah, I love it." Camille gushed. "Have you ever been there?"

"A couple of times with my boys." Kendall motioned to his friends behind him who were pulling their things off the bus.

"You're in a band?" Camille asked him, impressed and a little surprised.

Kendall nodded. "Big Time Rush." he offered.

"Oh, I know you guys!" Camille exclaimed and Kendall smiled widely. "Me and Jo listen all the time! You guys have some good music."

"Thank you." Kendall said happily. "You know, we're on tour right now and this is my first time in Minnesota in a long time. Anything new that I should be aware of?"
Camille smirked. "Well every summer we have this carnival thing and tonight's the first night." she offered. "Wanna go?"

The blonde boy grinned. "It's a date." his smile fell a second later and he immediately looked flustered. "I- I don't mean a date-date, I just mean-"

"I know what you mean." Camille chuckled.

Kendall sighed, his face flushing. "So I'll come back here at, what, seven?"

"It's a date." Camille smirked at him. Kendall rolled his eyes but the smile never left his face. He couldn't believe how fast things were going but he wasn't complaining. For the rest of the day, he would never forget the way she looked at him.

The night air was cold but Kendall's plaid shirt was keeping Camille warm. As she stood out on the balcony to his hotel, her mind lingered to this past summer. Everything about it- every day, every night, every moment was perfect. She, without a doubt, had the best summer. And it was all thanks to Kendall Knight.

"Hey baby." Camille smirked. 'Speak of the devil' she thought. She felt an arm wrap around her waist and she tilted her head to the side, resting it on Kendall's shoulder.

"What's up?" he asked her.

"Just thinking." she replied.

"About me?" he teased.

Camille chuckled and wrapped her arm around Kendall's waist. "Yes." she admitted. "About the first night we hung out."

Kendall smiled fondly. "Our first date." he said.

"You were such a dork." Camille laughed.

"Hey!" Kendall said in mock offense.

"I'm only teasing." Camille told him, still smiling. "It was a great night." she added as an afterthought.

"It was." he agreed. "Even getting stuck on the top of the Ferris wheel wasn't too bad."

"You were a good kisser." Camille told him.

Kendall turned his head and smiled down at her. "You still think that?" he asked before leaning down to capture her lips in a kiss. Camille smiled when their lips made contact but it vanished when she saw a flash of light out of her peripheral. Slowly, she and Kendall pulled away and turned towards the hotel room to see Jo standing there, holding her phone.

Camille glared at her. "Really?"

"It's my God-given right as your best friend." the blonde girl replied, putting the phone down on the bed.

"I told her not to do it." James said, walking into the room, wrapping his arm around her waist. The two started going out a few weeks ago.

"You all love me so it's ok." Jo rolled her eyes. "Besides, they're cute pictures." Camille rolled her eyes this time and Kendall chuckled, throwing his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "So anyways," Jo continued. "Me and James are going out to dinner. You guys wanna double?"

"Nah, we're good." Kendall answered before Camille could consider.

James caught onto the look in Kendall's eye and smirked. "Ok, we'll be out late." he said.

"Why?" Jo asked, confused, but James just steered her towards the door to the hotel, the pair leaving the room.

Camille turned to Kendall. "Why don't you wanna go out? I'm in a soup mood!"

Kendall chuckled and walked behind her. "I'll make you some French onion soup later. But first," Kendall wrapped his arms around her waist. "You and me just need to be…" he bent down so he was whispering in her ear. "Alone."

A shiver went up Camille's spine and she turned around so she was facing Kendall, kissing him on the lips. As the kiss deepened, Camille felt Kendall push her down onto one of the bed, his hand traveling down her hips and legs…

Laughter filled the air as Kendall threw his arms around Camille's waist, picking her up and spinning her around. Waves danced at their sandy feet and splashed around them as he put her down. She took off running down the shoreline and he went after her, looks of complete glee on their faces.

It was a game they had been playing for the past hour. They would run around, screaming and laughing as if they didn't have a care in the world. He held her in his arms, not wanting to let go. He would spin her around, give her piggy back rides, chase her around. When they were out of breath, they just held hands and walked around, talking and kissing.

It was at this moment that Kendall knew he truly loved Camille.

He had feelings for her that he hadn't felt for anybody else in his life. She made him so happy, he couldn't put it into words. She was the fist thing he thought of when he woke up, and the last thing he thought about when he was going to sleep. He would never do anything to hurt her and he knew she wouldn't hurt him. Of course it was too soon to tell her this- they'd only been together not even a month. Even he thought it was too soon to have these feelings and he knew for a fact that she didn't feel the same way, but there was no denying it.

He loved Camille.

Kendall threw his arm around the waist of the girl he loved, kissing her cheek. "You're so pretty." he said to her.

"Thank you." she replied gratefully. "You're so sweet."

"It's not sweetness if I'm being honest." he told her.

