Sorry for how short the last chapter was, I just wanted to get something out before the end of the summer. This chapters a long one just for all my followers! So sorry to keep you all waiting. Hope you enjoy all the drama.


Mark was discharged a day prior and was feeling on top of the world. Lexie wasn't quite back to her normal self, but she was slowly getting there. Mark truly believed it. She still slept most of the day and hadn't gotten out of bed yet, but Mark had high hopes that she'd make a full recovery.

On the day of his release, Callie drove him to his apartment during her lunch break. Once inside, Mark wandered around as if he were inside a Smithsonian museum, and not his small living quarters. He soaked everything back in. It felt like an eternity since he'd been home.

Mark sat down on the sofa and bounced his daughter on his knee while making baby talk. She'd gotten so big already. She'd be walking soon enough. Callie talked in the background, but Mark was so preoccupied with his little girl that he could barely pay attention to his friend.

"Mark, you listening?" Callie hollered for his attention, "I've gotta go back soon so I'm gonna drop you off at Derek and meredith's. I don't want you here alone."

"Why? I've lived here alone for quite some time now." He retorted.

"Mark, you just got out of the hospital. You're still sick. I don't want anything to happen to you or Sofia. You can have a little play date with Zola for the day."

"Fine," Mark gave in easily. He was in too good of a mood to complain. He had a beautiful baby bouncing on his knee, his ring was on the most perfect woman in the world's finger, he was healing up nicely. It was as if his heart was new.

"When can I drive again?" Mark asked, without facing his friend.

Callie stopped what she was doing and snickered, "Certainly not tomorrow. And you need groceries. I was going to stock your house while you were still in the hospital but I've had my hands full lately."

"I'll just get Derek to take me. I'll buy for your place to. Just leave me a list." Mark answered/ He then set Sofia down.

Mark walked over to his friend with a painfully large grin. Ever since Arizona's amputation, Callie's life had been a living hell. The bags under her eyes were ridiculous. She probably hadn't had a full night's sleep since the crash.

"Why you so happy?" Callie asked with disgust.

"I'm alive, I guess." Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"I wish Arizona was that happy to be alive." Callie pouted.

"She'll come around. She'll get a prosthetic and get back to work. You'll see." Mark hugged her tight.

"I hope so," Callie muttered from under his arms.

In the morning, Derek and Mark joined eachother, along with the kiddos, for a shopping trip. Both of them pushed large carts prepared to be filled to the brim with house supplies and food.

"You sure you should be pushing that?" Derek asked.

"Yeah I'm good. Cardio workout," Mark answered.

Derek's cart had both Sofia and Zola in it, since he was strong enough to push heavier weight.

"How's your hand though?" Mark then asked. The air between he and his friend felt awkward for some reason.

"Good. Real good," Derek informed while flexing the casted arm.

"Was there something you wanted to talk about Mark?" Derek detected.

"It's…It's just that. I'm worried. About me and lexie. You and Meredith are happy. How do you get that? I'm always knocking Lexie down. I don't want her to ever be hurt again." Mark spoke out.

"She's not recovering like you'd hoped?"

Mark shook his head in disappointment, "She barely even opens her eyes. She hasn't gotten out of bed yet. It's been five days since she woke up. I'm scared out of my mind now, Derek.

"Her body took a beating worse than any of us. She was crushed under a plane and she's still alive. If that didn't kill her, I don't think anything can." Derek admitted.

"She's tough, but she's not indestructible. That's Meredith and Yang," Mark announced.

Derek hung his head back in laughter, "They must be the Sanderson Sisters. Feeding off of the souls of young children. You'd better watch out Zola," Derek made a funny face to his daughter, who giggled back at her daddy.

"After this I think I need to go back and see her." Mark broke away from the conversation to admit.

"Mark it's been one day. I'm sure she's fine. Maybe she just needs non-interrupted rest. I'm a brain surgeon, my advice counts ya know." Derek fired back.

"I don't want her to be alone."

"Fine by me. I'll have Meredith watch the girls. Geez what are we without surgery. We've turned into housewives and I'm not even a woman." Derek continued to joke.

Derek dropped Mark off at the hospital at a quarter to one. He walked through the hallways like a changed man. Everyone could tell. He was no longer Mark the Womanizer. Mark entered Lexie's quiet room and set his bottle of water down. Lexie's eyes slowly opened. She felt groggy, her mouth was terribly dry. She looked up to examine the sound. Her eyes squinted a bit as she analyzed the face in front of her and then she murmured, "Duh…Doctor Sloan?"

