Zoro blocked Mai's compressed projectile with his own. He had to admit, this girl was a lot tougher than she looked, and she looked only a few years younger than him. He hardly needed to use all three of his swords, but in order to end this quickly, he didn't have a choice. If it weren't for his training with Mihawk, he would say they could be on the same level. But he's stronger now.

"Kokujo: O Tastumaki!"

Using all three of his katanas, Zoro created a large gust of wind. Mai tried her best to block the wind with her sword. The size of the wind made it difficult to break through, but she managed somehow. When the wind finally disappeared, Zoro had completely disappeared from her view. She searched around for him until he reappeared behind her with the handle of his katana facing her left side.

"I can read you perfectly."

Mai cried out when Zoro jabbed the handle of his sword to her side. The force of it was more powerful than usual. This must be what her father explained as haki. She had only ever seen her father use it. She's seen Ryu use it a little, but its not as powerful. Sega told her once that she has haki hiding inside of her, but she could never unleash it.

Mai feel to the floor while clutching her side.

"I expected more," said Zoro albeit bitterly.


"SEGA!" Luffy didn't move an inch when he arrived on the designated ship and found it to be empty of soldiers. His anger rose when he saw Nami laying on the deck with an arm stretched out. She was crying out in pain and she was shaking like crazy. "Nami! O-Oi, what's wrong?"

"Get back, Luffy! Its a trap!" Nami yelled desperately. Right now, it was only Nami out on the deck. Other than the soldiers being gone, Sega was gone as well. Luffy desperately wanted to run over to her and help her. She was wearing their uniform and she looked panicked. She was hiding something. She was shaking like crazy and he didn't know why.

"Nami..." His navigator had bruises in every visible part of her body. That was when he remembered the announcement Sega made back when they all still separated. That cry from Nami came from Sega beating her.

"Nami, where is he?" Luffy asked harshly. Nami looked away as she tried to avoid the pain. As much as she wanted to tell him, what if she says anything? Will he shoot her on the spot? She couldn't risk Luffy or herself getting hurt. They were right out in the open for them to see.

Luffy's eyes widened. In a swift movement, Luffy dodged five daggers aimed at him from behind. He gritted his teeth. Before the daggers got any further, Luffy grabbed all five. He spun around fast and threw them at the direction they came from. From the forest, three Marine soldiers fell from the trees.

"COME OUT HERE, SEGA!" Next, cannonballs came flying in from different sections of the shore.

"Gomu Gomu no Fuusen!"

Luffy inflated himself, catching all the cannonballs aimed for him. Using a new technique he learned from Rayleigh, Luffy shot all the cannonballs in the direction he wanted them to go. Cries were heard when the cannonballs exploded in the forest. Luffy could see some of the soldiers jumping into the ocean just to get away from the new forest fire caused by the explosion.


Luffy spun around, nearly missing a dagger aimed for his head. He growled when blood seeped out of his new cut on his cheek. He saw a new person on board, and he was standing right in front of Nami. Luffy gritted his teeth when he saw the devilish smirk on his face.


"I never expected your haki to have improved this much. You might be a bigger problem than I thought."

"Heh, you're nothing compared to me. Now, move!"

Luffy surged forward, in hopes of getting Nami to Chopper before his fight started. Right now, Nami is his first priority. Seeing her hurt and beaten like this is something he can never forgive.

"R.. Remote," muttered Nami. As much as she wanted Luffy to take her away from here, that remote is causing her to act like this. She couldn't move on her own free will and she was in pain in every part of her body.

Luffy jumped back and landed on his hands when Sega turned his arm into a cloud and stretched it up to punch him. Luffy tried to kick it with his foot, but his arm completely dissolved.

"Tch." Sega's power is somewhat similar to Smoker's power, but clouds are based off of water and air, not heat. He can reappear and disappear parts of his body anywhere on his own free will. Luffy had to remember that.

As the fight between the them started, Nami tried desperately to get the ring off of her wrist. It was sealed tight and the only way of getting it off was through the remote in Sega's pocket. If she could move, she could easily sneak over and take it easily with him distracted and all.

"Nami! Get out of here!" Luffy yelled. He gritted his teeth when Sega landed a blow to his head from behind. He had no idea how much she wanted to get away from this place. All she could think about was the pain.

Luffy shouted as he kicked his opponent in the gut using haki. Holding in the new pain in his gut, Sega pushed his leg away and raised his head to kick him in the head. Luffy fell back on his hands and pushed up to kick him in the face. Sega ducked and tried kicking his hands to knock him off his balance, but Luffy read him too easily.

"Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun!"

With his quick pace, Luffy started punching Sega in all sorts of different areas. Unfortunately, Sega was quick with his pace as well. He missed every punch a second before it would reach him. Luffy growled and retreated his arms, extending one out and pumping his blood.

"Gear Second!"

Luffy disappeared leaving Sega with his curiosity. He smirked and took a step to the side when a fist nearly punched him from above.

"Jet Pistol!"

Sega furrowed his brows. There was a hole on the ship due to the fist. The arm was dark blue and steam was coming from it. He looked up and inhaled sharply when Luffy came crashing down, bringing Sega down onto the lower deck with him.

Nami was lifted an inch off the deck. She gripped her side when she landed back on the deck. While clenching her teeth, she slowly looked up and saw smoke coming out of a new hole on the ground. She looked back down at her ring. This thing is going to kill her if she doesn't act quickly.

Luffy lifted some ruble off of him and looked around him frantically. When there was no sign of Sega, Luffy stretched his arms and grabbed the deck from above. Just when he was about to rocket himself out, Sega grabbed a hold of him by wrapping his arm around his neck. Luffy was caught off guard and accidentally rocketed the both of them out. Rather than a small toss in the air, Luffy accidentally threw them high in the air and towards the island.

"Get off of me!" yelled Luffy. Sega used a haki enforced fist to punch him in the gut. A cloudy fist appeared from behind him and punch him from behind as well. Luffy coughed up blood, but he gritted his teeth to hold himself together. Luffy crash landed deep in the jungle away from the ships. Sega turned into one large cloud before he landed. He flew up to a high branch where he could catch his breath.

"Damn.." Sega removed his coat, revealing a large gash on his left bicep. He ripped out a long strand of his coat and tied it around that bicep. He leaned back on the tree and tried to catch his breath. He looked at the sky and saw a large cloud of smoke coming from the base. All his men left behind are probably dead. All the information he gathered the past years, gone. Everything leading up to now is ruined, all thanks to the one thing he's working so hard to destroy. But that doesn't end here. Just like Fleet Admiral Akainu, he believes in absolute justice. There is no way he is going to die now while the Straw Hats are still alive.

Sega's anger has risen. All his men, all the work his put up with until now, ruined. This goes to show just how much of a threat the Straw Hats will be as they continue on with their journey. He has to end that now.

Luffy took one huge deep breath. His Gear Second started to wear off as he calmed down. He felt the area Sega punched him in. He flinched when he touched it. He looked down and saw a purple bruise in that area. He brushed it off and lifted himself up and supported his weight with his arms. He smiled in relief when he saw the river not too far.

He slowly got to his feet by using a nearby tree for support. He had to get back to the ship. Something was wrong with Nami and he has to get her to Chopper immediately. He took one step and an explosion went off just next to him. Luffy was blown off his feet. When he was about to land, he sensed another bomb hidden around that area. He stretched his arm up onto a branch and pulled himself up.

Sega turned towards the direction where an explosion just went off. It wasn't far, and a large cloud of smoke was coming from that area. Turning his lower half of his body into cloud, Sega flew up high above the trees. Another explosion went off in that same area. And another, and another. He furrowed his brows as he lowered himself down closer to the jungle.

Luffy was finally able to catch his breath when the smoke finally cleared. Aside from the waves and the burning building, it was somewhat quiet. He clenched his teeth when he sensed something coming from behind the tree he was on. He quickly jumped out of the way when a stampede of animals came crashing in. Luffy skidded on his feet until he finally slowed to a stop. His eyes widened when he saw how large and viscous these animals were. They looked a lot worse than the ones in Rusukaina.

The Straw Hat captain shielded his face when an explosion went off coming from where some of the animals stood. He felt the ground shake as the largest animals stomped on the ground, and when they did, more explosions went off. Luffy could hardly see with all the smoke in the area. He was knocked out of his feet when a gorilla punched him from behind. Birds scratched him as they flew by. He flinched when he heard a lion's roar coming from right next to him. He screamed out when he felt large jaws biting his right forearm.

"Damn it!" Luffy used his arm to punch the lion off of him. He stretched himself onto a high branch. He leaned back on the tree as he tried to catch his breath. He looked down at his arm and clenched his teeth. Blood was seeping out of the new holes of his wound. He looked up towards the sky and saw a cloud of smoke floating above a tree not far away. He had to get out of here. He's going to get killed if these animals are just going to get in his way. Moreover, Nami is still on the ship. The only thing he has to do is lead Sega back towards the ship without getting killed.

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