Ok. This is a story, I've been meaning to post for a while! So I FINALLY got the time to do it! For those of you who have already read this. I might not change as much to it. But I'm going to try and add some things! So I hope you'll still read it! But yeah. I'll shut up and let you get to reading!

Hello everyone. My name is Rose. Well. Actually! It's Sara. But we'll save that for later. But I'm here to tell you my story. The story of how my life changed dramatically overnight.
And of my journey to China...


I will never, ever, forget my home. Or my wonderful family. My family isn't like most families, though. The only one's in my family. Are my mama and daddy. Now, I have a few cousins, aunt's and uncles. But they don't live near here. So it's just me. My mama. And my daddy.

Now don't think that I'm overly sad about this. We're a happy family. Although we've moved three times, since I was born. I like my life. No matter what or who try's to change it.

But I will never forget the day that my life did change. Maybe for the better. Maybe for the worse. You decided! But enough about decisions. Let me explain what happened. The night that started it all. The night. I lost what was most important to me...

It was just a regular night for us. We had all gone to sleep. Me, hugging my stuffed, Rose the Hedgehog, as I slept quietly in my bed. I had been so tired that night, that I had fallen asleep, with my clothes still on.

I was wearing a pair of black jeans, with jewels on the back pockets, a black shirt, with gold flowers on it, and a pair of black high tops.

I was sound asleep. It didn't seem like anyone could wake me up.

But that was when it happened. What started with terrified screams. Ended in dead silence...

It all happened so fast, that I'm surprised I can remember it all. But it left a mark on me. A mental scar. And a new found fear.

I remember waking up and hearing a neighbor screaming, "Fire! Their house is on fire!"

I remember grabbing my stuffed animals. (Which consisted of, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Silver the Hedgehog. And my own fan made character, Rose the Hedgehog).

I shook in fear. Who's house was on fire? Was it a neighbors? Was it a joke? What was going on?

Then my mama came to the door, that led to my room. A look of pure fear on her face.

"Sara! Come on! The house is on fire! We have to get out of here!" she screamed to me.

I grabbed my stuffed animals, leapt out of my bed and ran out the door with her. My daddy was right behind us.

I ran fast. But my parents had me late in life. So they weren't as fast as me. Not by far!

I continued to run. I was almost to the front door. When it happened.

I stopped, to look back. Just to make sure that my parents were behind me. They were. But they were trapped. Part of the roof had caved in. Trapping them in the burning house.

"Mama! Daddy!" I screamed.

I tried to run to them. But they called out and stopped me.

"No! Get out! Get out, while you still can!" my daddy yelled to me.

I could see tears in both of their eyes. And I felt them on my face.

"Please, no! I've got to get you out of here!" I cried.

My mama shook her head. "No sweetie. We love you so much! But you have to go! Just go and don't look back!" she said, through quiet sobs.

I shook my head. Not wanting to leave them. But I knew in my heart. That I would someday see them both again.

"I love you so much! Good bye mama, daddy. I will see you again someday!" I called. They both smiled at me, one last time. Tears streamed down their faces, and mine.

Then I turned and ran off, without another word.

I could see smoke, creeping through the house. I started coughing. I was trying to find my way out. Then I able to find the front door. But it was stuck tight. I pushed on it. But it wouldn't budge. So I lifted my leg up and kicked it down.

It fell down, with a loud thud, and I jumped over it and raced down the steps and out onto the front lawn.

And then I watched as my house burned to the ground. With both of my parents inside.

People tried. But no one could stop the fire. It was to far gone to stop.

As the fire finally died down to ashes. I went in search, of what could still be saved.

Amazingly. I found that all my Nintendo DS systems and games were still intact. Along with an over sized backpack, a portable speaker, my gold bullet headphones and a few small, cereal bars.

You know. It's quite amazing what can survive a fire. Yet, who can't.

As I looked around. I walked into what used to be my parents closet. It was where they always kept presents for me. And things for emergencies!

As I dug through the rubble, I found a small jewelry box. Inside was a beautiful locket. I pulled it out and opened it up. Inside the locket, was a picture of the three of us. I smiled as I closed it, then placed it around my neck. I closed the clasp on it and let it hang freely around my neck. Then I turned and walked out.

I packed what little I could find in ashes. And said my last good bye.

Then I turned and left my old house. Not turning back. And from that point, until now.

I have never turned back...

Alright. There is the first chapter, of my story. It's just a little different, so yeah. And to those of you who are wondering. Yes; some of this is real. No; some of it is not. If you want to know what what's real and what's not. Just ask in a review or shoot me a PM! I love answering questions! But yeah. Please REVIEW! And be sure to check back soon, for more!