"Oh stop." she giggled.

"Nope!" Kendall tightened his grip around her and dropped down onto the sand, her landing on top of him. He then rolled over so he was laying on her. "You're gorgeous." he kissed her lips, then pulled away. "You're amazing." he gave her another kiss, then pulled away again. "And I think you rock."

Camille smiled broadly. "Thank you." she said again. "You rock too baby."
Kendall grinned and rolled off of her, grabbing her hand and laying on his back like she was. He wanted to pretend that this summer wasn't going to end but as he watched the waves wash away the heat the drew in the sad, he knew that it would be over soon.

"What's your middle initial?" Camille asked him, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was sitting up now.

"Not telling." he laughed.

"C'mon, please?" she asked with a smile.

"You'll laugh." he insisted.

"I promise I won't." she swore and the blonde boy sighed.

"D." he said. "For Donald." Camille snickered and looked down, her hand covering her mouth. "You promised you wouldn't laugh." Kendall reminded her.

"I'm not." she mumbled, her hand still covering her mouth. When she calmed down she grabbed a stick in the sand and wrote KDK + CAR and drew a heart around it.

"I love it." he said with a smile, then kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arm around him as he took out his cell phone to take of picture of her art.

"Hey guys!" Camille and Kendall turned around to see Logan standing a couple of feet behind them. "C'mon, we're gonna star the movie!"

"Coming!" Kendall held Camille's hand as the two stood up and walked the way back up to the hotel, where Kendall and his friends were staying for the tour, and once they entered the boys' suite, the collapsed onto the couch next to Jo and James. Bowls of popcorn were scattered from the floor to the table in front of the couch, along with cans of soda. The TV showed the menu screen for their movie choice for this evening- Scream. Logan was lounging in an arm chair, remote in hand, and Carlos was seated on the floor. "Ready?" Logan asked them. When he received five distinctive approvals to start the movie- "yes", "uh-huh", "word", "yeah", "mhm"- he pressed PLAY and dropped the remote on the table.

After the opening scene had ended, Jo and Camille were huddled in their boyfriend's arms, faces buried in their chests. Logan thought it would humorous to sneak behind the couch and scare them, shouting loudly while poking them in the back. Everybody in the room either screamed or jumped (or both) and popcorn went flying. Their comments, such as "you're a dick" and "you're cleaning this up", went almost unheard over Logan's laugher. "That was priceless." he chuckled

"My foot in your ass- that'd be priceless." Camille told him and Logan laughed some more.

"I'm gonna make some more popcorn." Kendall offered and got up from the couch.

"I'll get some sodas." Camille added, and followed her boyfriend into the kitchen.

"I don't know guys; should we trust them alone?" James teased.

"Kitchen quickie, anyone?" Jo joked.

"Get bent." Kendall called to them, picking up a new bag of popcorn from the counter. Camille passed him on her way to the fridge and he grabbed her waist, spinning her around and propping her up on the countertop. "You know, we have at least two minutes before the popcorn's done." the blonde smirked. "Wanna make the most of it?"

Camille's smirk matched his. "You read my mind." and without another word, she attached her lips to his, kissing him. The kiss turned into a make out, which turned into lip biting and tongue battling. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he placed his hands on hers. Their kiss was interrupted by their friends' cat calls and teasing remarks.

"Just don't burn the popcorn!" Carlos told them. Kendall replied by sticking up his middle finger to his friends and resuming his kiss with Camille.

"So, I've been watching a lot of Harry Potter lately-"

"You sound like Logan."

Kendall rolled his eyes and pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up, currently sitting outside on the beach, his laptop in his lap and his Skype up. Camille was doing the same at her house, using Jo's laptop and she was seated on the front step, wearing Kendall's plaid shirt and his beanie. It was their last night together, Camille went back to Connecticut in the morning, and while they spent the entire day together, they couldn't bare to be apart now. Hence the reason they were outside on this cold, September night at one in the morning.

Kendall was regretting September's appearance. August went by too fast and the summer was ending. "Anyway," he continued, trying to pretend that this wasn't their last night together, but was failing. "I was watching Prisoner of Azkaban and I've decided that I'm going to get a time turner and go all the way back to July."

"I like that idea." Camille said with a sad smile. "I'd love to relive this whole summer over and over again."

"Same here." Kendall watched as she tugged on his beanie. "You look great in that by the way, he told her."

"Glad you think so, because you're not getting it back." Camille teased.

Kendall chuckled. "I don't mind. I want you to have it… something to remember me by."

Camille looked at him, nothing but sincerity in her eyes. "Kendall, I could never forget you." she said softly.

Kendall's heart was swelling. "Same here." he whispered.

