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Laharl: hey! you cant steal my laugh! for i am the great overlord laha-

ampy:(points gun at laharl) shut it shortie.(laharl gulps)

flonne: anni-oh, oops. AMPY!violence is NEVER the answer

get on with the story.

Admitting to Love

Chapter 1

Laharl was sitting in the throne, bored out of his mind, when he heard footsteps slowly getting louder as they got closer. "Hey what bastard dares disturb the great overlord laharl!" he shouts.

"If anyone is a bastard it's you prince." Says Etna as she comes into view."Oh wait, I forgot now. Now you're an 'almighty overlord' right?"

"Both of you stop fighting!" says Flonne sternly as she walks into the room. "I may not be an angel anymore, but I still believe in the power of love, and you should too!" Flonne continues her lecture, while Laharl stares at her, hiding his dreamy expression with a hatred-filled one.

"Actually Flonne, one of us has learned to lo-" says etna, when she is suddenly cut off by the ball of fire coming towards her.

"ETNA!" yells laharl, just as a pillar explodes behind her.

"Oopsies. Gotta go, see you later flonne." And with that, etna darts out of the room.

"Laharl?" says Flonne quietlt. " What did she mean one of us has learned to love?" The young overlord starts to blush and stutter.

"Wha-whaddya mean?" he says. "Sh-She wasn't g-g-gonna say anything!" Flonne gives him a knowning smile, then heads back to her room with a spring in her step, her tail bouncing it time with her steps.

Dammit that was a close one !Laharl thinks to himself after she's left the room. I could've been caught and then, and then… no one would think of me as a fierce overlord!

When Flonne reached her room, she fell on her bed, and was soon lost in thought. Dows he love me! I love him, but, what if he just admitts that he feel overall love and compassion? I hope that's not the case... Soon the fallen angel had fallen into a deep sleep, unaware of the dark figure staring at her from outside ofher window. The dark figure seemed to be wearing he shadows themselves, and two glowing red eyes could be seen, peering out meanicingly. he slowly approached flonne, now holding a potion, and lots of rope. He continued to wlk towards flonne, but she had forunately chose this time to wake up, and had conveiently forgot to put the sound barrier on her room. So everybody could hear her scream as the figure leaned over her...

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laharl: thats it? why is there so much about flonne?(mutteing) and why do i have to love her?i mean, i do but...

etna: yeah! i only got like, one fricken line!

ampy(me): ooh! a confession!