Final Chapter!

On the final remaining back-up ship, Robin was having difficulty on her side. All at once, all of the soldiers ganged up on her while she wasn't looking. Now, they were holding her arms apart to prevent her from doing anything rash. One soldier raised his sword to her neck while licking his lips.

"Up close, you're not bad to look at." Robin tensed up when she felt his hand sliding up her shirt. "It's a shame you're a criminal, you're so beautiful, but I like my women either way."

Robin cried out when they pulled her arms behind her back, tying them tightly with rope. She fell on her rear while everyone else hovered over her. Granted, she could still use her powers, but with so much happening around her all at once, she couldn't concentrate.

Suddenly, the man feeling her was blown away by a strong gust of wind. Robin took this time to untie the knot with a few hands she sprouted behind her. She didn't even acknowledge that everyone else gathered around her were being thrown away as well. After finally untying herself, she looked up with her arms crossed ready, but she saw her savior standing before her with his back to her. All three of his swords were out and the upper part of his robe was hanging over his sash, making him completely shirtless.


"Sorry guys, but if you want to get your hands on this woman, you're gonna have to kill me."


"I don't understand how two people can fall in love when the whole world is after them. You two should be afraid. You're hated by millions and all you care about is each other, it makes me sick. Other than that, I don't see what you see in each other. You're nothing but a slob. All you do is eat and goof around all day. You shower once a week and you always put your hunger over anything. When I read your data, I completely forgot that you were the captain.

"Then there's your gold-digging girlfriend. All she cares about is money. I don't understand what you see in her. Sure she's got brains, but if you have your guard down, she could easily take your treasure without you noticing. Who would want to be with a bitch like that? I should just kill you both, that way you can be together in hell."

Luffy's anger was rising. While taking advantage of the fact that Luffy was too weak to move, Sega has done nothing but spout out insults about him and Nami. Sure, when the insults were about him, he could care less, but if it was about the person he loved, it created a whole other situation. This man wasn't just messing with his world, but he was messing with his world, and there was no way he was going to trample over them and take them away.

While turning his arm into cloud, Sega reached out and grabbed a sword lying on the ground.

"Oi, what are you doing," asked Luffy. Sega retreated his arm and raised it over Nami. "Oi! Stop!"

Sega thrusted the sword into Nami's lower left abdomen. The navigator screamed out as she endured more pain. Luffy was felt helpless as the sword went deeper into her until he saw the tip of the sword coming out from behind her. With complete satisfaction, Sega removed the sword slowly.

Luffy's anger had completely reached a new level. Sega was caught off guard when the arms under his feet disappeared. He glanced down and saw Luffy had completely disappeared.

"Jet Pistol!"

Sega took one step back and felt a sudden unexpected punch from behind. It was fast and he didn't even sense it.

"Jet Stamp!"

Next, he felt a kick on his upper back. The kick knock him down to his knees, but he got back up, ready for anything else he was going to throw at him. One by one, more and more punches and kicks were thrown at him from all over the place. He could never sense them, furthermore, he couldn't see the captain anywhere. He'd appear and disappear in an instant.

Having enough, Sega resorted to the lowest. He grabbed Nami, held her in a choke hold, and pointed a pistol to her head.

"How about attacking me again?" Sega screamed out. "One more and she's dead!"

Luffy remained still in his spot on the highest part of the warship. He stood up and clenched his fists.

Suddenly, Sega started to feel dizzy. Haki was being used on him, and he knew that. He tried his best to regain his vision, but everything was a blur. Just like what he saw in Luffy last time, anyone that can withstand his Haoshoku Haki will go down in an instant, and right now, he was about to be one of them.

Nami was too exhausted. The new pain in her abdomen was causing sparks to run through that entire area. When Sega picked her up and used her as bait, it really pissed her off. She was being used again. Nonetheless, she could tell he was starting to lose it. Only someone with Luffy's power could do that to just about anyone, and she knew that. So, Nami took the opportunity to elbow him and run away.

Luffy felt relieved when he saw Nami's act of escape, but he completely forgot that Sega had a weapon in hand. The vice admiral raised the pistol and pointed it to Nami. Using all the strength he had, Luffy unleashed all his strength on his haki. He was too far to reach him, so this was his only shot. However, it didn't stop him from firing the last bullet before falling to the ground, unconscious.



