Chapter one: The Crash

(Note before you read this, yes I know this is probably improbable if not impossible but all I needed was for lexie to just live and that didn't happen so im going to write this and embed it in my brain so that I can at least believe that it is so. I don't care about all the haters telling me im overreacting. Lexie was my favorite character and slexie is my number one ship for a couple out of like any tv show and now both of those are over so im upset. I honestly don't give a shit if any of this cant be possible im saving lexie so no one judge me! ) also I've extended lexie's so called death scene and added more emotion and more that should be there because shonda did not even do that scene right! I don't care what people say. I mean Meredith didn't even say anything to her. She just ran off to find Derek. That was harsh.

"Mark," Lexie said.

"Cristina's gonna be back any minute," Mark ignored her.

"Mark," She repeated.

"She's gonna be back and we're going to get you stabilized. You're gonna be fine, okay?" He informed with certainty.

"Nuh...No Mark,"

"In just a few minutes, okay?" He assured and then turned his head around to see if she was back yet. "She's coming back any minute,"

"Mark...I'm…I'm dying," Lexie told him. The words shocking Mark.

Lexie's breath started to quicken as Mark turned his head back to her, his face was fixed into a look of surprise and confusion. "What? No you're not," He quickly put out.
"Mhm," Lexie confirmed. Her chest heaved from the pain. "I am. Puh…Puh…Please," She began, but the shortness of breath and pain made it hard for her to speak. It also didn't help that she'd begun to cry. "Tell Meredith…That I love her…And that…She was a good… Sister….And Please…Tell my dad,"

"You're not dying. You're going to be fine," Mark said in a sweet and gentle sounding voice in his oblivion, unable to except the probable fact.

But Lexie didn't look convinced. She moved her shaking hand slowly, closer to Mark. "Hold my hand,"

Mark looked down at her hand that was opened wide, waiting for him. He gave it a funny look at them and then pulled his own hands back and say, "I'm not holding your hand because you're not dying."

But Lexie still knew that he was wrong. She was dying. She didn't know when it would happen but she feared she didn't have much time left, so If she was going to die she wanted to hold Mark one last time.

"Hold my…Hand," She repeated waving it closer to him while her eyes glanced down. Tears dripped down her eyes. The position she was in made it even harder for her to see because the tears would pool in her eyes.

"No..You're not dying. Do you hear me? You don't die today," Mark stated confidently with a serious face as he stared into the scared eyes of the woman he loved. He then stood up from where he was laying down next to Lexie.

Lexie watched as he did so and her eyes rolled over and closed form the worry and fear she felt for Mark. As he clutched the plane and tried to lift it Lexie could hear his screams of pain. Those hurt almost more than the pain she felt from being trapped underneath the darned thing.

The pain griped Mark the worst this time. It knocked the breath right out of him and he nearly toppled over. He stood for a moment leaning against the scrap metal, trying to regain his breath and let his heart stop racing so fast and then as he lost all hope he unsteadily laid back down next to Lexie and picked up her hand, squeezing it tightly between his as the tears began to flow again….For both of them.

"I love you," Mark stated to Lexie with emotion.

Lexie began to shake her head as she replied, "You don't have to say it…Just because I… Said it,"

"I do…I love you. I love you. I have always been in love with you. I will always be in love with you," Mark cried with certainty.

Those words made Lexie smile, "Yeah?" Her voice lightened as she asked.

"Yeah," Mark assured, and tightened his grip on her hand even more, "Which is why you have to stay alive. We…we….We're gonna get married." He shouted out, his face lifting from the dreary look he'd had on. Lexie's eyes had started to glaze over but as she heard this her heart almost dropped and her face froe in shock.

"And you're gonna be an amazing surgeon," He predicted. She gave a large smile at this. "And we're going to have two or three kids,"

"So…Sofia can…Have…Siblings," Lexie spoke her words spaced far apart from her breathlessness.

"Yeah," Mark smiled back with her, "A sister and two brothers,"

"What are their names?" Lexie asked him.

