So started my Pokémon journey with my best friend and my amazing new companion. I could tell that Charmander and I would have great adventures together and great laughs as Kira tried to reign in her "unruly" Squirtle (that's what she called it). As we walked away from the lab with our new Pokémon one of the professors called our names making us turn back and wait for them.

"I just wanted you two to have these! They are called a pokedex and have information on all the different types of Pokémon you will experience on your journey." They said handing us both one.

"Thank you professor." I smiled.

"Good luck on your journey." The professor waved as we continued walking.

We were soon in a forest where we saw all sorts of wild Pokémon going about their day. My jaw dropped at the sheer number of them.

"There's hundreds of them!" I gasped whipping out my Pokedex trying to record all the different types of Pokémon.

"I know!" Kira gasped accidently dropping Squirtle's pokeball setting him free.

The first ting Squirtle did was bolt away from Kira, who ran after him. Charmander and I climbed a tree and looked down at the ground for Squirtle. We saw Kira getting pretty far away from us and ten we looked at the base of the tree and saw the Mudkip from the lab cornering Squirtle. I dropped down to the ground with Charmander in my arms and went over to the two water Pokémon. I put Charmander down and picked Squirtle up making it squirm.

"Now you look here you naughty Squirtle! Be nice and maybe you won't have to go back in your pokeball!" I snapped forcing him to look at me.

"Squir!" He protested.

"Char!" Charmander said looking up at Squirtle.

Squirtle stopped squirming as we heard the bushes to my right rustle and then Kira's voice calling out, "I couldn't find him!"

"Don't worry I have your little trouble maker right here." I said holding Squirtle out as she emerged from the bushes.

"Oh! Thank you! Wait isn't that the Mudkip from the lab?" Kira asked tasking Squirtle into her arms making it squirm again.

"Yea he followed you here. I think that he is the Pokémon meant for you not that Squirtle." I said just as Professor Oak came through the bushes.

"Ah ha! There you are you little escape artist!" Oak said scooping the Mudkip up into his arms. "Oh hello girls."

"Hiya Professor!" I said.

"Um professor…is there any way that I can have that Mudkip instead of this Squirtle? I mean it's obvious Squirtle isn't happy with me and Mudkip followed me out into this forest…." Kira said softly.

"Of course! I knew right from the start that you would want this Mudkip instead of the Squirtle. Here, no harm done my dear." Oak said giving Kira the Mudkip and taking the Squirtle.

"Thank you. Good bye Squirtle! I'll never forget you!" Kira said putting her Mudkip down.

I smiled as Oak walked back into the forest and disappeared from sight. I sighed and sat down just as a Pichu came and decided to spark me. Charmander wouldn't stand for that so I started my very first pokebattle.

"Charmander use scratch!"

Every time I called for Charmander to attack she always hit her target. Soon enough the Pichu was ready to be captured. I threw a pokeball and caught the Pichu.

"YES!" I cried as the pokeball dinged meaning that I had caught it.

"You need to get that Pichu to a Pokecenter and fast." Kira commented looking sour.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just that that was a really rare type of Pichu. It was a spike-eared Pichu." Kira pouted.

"Well here comes an Aipom. Why not try to catch it?"

"Mudkip! Tackle that Aipom!" Kira said pointing to a bewildered Aipom.

Unlike with my battle Kira's didn't go all too smoothly. The Aipom kept evading her attacks and soon enough ran away. Kira freaked out then making Mudkip get scared.

"Hey calm down! it just means that you have to focus on levelling your Mudkip up." I said patting her back.

"Oh I will! I will! You can count on that!" Kira shrieked her eye twitching.

I sighed Kira had always been a sore loser. She especially hated it when I did something she couldn't do as you can see. She always had a tantrum whenever she didn't get her own way. I remember this one time when I won a race and she threw her bike in front of a train ruining it. She was grounded for the rest of the summer. After that incident I always tried to let her win, but she was just so darn bad at everything I always managed to come out on top even when I was lousy on purpose. I felt bad for the next Pokémon that Kira would see and try to catch, and I didn't want to be anywhere near it so I climbed the tree with Charmander again and observed from afar.