A/N: Lately, I've been sort of obsessed with MyMusic, and I really wanted to expand on storylines I think I can see forming in the series. This chapter is more for setting the scene before I actually get into more details and plot. I've noticed that most of the MyMusic fanfics so far tend to introduce a new character or intern, so I just wanted to write one with the current characters and their relationships. Though, Alternative, Emo, Throwback, Old School, Sam and Delilah are pretty awesome too.

It started off as just a regular day at MyMusic, well as regular as it could get.

Indie was sipping a comforting mug of kombucha in his office that he demanded Intern 2 to fetch for him. He was putting together a playlist music for Techno and Dubstep's "rave" that included many bands that no one has even heard about that really spoke to him, well until Idol ruined it for him with her mainstream disease, as he liked to call it. She really knew how to wreck perfectly good trends and music like Foster the People, and she always seemed to get under his skin with her social media mania. While he was organizing his music, he was trying to block out the sound of Scene cheerfully knocking on his door periodically throughout the day. Scene's attachment to him made Indie feel uncomfortable and at times, he had almost thrown up his kombucha. He just wanted to get through the day with no interruptions, so he could live in his exclusive little world just a little longer before trends pelted at him as soon as left.

Meanwhile, at her desk, Idol was updating the company's Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus faster than you could say social media. Over the past week, she was diving headfirst into her work to block the troubles in her personal life and more importantly her love life. After getting flat-out rejected by Intern 2, and in the process losing her "friend" Rayna, she really just wanted to stay out of the dating pool for a while since she just couldn't face another rejection. Just looking at Intern 2 was awkward now. Idol put out a happy front just to hide the sobs from inside. It wasn't even that thing that bothered her the most, it was the fact that no one in the office seemed to respect or to understand her music or her style. Rayna had understood until their friendship dissolved. ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) even dissed her when she tried to imitate their cool dance moves. Despite all these thoughts, she still held on to hopes of a reality show to discover her and whisk her away.

Near Idol's work space Hip Hop was blasting some tunes in his headphones while working on his computer. In this case, he was listening to Jay-Z since he didn't want to get caught listening to the Annie soundtrack again. That was a close call with Scene, but it was a good thing she doesn't know a lot about music that came out before 2000. It was an even closer call when the girl from ROTFL:BRBTTYL:) recognized him; she could have blown his fa├žade right out of the water. Hip Hop wasn't a poser as he tried to tell himself, but still enjoyed some of the "dorkier", as his homies would call it, activities. On his computer, he had to switch between a tab that held a Harry Potter fanfiction and one that was a video of Lil Wayne so no one would be suspicious. He was slowly trying to stop these habits so he could become a hardcore gangsta' as people would say. As a matter of fact, Hip Hop truly wanted to believe he was one to make himself feel more true to who he was and others.

In his own area near Scarfman, Metal was attempting to come with ideas for ROTFL:BRBTTYL:)'s music video despite his utter lack of knowledge on any of that type of music. He had no idea whatsoever why Indie would assign this project to a die-hard metal head, but like everything that happened since he got here, it made absolutely no sense. At least he didn't have that whole Rayna debacle to deal with anymore. His anger has got worse with the stress of this job, and it even led him to make out with Intern 2 to "make a point." Metal kept questioning why he even took this job every day since it caused these types of problems. He had to stick with it to support Tina and Rayna, and now and then he got to do cool things like have Gorgol sign his chest or hang out at a Diamond Lane concert. Metal knew he could do this; he just had to deal with his coworkers without getting too frustrated like he usually did.

Around this time, Techno and Dubstep were dancing in their office, filled with anticipation for when they would work with ROTFL:BRBTTYL:). Techno, thrilled that they had booked a group that really spoke to the music that she and Dubstep enjoyed, couldn't wait to try the new dance crave that the group created. Maybe they could use it at a rave, well if they ever could have another. Since Indie shut down the electrifying raves and replaced it with his "music," her enthusiasm dampened a bit. Also, Dubstep hoped that the arrival of this new group would help him and Techno be a little closer. The two of them seemed attached at the hip, and he just wanted something more. She was the only one who understood his dubs and was the wub wub to his wub wwubb. Hopefully, in time, Techno would see Dubstep the way he saw her.

At the front desk of MyMusic, Intern 2 was typing away and making spreadsheets for the company since it was one of his favorite things to do. He hoped that he would be able to finish one before Indie ordered him to do something that would harm and degrade him. Even after all of Indie's abuse, Intern 2 still held out hope for a day when Indie would finally respect him as a human being, but that was not very likely to happen anytime soon. Thankfully, he didn't have to worry about Metal or Rayna anymore because as flattering as the attention was, Rayna was underage, she was a mini Idol, and Metal would have strangled him. Though he still felt a little bad for how he left Idol, even though he didn't really feel that way about her. Anyway, Intern 2 just wanted to move on put that behind him. At the moment, he was trying to drown out Scene's mindless chatter about Tumblr and Nyan Cat, but he knew it wouldn't be the MyMusic without Scene's constant energy.

Though, today, something was different about Scene. When 2pm came, she exploded into tears as usual, and no one in the MyMusic office even cringed because they were so used to it. This time, Scene didn't stop crying at 2:01pm. She wept even harder and mumbled something about wasps and ran out of the building. As she ran out, you could see her black eyeliner and mascara that usually made her look happy was smearing down her face, giving her Alice Cooper or KISS eyes. Scene bolted out of the doors of MyMusic, with tears pouring even faster down her pink cheeks.