"Oi, oi, oi! What's with these animals!" yelled Usopp. Large and gruesome animals came at them from the jungle from different angles, and they were completely wide open. Birds flew at them from above, but oddly enough, there weren't any fishes attacking them from underwater. There was no other way to go through than to defeat them. "Midori Boshi: Trampolia!"

Usopp shot some pop greens on the shore. All the animals that stepped on them were launched into the air. Afraid and desperate, Usopp shot many multiple pop greens towards the direction where any animals were at too close of a range. As long as they kept their distance away from the ship, Usopp felt safe. Yes, he's had many experiences with them back on Boin Archipelago, but that doesn't mean he's not afraid of them.

"It seems as though they aren't regular animals." Brook sipped his tea, then sighed in relaxation.



Usopp clicked his tongue. "Should we use the paddles?" Usopp called out.

"The river's at least three miles long. So, we've still got two more miles until we reach the ocean," Franky muttered to himself. "Yosh! We're using the paddles!"


"Soldier Dock System: Channel Zero!"

Two large paddles appeared on each side of the ship. At high speed, the ship propelled forward. The animals came, but they were just a blur now.


Nami opened her eyes. She squinted them from the bright light of the sunlight. She tried to move her arms to block her face from the sun, until she realized she was still tied to a chair. A large table was placed right in front of her and sprawled on top of it were a bunch of maps. Nami could hint out a few, Water 7, Drum Island, Syrup Village.

There was no way the guys could die just like that, but there's no evidence of them even escaping death on this island. She furrowed her brows when Sega came out from one of the rooms and headed over to her.

"If you did killed my crew, then why not end the whole thing and finish me off," said Nami.

"Believe me, I want to, but your talent has exceeded even the Marine's best navigation team. Might as well make use of you before you die."

"And if I lead you all to your death?"

"I'll make sure you regret it."


"Will you get away from me!" shouted the green haired swordsman.

"As if I can let you out of my sight you shitty Marimo!" Sanji fired back. The two ran down the hall in full speed, cutting or kicking anyone in sight. Zoro scowled.

"Hyakuhachi Pondo Ho!"

Zoro swung his swords and launched three compressed projectiles spiraling towards anything in front of it. They separated by Zoro making a hard turn for the next hallway to get away from him, catching Sanji off guard. Sanji shrugged and picked up his speed, until he felt something in his pocket start to move. He reached in and pulled out the den den mushi.


"Sanji, its Chopper. We need you and Zoro to run to the base's docks. Just go outside and follow the river leading to the side of the building. Robin's planting bombs in every room. This place is going to blow in ten minutes!"

"Ten minutes?" Sanji slid to a stop then started running for the direction he just came from."That's not enough time! We need to head for the jungle!"

"There's a faster way to head for the ships if you come here! Find Zoro and hurry!"

"Jeez." Sanji stuffed the den den mushi in his pocket and sprinted down the hall, making a hard turn towards the direction Zoro hopefully ran to.


Luffy screamed and stretched himself up on a tree. The large cheetah just barely caught up to him. Luffy inhaled sharply when a huge group of chimpanzees starting swinging from branch to branch over to his way. Luffy screamed again as he hopped from branch to branch.

"What's wrong with this island? All the animals are huge! They're nothing like the animals on Rusukaina!"

Luffy ducked, nearly missing a rolled up armadillo aimed for his head. Animals have been chasing him all over the place ever since he jumped over the steel fence. Now he understood the fence's meaning.

"That's it." Luffy stretched his arm out and pumped his blood, speeding up his blood flow. He stretched his arm far and grabbed hold of two branches.

"Gomu Gomu no Jet Rocket!"

Before an oversized gorilla attacked him, Luffy shot himself towards the shore at light speed. He moved himself left and right, avoiding trees, branches, and any animals that tried to get in his way again. He was running out of time.


"What was the whole point of staying behind if you already planted all the bombs," said Zoro.

"Seriously, we should be helping Franky and the others with the ships right now," said Sanji. After finally getting the memo, the two met up with Chopper and Robin at the stronghold's docks. Robin planted a bomb in every room in the base without any of the Marine's knowledge.

"We should hurry if we want to catch up to them," said Robin. Using all his strength in his heavy point, Chopper untied a medium sized boat from the dock. Although it was big, it was only big enough to fit at least two people.

"I don't think all of us are going to fit in that, Chopper," said Zoro. Robin eyed the boat as she circled around it.


"What is?"

"There's no mast."

"You have a point, Robin-chan. If there's no mass, then what runs it?" asked Sanji. Chopper hopped on and scanned through the controls.

"There's a whole bunch of controls on here." Then, Chopper noticed a key. He turned it and the boat roared to life, catching the reindeer by surprise. "I think its like the Sunny. I think it runs on something, though I don't think its cola."

Robin climbed aboard and examined the controls. "You have a point."

"That looks interesting. I'm getting on my own boat," said Zoro as he walked towards where the smaller boats were docked.

"So am I!" said Sanji. Zoro tested his boat as he got on it. Sanji got on a similar boat. The shape of it was almost like a bike and a propeller was at the back of it.

"Do you think you can manage?" asked Robin.

"Hm? What are you talking about?" asked Chopper.