Everyone cheered for their victory as the Sunny flew away from the burning island. They started from waking up to an unknown island, to escaping into complete freedom. It was like a typical day for the Straw Hats.

"Wait, where's Nami-san and that idiot?" asked Sanji. The cheering died down at the realization.

"Luffy will get her back. He always does," Chopper stumbled.

The crew watched as the island got smaller in view. One thing was for sure, they can never let their guard down anymore. They got caught for a reason, and that led to someone taking all their knowledge and information. Any longer and the whole world would know everything about them. Any longer and all their friends would be gone along with them.

Out of no where, a hand had stretched out and grabbed a hold of the railing on the side of the ship. Usopp and Brook ran to where the hand was still holding onto the railing. There, Luffy came crashing into them while he had Nami in his arms.

"Please! Chopper, save Nami!" Luffy pleaded desperately.

"Bring her to the infirmary!" Chopper ran for the sick bay with Luffy on his tail. The captain was biting his bottom lip to prevent himself from crying in front of his crew. He set his girlfriend down on the bed and took a step back while Chopper started to work. Images of Ace were flooding his mind. The memory of Ace dying in his arms was crucial enough, he didn't think he could handle another death, especially someone like Nami. She was really pale; all the color in her skin turned entirely white. She was completely still, not moving at all, and her breathing was slowing down.

What will he do if he loses her too? Fall into another state of shock and depression? He didn't want to relive all that again.

Nami, please be okay.


Two days have passed since they left the island, in other words, its been two days and Nami still hasn't waken up. During those days, Luffy hasn't left the infirmary unless to eat. Often times, Luffy would refuse to come out, therefore making the first mate bring the food to him. Nevertheless, Luffy hardly ate any, which is rare for his case.

Chopper had completely removed the bullet from her body. It reached a point where the bullet almost pierced her heart, luckily, it didn't. He stitched up the cut on her abdomen, and all her bruises were slowly fading. She was skinny to the bone due to the fact that she hasn't eaten in weeks.

On that second day, Luffy finally came out of the infirmary and gathered with the crew on the deck.

"Hey, Luffy. I didn't know you and Nami were a couple," said Chopper.

"WHAT? YOU'RE A COUPLE?" Sanji bursted into flames.

"You all didn't know?" asked Robin.

"Pft, even I knew," said Zoro.

"How'd you find out?" Luffy asked warily. He felt tired from his lack of sleep. For the past two days, he only waited for her to wake up.

"It was kinda obvious in the infirmary when you wouldn't leave her side," Franky explained.

"We tried to keep it a secret, but even that damn Sega figured it out." Luffy took a seat on the mast in between Chopper and Robin. But suddenly, he, along with Zoro and Sanji, grew tense when they sensed something appear on the ship. Standing in the middle of the deck and out of their Marine uniforms, were Ryu and Mai.

"It's them!" Chopper cried.

"Attack!" Usopp commanded. The two charged forward, ready to attack when straightaway, Sanji grabbed their shirts and pulled them off their feet, stopping them.

"Calm down. They're not bad," said Sanji. Even though he said that, Zoro was having a bad feeling about them.

"Please, we just want to clear some things up. We come in peace," Ryu said cautiously. Mai was hiding behind Ryu, feeling a bit insecure about being on an enemy ship.

"That's what they all say!" yelled Usopp. Out of irritation, Sanji punched him in the head, earning him a new bump on top of his head.

"What do you say, Captain?" Zoro called out.

"It's fine. We'll hear them out," Luffy said tiredly.


The kitchen was where they decided to have their conversation. Everyone sat around the table, all of them staring at Ryu to begin.

"First, I want to start with the drugs. I'm sure you all figured out that you weren't supposed to wake up," Ryu started.

"Yeah! I figured that out, but I'm not sure how we woke up anyway," said Chopper.

"That was me. I drugged you all again, sorry. Only I had the cure that could wake you all. Even Sega didn't know about it. This drug was never supposed to exist, both drugs weren't. When the medicine for the sleeping drugs were being created by our scientists, I asked for a cure "just in case one of our men mistakenly drinks the drug by accident." No one knew I was waiting for the right moment to take down Sega."

