It's just always made me cuirous as to why Rinne liked Sakura, who, unlike most of Takahashi's girls, is entirely normal. Minus the whole "I see dead people" thing. This didn't turn out like I planned, but I'm not going ot re-write it now.


'Why?,' he asked himself. Why did he seem so drawn to the girl?

Rinne Rokudo rested in a tree nearby to where Sakura sat eating lunch with her friends.

To any outsider, Sakura seemed so common, they wouldn't even bother to give a second glance. She was kind, sweet, and perpetually calm. But then, so were many girls. She was one in a crowd, too small to be noticed. That did not matter to Rinne; he was no outsider. She was kind to him, and she was always there, trying to assist him in any way she could. Be it feeding him extra cookies, or helping a ghost to pass on. That raised another question. What if she could not see spirits? Was that what made her especially different from all the other girls? Factor that out of the equation, and was she not just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, kind-hearted girl?

Rinne shook his head. Certainly that was not it. That could not be the only reason she was special. Right? What was the first thing he had noticed about her…besides the fact she could see ghosts. Of course, that was the first thing he noticed. The first time he had laid eyes on her, she had been looking back at him. Her eyes were clear and bright, and he knew right away what she could see, although he did not push the issue. Her eyes were also calm, with an understanding beyond her sixteen years. She had an understanding of what the world is, and the simple fact that all life does eventually come to an end. She had no doubt seen how cruel the world is, to take away life in all its stages, young, old, sick, and healthy. She had seen so very much with those clear eyes; eyes with a colour he had yet to put a name to. Unique.

Yes, her eyes had played a huge role in Rinne's noticing her, but they only led him to see so much more about her.

Her calm was actually not that common. She rarely met with a spirit that broke the calm. And her kindness spread to every being, even the spirits which Rinne himself could hardly stand after years of Shinigami training. Her relaxed aura even in the face of so many spirits was a part of her he could never change. It was a big part of what made her unique, but even in the days she had lost her ability, the fact that she had once had it, and had the knowledge and understanding behind it, made her unchangeable. Interesting, unique, and a wonderful human being. He was glad she had the sight, for without it, he might never notice the unusual hue of her eyes, the care she took in wrapping each of her braids, the way she looked at the world around her (spirit or no spirit) and everything that made her special enough to make his heart pound whenever she gave him an appreciative glance, or clung against him (again, due to his occupation as a part-time Shinigami).

"What are you doing?"

Rinne was startled out of the tree by the sound of the girl's voice, and fell straight into the bushes a story below. He clambered out looking up at the girl who had spoken. Bright eyes of an unique colour identified the girl as Sakura Mamiya.

"I realize I'm the only one who can see you with that haori, but this is still a pretty creepy thing to do, Rokudo-kun."

And Rinne decided to pick his place of thought more carefully from then on.

Perhaps, another reason why Rinne likes her is that his own personality is subdued, and a highstrung girl would just annoy him. (Like Ageha)