"Doctor Grey?" Mark gave a confused grin and chuckle.

"It's a pleasure. You're a magnificent surgeon, Sir. I watch your work from the gallery all the time."

"What kind of game is this?" Mark said with extreme confusion, but kept smiling as he sat down next to her.

"Game? I'm…I'm an intern this year. I just moved back to Seattle actually. Um, I don't think we've formally met. It's Lexie. Though you probably just know me as Meredith's half sister." Lexie held her hand out for him to shake. Mark couldn't return the handshake though.

Mark now had concern in his eyes, "Lexie…Are you alright?"

"Fine. Just a twisted ankle. My doctor took my x-rays. I should be discharged any minute." Lexie answered.

This struck Mark as extremely odd, yet familiar. He though back to he and Lexie's first time. They'd spent hours talking afterwards. Stayed up all night in fact. She'd told him one story about how she hurt her ankle during her first year as an intern.

"Lexie, do you not remember your real accident?" Mark questioned.

"My accident? Yeah, I slipped down by the…."

"No you were in a different accident Lexie. You were in a plane crash." Mark told her the truth.

"A what!" Lexie's eyes widened, "No. I was just.." Lexie thrashed a bit and then went dead silent. "Why can't I feel my legs?" She asked.

Mark looked away a moment and then spit out the reason, "You're paralyzed. You're legs were crushed in the accident."

"No. I fell. That's it! I'm an intern. I just moved back. I'm 24 years…"

"Lexie…You're almost 29."Mark cut in. He handed her a mirror so she could see the evidence. She reluctantly accepted the mirror and then let out a startled gasp as she saw her aged reflection.

"This can't be possible!" Lexie examined her face. That was when Lexie noticed the giant stud on her finger.

"What's this?" She held her hand closer.

"That's another thing. The reason I'm here Lex is because….We're together." Mark forced out his words, choking on the lump in his throat.

"I! I wouldn't date my attending! How did this happen to me! This is to much to process." Lexie rubbed her temples.

"Here, drink this," Mark poured her a cup of water. She chugged it down and then gasped for air. Before she couldn't even catch her breath, she rapidly fired out more thoughts.

"The last I remember, I was moving in with George and as we were bringing in boxes my foot got caught in a sidewalk crack and I fell funny. He drove me to the ER. He just left for a second to find the doctor." Lexie tried to explain herself.

"Lexie….That all happened a long time ago." Mark tried to explain.

"NO. No. Where is George? I want to talk to George. He'll tell you." Lexie begin shouting in anger and confusion. Tears were streaming down her face now.

"I'm. I'm sorry Lexie but George. He….he died a while ago. You were there for that." Mark admitted the past.

"What?" Lexie looked straight at him, crushed by the news.

Mark tried to talk again but Lexie just said no and looked away. She began to violently cry. Mark got up and walked to the other side. He tried to touch Lexie, but she refused him and began thrashing back and forth, shouting for him to go away. Her monitors beeped furiously. This alarmed the doctors outside. Bailey came running in.

"Lexie? Is she?" Bailey entered to see lexie violently thrashing a Mark tried to control her.

"What happened Mark?" Bailey yelled above Lexie, as she pushed her way up to him.

"I don't know! She doesn't remember the crash. She thinks she's an intern again." Mark yelled back to inform her.

"WHAT!" Bailey shouted in disbelief, "We're going to sedate you now Ms. Grey." Bailey said directly at her face.

Lexie thrashed so hard that her legs began to bleed through the gauze strips. She was now moaning from the pain. Bailey gave her the sedation drugs and Lexie slowly began to fade out until finally she unconscious again.

"Mark, would you please explain to me what happened here?" Bailey sassed.

"She just woke up and started talking to me. She didn't know we were engaged, she didn't know she was a resident, she thought she'd twisted her ankle. Her memory reset all the way back to when she lived with George. I had to tell her that he was dead and that's when she freaked out like that." Mark rapidly explained, still stunned.

"Oh Dear Lord. I'll call Shepherd. He can at least give us an opinion. If we don't sort things out, I'll book another MRI." Bailey answered in a lighter tone and then left the room to dial Derek's number on her pager.