Mark took a minute to think and then started to tell her, "Well for a girl and two boys…Um Janey, she's our oldest. She…She takes after her mom…She looks just like you. She has the same beautiful and long brown hair and those eyes of yours. And of course your smile. And she's just as sweet as you. She wants to be like her parents but instead of healing humans she wants to be a vet. And her favorite animal; she loves horses. And I mean loves. Her whole room is themed off of them and all she ever wants for her birthday is a pony."

"I always wanted a pony too. We really are alike then," Lexie spoke up in an almost delirious way as she rested with her eyes closed for a few seconds but continued to listen to every words Mark said.

"Yeah. And our boys. Mark Jr is the second oldest. He's more like his Daddy. And he's always modeling himself after me. He's got more of my features too. My blonde hair and blue eyes. He's kind of the outlier in the family because he's the only one that looks like me, our youngest…Uh…Caleb, he's more like you too. He has your brown eyes and hair and your little button nose. Mark Jr is very protective of the whole family. He always tries to wait up at night so that he can see both of us before he goes to sleep but he gets too tired sometimes on our late nights at the hospital. He plays tough guy… But at heart he's just a big softy."

"Just like his Dad," Lexie cut in and opened her eyes to see Mark's reaction.

"Yeah. Just like his Dad," Mark realized and agreed. "Now for our youngest…Caleb I think I said. He's the most adorable little boy that you ever did see. He's got that little boy voice that just makes you wanna laugh when he talks. And he's got big puffy cheeks and a little bowl cut for his hair. He's more on the sensitive side. He's always getting mad at Mark Jr whenever he tries to rough house him. He's got a bad thumb sucking habit too. We try to keep him from doing it but he gets fussy whenever we try to stop him. And another bad habit he has is sleeping in the bed with us. He gets nightmares and so we let him stay with us because he's just so cute that we can't resist." Mark took a pause and they both stared lovingly at eachother. "We got a cozy house just down the street from Callie and Arizona and Sofia so our kids can see their big sis all the time. And Meredith and Derek are just a few miles away so they can see their cousin Zola too."

"Landon," Lexie pushed out, "That's…The name…My…Parents ha..ha…ad…p… picked out for me because they… weren't sure if I'd be a boy or a girl because they wanted it to be… a… surprise. So it was Alexandra for a girl and Landon for a boy….But my Da..Dad was…Sssss…So….Sure…That I'd be a boy. He told me when I was about six about that and so I'd run around the house screaming "I'm Landon" over and over again because I knew how much he wanted a son and I felt bad that he never got one. So…If he…Were to have… A Grandson. I think he'd like it if we named him…Landon." Lexie fought to speak. Her breaths felt like they were exploded in her throat. Her chest heaved up and down and made it even harder to articulate. This was what death felt like.

"Mark Junior, Janey and Landon it is then," Mark confirmed.

"That's nice," She smiled with joy and laughed, but then she couldn't catch her breath and started to wheeze.

"We're going to be happy Lex. You and me. We're going to have the best life Lexie, you and me. We're going to be so happy. So you can't die okay? Cause we're supposed to end up together….We're meant to be," Mark shook his head as he whispered his words to Lexie.

"Meant to be… " Lexie said with assurance and smiled. [ sidebar thought: (LOL BUT F U SHONDA COS SHE DOESN'T DIE IN MY WORLD)] Her eyes slowly started to close. Mark watched and cried, but as he looked all around the tiny space she was trapped in he noticed something. Maybe he was getting at this all wrong? He can't physically lift the entire plane off of Lexie but if he Meredith and Yang all worked together could they possibly get her free somehow?

"Lexie. Wait. Answer me." Mark lightly tapped her pale skinned cheek to awake her.

"Wha?" She said drowsily.

"Tell me something. Your legs, can you move them at all?" He inquired anxiously.

Lexie focused very hard and then answered, "Yeah. A little. I can wiggle them a bit."

"That's good! That means the plane isn't crushing your legs!" Mark exclaimed.

"How…DO…You…Figure?" She choked on a lumped in her throat as she asked.

"It means the plane isn't resting completely on your legs. There might be enough space for us to wiggle you out if Cristina and Meredith lift the plane just a little. This could work. Lexie, we're gonna get you out. Just hold on!" Mark yelled over excitedly. Then he screamed as loud as he could for Cristina and Meredith to come.

End of chapter one. LEXIE AND MARK LIVE.