The two of them talked for a few more hours until Camille started to nod off and Kendall insisted she went to bed. But even after she hung up, he sat there, missing her before she was actually gone…

"That's the last of them." Jo sighed, putting the last of her and Camille's boxes in Camille's car. She shut the door and threw her arms around James one final time, burying her face in his chest. He constricted his arms around her, rubbing her back. They stood there like that for a moment before pulling away and James held open the door for her and she got inside. "You ready, Cam?" she called to Camille, who was standing at the end of the driveway, hugging Kendall.

"Y-yeah." Camille's reply was muffled, as he face was pressed against Kendall's shoulder. She pulled away and looked at him. "I gotta go." she said softly.

Kendall swallowed the lump in his throat. "I know."

Camille barely nodded and picked up her bag, slinging it over her shoulder and walking to her car. She got in the driver's seat and, as she was getting ready to back out, she looked into the rearview mirror and watched Kendall for a moment before exiting her driveway and driving away.

The car ride was quiet for a moment before Jo decided to turn the radio on and fill the void. "And I miss you, been far away for far too long-" Jo quickly shut the radio off. "Screw you, Nickelback." she muttered, then sighed and turned to Camille. "You alright?" Camille shrugged, not taking her eyes off of the road. "I know you're gonna miss him." Jo said. "But you guys will talk and keep in contact-"

"We had sex!" Camille blurted out.

Jo's jaw dropped. "You had sex? When, last night?"

"No, a few days before… that night you and James wanted us to go to dinner with you guys but we stayed home." Camille awkwardly motioned with her hand. "That's when…yeah."

Jo was still gaping like a fish out of water. "Ok, um… wow." she was clearly at a loss for words. "You lost you…yeah, wow."

Camille smiled a bit. "It was pretty wow."

Jo blinked then shook her head. "So, what brought this- why did you say something now?" she asked.

"Because I was thinking about him and I remembered his promise…"

Camille was panting, sweat pooling from her face and her eyes pinched shut as she tried to regain her breath. Kendall wrapped an arm around her, his shirtless body pressing up against hers, their body heat coming together. "You ok, baby?" he murmured, kissing her cheek.

She nodded. "That was incredible." she told him.

"Yeah, it was." he smiled. "Who knew you'd be so rough your first time?" she chuckled and he kissed her cheek again. "I love you." he said softly.

Her breath hitched in her throat. "I love you too." she whispered.

He smiled wider and nestled closer to her. "I wish this summer would last forever."

"Forever's a long time." she warned him.

"Not long enough." he replied. He tightened his grip around her. "Camille, I promise you… after this summer ends, I'm going to wait for you for forever." he whispered.

She felt tears stinging at her eyes but they were strictly from happiness. "I believe you." she whispered in reply. "I'll wait for you too. You have my heart now."

Camille was crying now and Jo had her pull the car over to the side of the road. "What if he forgets me though?" she choked out through her tears and Jo hugged her tightly. "What-what if he meets somebody else and falls in love with her?"

"He won't." Jo said firmly. "I know he won't. He loves you Camille, and you love him. I know you guys are gonna make this work." she opened her mouth to say more but her phone vibrated in her pocket. Discretely, she pulled it out and read the message sent to her. "We'll continue his conversation on our way back to your house." she told Camille, breaking their embrace.

"Why?" Camille sniffled, wiping her eyes.

"Because I just remembered I left a box in the kitchen, and we gotta go get it." Jo said.

"Nice going Joey." Camille rolled her eyes but turned the car around and headed back to her house. The whole ride home, the two girls talked about Kendall and Camille, and what was going to come of the two of them. When Camille reached her house again, she stopped in mid-sentence, staring at her front yard. Lights were hung up all around her house, illuminating the tour bus parked in her yard. Camille stepped out of her car, staring as Kendall was playing his guitar, Carlos was playing the drums, and James and Logan were holding microphones.

Kendall was on the ground, standing in front of the bus. He held a microphone in his hand, locking eyes with Camille and he started to sing. "We can try to hold on, but August is gone." he sang softly then everything picked up tempo. "Blame it on September, cause it hurts to remember." he sang, putting all of his heart into the lyrics. "We can fight to hold on but August is gone." Jo pushed Camille closer to Kendall, silently encouraging her to go up to him. Kendall smirked at her. "When the sun falls, I hope we don't lose it all, cause no summer lasts forever. Lets blame it on September, blame it on September." Kendall pulled the microphone out of its stand and walked up to Camille until they were just inches apart. "I can still see you standing there, summer tangled in your hair." he sang to her softly, then leaned forward, kissing her passionately on the lips. She wrapped his arms around his neck and held onto him tightly. When the two pulled away, they were both smiling widely.

"Don't forget me." she whispered to him.

He reached down for her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Never." he swore. "I won't break my promise. I love you baby."

She smiled even more at that. "I love you too."

The two bid their final goodbyes and Camille got back into her car, driving away. She was going to Connecticut and Kendall was going to continue his tour. Their story had started in July but even though September had come to an end, their story wouldn't.