"Well, you're driving it, of course."

"REALLY? Yosh~!"


Zoro sped away on his boat at high speed with Sanji right on his tail. The both of them raced to the steel gate, leaving Chopper and Robin still docked inside the garage.

"We're going ahead, Robin-chan!" yelled Sanji.

"Better hurry before the bombs go off!" Zoro warned.

Chopper panicked as he pressed all sorts of random buttons. There were so many of them, he couldn't tell which button did what. He knew where the steering wheel was, the engine was on, but how to move forward without any wind to push them?

"Having a little trouble, Chopper?"

"N-No, no! I'm good! But if you insist on helping, that's fine too!"

A hand appeared over a pedal just under his seat. Chopper stopped panicking as he watched the hand push down the pedal slightly, bringing them forward a bit. He turned to Robin for answers as to how she knew, but the archeologist only smiled innocently. Chopper sat on the driver's seat.

"Yosh! Robin, how much time do we have left?"

"About a minute and a half."

Chopper gripped the steering wheel and stomped on the pedal, jolting them forward. They raced out of the docks in hopes of catching up to the other two.

"Yosh! Wait for us, Zoro, Sanji!"

Sanji squinted his eye as water splashed into his face from the fast speed. Marines fired at them from outside the base, but it wasn't enough to stop them. Since most of the Marines are on the ships, he needed not worry about them. This place is going down anyway. He looked on ahead and saw their first big obstacle.

"Oi! Marimo!" yelled Sanji.

"Got it!"

Balancing himself on his jet boat, Zoro stood up and gripped the handle of his katana. He could hear the screams coming from the base as Marines shouted for them. He could also hear Chopper's boat catching up to them from behind. There was a huge hole on the gate just above them, meaning Usopp's group managed to get through, and so should they.

"Sanbyakurokuju Pondo Ho!"

Although ten times stronger than the original, Zoro swung his sword, delivering a sharp projectile towards the gate. Thanks to his attack, pieces of the steel gate broke apart, allowing a hole to be created. Zoro passed through, followed by Sanji and Chopper hot on their tail. Zoro sheathed his sword and concentrated on steering.

Chopper nearly fell off his seat at the sound of a huge explosion coming from behind them. Robin looked back and saw a large cloud of smoke coming from the base. She turned back around when she heard the sound of a tiger's roar. Chopper was cold stiff in his seat when he heard the roar.

"Chopper, what's wrong?" asked Robin. Zoro accelerated faster as he dodged an elephant's trunk. He could've fought back and attack, but there was no use in fighting the animals anyway. The fire from the base is spreading. Fighting them would just be a waste.

"Oi, Chopper! Can you get them to stop attacking us?" yelled Sanji. He kicked a bear's paw when it almost knocked him off his boat.

Chopper listened closely. He could hear the cries of the monkeys, baboons, tigers, cheetahs, and all sorts of other animals on the island, but something was missing as he listened to their cries. Robin noticed Chopper not looking ahead. Instead, he concentrated hard and he had a terrified look on his face.


"I can't hear them.."

"What do you mean?"

"...I can't understand them."


Nami bit her lip. Although Sega let her out of her chains, a metal ring was placed around her wrist. If she ever tried to escape or do anything threatening while aboard the ship, the ring will electrocute her. It gave her the freedom to walk around the ship, but with so many bruises, it was like she was still chained down anyway. The cooks in the kitchen offered her food, to which Nami devoured in less than a minute.

Also, much to her surprise, Sega even gave her a room. Although it wasn't as big as the soldiers' rooms. The room was big enough to fit a bed and a desk. A new set of clothes was laid out on the bed, but it was a Marine uniform. She didn't want to look like these people, but she had no other choice. Her gown is completely torn with private parts not being so private. It was odd for Sega to give her this much freedom. Was he trying to get her to like him? Or was it so she wouldn't die? Either way, she didn't like it at all.

"Oi, Navigator! Get out here!"

Nami sighed. She stepped out of her room and noticed the sun rising. Most of the fog had disappeared from when she was last outside. She walked towards the helm where Sega and two others stood beside the large round table.

One of them was a girl almost about her age with long brunette hair that reached down to her hips. Since she wore a marine coat, she could already tell she must be in the Captain rank or higher. The other was a man, about the same age, with snow white hair and faded lavender eyes.

"This is my daughter, Mai, and her friend, Ryu. They'll be controlling separate ships than this one."

So, these must be the captains she's been hearing about throughout the whole base. She looked down at the table. There were three separate lines on the map. One line went from island to island in the Grand Line. Another went through the islands of East Blue. The last line pointed from this island, straight to one specific island in the East Blue. The island didn't have a name on the map, but she could tell it wasn't her hometown or Usopp's hometown or the Baratie.

"You will be leading this ship to the island that started this all," said Sega.

"What is that island?" asked Nami.

"The island your captain originated from, Dawn Island."

By Mai's and Ryu's little description, can you tell which two manga characters I based them off of? If you get it right... I'll give you a hug ._.

Question! Does the manga come out on Tuesdays now? Thats the second time it did.. and its ruining my schedule. Same with Fairy Tail. I love coming home from school on Wednesdays and especially Fridays knowing there's a chapter to read... but now.. *sigh*.