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Violet And Green
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Do not touch me, Greenhill." Gregory Violet stated calmly as he moved his hands away.

"What did I do?" Herman Greenhill asked him.


"Did someone do something to you? I'll use my cricket bat and hurt whoe-"

"That will not do a thing."

"What do you mean by that Violet? Was it the Principa-"

"No. It was the accursed sun." Violet stated firmly and he moved the hood away from his face.

"Oh." Greenhill said as he looked at Violet's face and neck.

"My face and part of my neck is sunburnt." Violet informed him.

"I didn't notice." Greenhill said to the Violet Wolf Prefect.

"I was hiding it with my hood until you decided to touch my cheeks." Violet told him. He had decided to hide his sunburn for he didn't want Greenhill to become curious and touch it, but in the end Greenhill still touched his sunburn. Hiding his sunburn with his hood was in vain.

"Does it hurt?" Greenhill asked him and he managed to keep himself from touching the sunburnt part of Violet's neck.


"I never got a sunburn."

"Your skin isn't delicate, Greenhill." Violet commented flatly. Gregory Violet knows his sunburn will not turn into a tan, his skin will remain pale, and it is okay his skin will not ever be tanned or anything.

"Want me to kiss your cheeks and make them feel better?"

"No that would hurt."

"Hey, Violet. I want to toy with your nipples and it might make you forget the pain of your sunburn." Greenhill whispered into Violet's right ear and his hand was about to give up the violet wolf prefect's shirt, but his hand was moved away by a serious looking Violet.

"It is almost time to leave for the midnight tea party." Violet stated calmly and Greenhill groaned.

"Too bad we are not allowed to skip that at all." Greenhill commented to him and after a moment grinned at Violet. "How about after the midnight tea party?"

"Maybe." Violet replied simply and Greenhill smiled at him. "Depends on my mood."

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