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Violet And Green

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"You should be louder when I kiss you, Violet." Herman Greenhill commented to him.

"Do you want everyone to hear?" Gregory Violet asked calmly, Greenhill thought for a moment, shook his head, and kissed the shorter male briefly on the lips.

"No." Greenhill repiled and he sat down on his bed.

"I have heard a couple of boys say those from Green House are complete morons." Violet commented and he faintly smiled at Greenhill's expression.

"I'm not a moron."

"I know your not a complete moron, Greenhill."

"Some say those from Purple House are creepy, but they are wrong." Greenhill stated firmly and his arms were crossed.

"No, They are correct. They forgot to mention about on how creative one from Purple House can be from time to time." Violet commented, he sat on Greenhill's lap, and faintly smirked at him. "Perhaps whips and chains next time?"

"On me?"

"Of course, Greenhill. Certainly not me for I bruise too easily."

"I don't know..."

"It would be interesting. Are you scared?"

"I'm not afraid of anything."

"Next time come over to Purple House if you are not frightened of whips and chains." Violet whispered into his ear and he kissed Greenhill firmly on the lips. "You won't regret it, Greenhill."

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