The whole room was clear of everything except for a note. I went over and picked it up and began to read it out loud.

"Dear Pokémon Trainers

I have taken your Pokémon and I am giving them to Giovanni as a present. There is nothing you can do about it! Team Rocket has struck!"

"What does that mean Officer? And may I add you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met?" Brock sighed.

"It means that our Pokémon are in grave danger." Officer Jenny said ignoring the other part of Brock's question.

"Hmm well I don't know about Team Rocket but I know that Charmander here could track the smell of the poison." I suggested crumpling the note in my hand.

"That might actually work. But I'll send Growlithe with Charmander just so that she's not hurt before she finds Team Rocket." Officer Jenny said.

"And we can follow them." Brock said.

"Ok Charmander! You know that nasty smell that was coming from where we found Pichu?" I asked bending down to talk to Charmander.

"Char!" She growled.

"You have to follow that scent to find a few more Pokémon." I said.

Charmander started to sniff around and then darted out the door and into the night with Growlithe following her. We quickly followed after them, following the glow from Charmander's tail. Soon enough we were on the other side of town at the Pokémart. Charmander went around the back and sniffed around and then stopped sneezing in confusion.

"The scent must stop here. But how?" I asked searching the wall for a hidden door.

"I don't know. This is strange, maybe they got into a vehicle and drove away?" Brock suggested.

I looked at Charmander who shook her head, "No they went in here. The only question is how."

We all started to pat the wall and see if there was maybe a switch or something, but after ten minutes of searching we didn't find anything. I sighed and took a step back and then saw it.

"There! That's how they got in! The dumpster is movable!" I exclaimed.

Brock, Officer Jenny and I all pushed the dumpster out of the way and a staircase appeared. Before we went down the stairs I put Pichu into her Pokéball so that she wouldn't get hurt. We all edged down the stairs with Officer Jenny going first then Brock and then me. The underground place looked quite spacious and nice. It looked like it was a storehouse with all the cardboard boxes lying around. I peaked in one and gasped as I saw at least twenty Pokéballs in it.