"Take down Sega?" asked Sanji. "But isn't Mai-chan..."

"Sega has gone overboard with all his research. You know it as well. You know about that room. He's been obsessed with the Straw Hats for years and he hasn't stopped."

"I agree with Ryu," said Mai. "He has gone overboard, but he's not wrong either. You people are notorious pirates and you should be taken down at all costs. With your strength now, you'll be a bigger threat in the future."

"She's right, but I have a feeling you're not gonna let anyone get in your way, right?"

"Of course!" replied Luffy.

"I just want one more thing cleared up. How did you manage to capture us without us realizing it? Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all have haki. They would've been able to sense it if someone else boarded our ship," said Usopp.

"Amnesia gas and sleeping gas. We had them thrown on your ship when you neared our island. You couldn't see us because of Sega's fog. As soon as you smell the gas, you'll immediately start to forget what you were even doing. The sleeping gas just made everything easier for us. It was during the night that all of this happened, so it was cake."

"I'm surprised you wanted us to help you," said Robin. Ryu shrugged.

"What's better than getting rid of someone than using that one thing he's been after this whole time?"


The crew waved to the two Marines as they boarded their little ship.

"So, without your dad, what are you going to do now?" Franky called out.

"We're going to find my mother. I haven't seen her in years," Mai replied with a big smile on her face.

"Afterwards, we might go hunting," Ryu added.

"Hunting? For what?" asked Usopp.

"Uh, its best you don't know."

The crew waved goodbye when the little ship sailed away.

"Do you think it was okay to trust them?" asked Chopper.

"Luffy-san seems to trust them," said Brook.

"He'll trust anybody, especially that one centaur from Punk Hazard," replied Usopp.

"Centaur? I don't remember Luffy being friends with a centaur other than Brownbeard," said Chopper.

"That's because he tried to attack him right after they met."


"Relax. The evil mean vice admiral is gone, and so should all our worries," said Sanji. "Since none of us have eaten in weeks, I'll prepare a huge buffet."


Meanwhile in the infirmary, Luffy sat in his usual spot on a chair next to Nami's bed. His elbows were prepped up on the bed with the back of his hands supporting his chin. Ryu's last words kept running through Luffy's mind.

"What do you need to say that only I need to know?" asked Luffy.

"I didn't want to scare the others, but when we went back to the island, we couldn't find Sega's body anywhere," said Ryu.

"What?" Luffy looked back to the others, then took Ryu to where it was more private. "What do you mean you couldn't find his body? We left him on that ship."

"I know. That ship sunk along with the others. He wouldn't have been able to survive if he touched the water. We checked underwater and we couldn't find his body. The island was completely ruined, but there was no sign of him there either. He might still be alive."

The thought of that man still alive haunted Luffy. If they stayed on the island any longer, they would've been killed. A future with that kind of man in it is terrifying.

Luffy's thoughts were interrupted by a small moan coming from Nami.

The navigator slowly opened her eyes, and fear struck her. She slowly started backing away and trying to pull all the chords away from her skin. Fortunately, Luffy was right next to her, calming her down.

"Nami, Nami! Calm down. I'm here."

"..Luffy? W-Where am I? Did Sega.."

"No. We're on the Sunny. Sega's gone. He won't hurt you again."

Nami started to calm down. Luffy lightly rubbed the back of her head to sooth her. Nami reached for Luffy's other arm and clutched it tightly.

"I was so scared."

"Don't worry, I won't let him hurt you again."

What he said to her wasn't a lie. If he ever does show up again, he'll beat his ass into oblivion, but that was still far in the future. He'll never let anyone trample over his world again.

Crappy Ending, I know! And a crappy fight too! So much for the most evilest villain they'll face yet. Ugh, I suck -.-

But other than that, I've been having a great day, so I thought I'd end this today. I finally got my license! lol But thank you to everyone that stuck with this since the beginning, even though I struggled in some parts. You guys are amazing (:

The title and the parts of the plot was based off of Zebrahead's song, His World.