"My life is so boring and original. I need some action." I complained to my long time best friend, wiping my straight long blonde hair out of my eyes.

"I know but at least you turn ten tomorrow then you get to choose if you want to wait for another two years or start your adventure right away."

"That's true… But Kira what about you? What will you pick?" I asked.

"Probably… well I don't exactly know right now but when I do I will tell you, I promise Jinx." Kira said her amber eyes glowing with excitement.

I fell silent and watched the blue sky with my green eyes. My name is Jinx Ishida and I am constantly told I look and act more like my father than my mother. Tomorrow I turn ten and get to choose which path I go down… but once I chose I will never be able to go back and re-choose. I live in a world between worlds; we are flanked by the world of Pokémon on one side and the Digital world on the other. My whole family has been Digimon Tamers, so naturally I am being pushed in the direction of the Digital world but I really want to become a Pokémon trainer. My father died when I was very young. A Digimon attacked him while he was out with his partner Gabumon; let's just say that Matt Ishida met his match that day. My mother Mimi wants me to go out there and avenge my father, but I'm sure that he would want me to pick my own path. I turned and look at my best friend since I was two and notice that she isn't the classic definition of pretty the way I am but pretty in her own way for the first time.

"Hay Kira do you ever imagine that somewhere there is a world where Pokémon and Digimon live together in harmony?" I asked.

"No, but now that you mention it that would be a very nice place to live in." Kira sighed looking at me.

"Jinx! Time to come in!" My mother called from the back door of our house.

"Coming Mom!" I called back getting up from the hill we had been laying on for most of the afternoon.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow Jinx." Kira said sitting up her medium length brown hair flying in her face as the wind played with it.

"Yup. Bye." I said running down the hill towards my house where my mother was waiting with the back door open.

"Get to bed young lady otherwise tomorrow will never come and you will never turn ten!" My mother joked as I got in the house and took my shoes off.

"Goodnight mom." I said rushing past her and into my room, where within seconds of my head hitting the pillow I was asleep.