Fuse stared down at the human that was kneeling before him. He still hadn't figured out why the disgusting being was before him, especially after what one of his most trusted men had advised of him. Apparently the human was an immediate threat to their life, and his Fusions in the area brought her to them. Just looking at her, Fuse couldn't see what the threat was; she was a middle-aged woman with failing sight and white hair. What problem was she to him, the lord of the planet he command? Residing next to her was a plate covered with something the humans called food. As Fusions, they didn't need to eat, so why was he looking at it? Beside the human was Fusion Demongo, who was bowing like normal.

"Explain yourself," Fuse commanded his right-hand Fusion.

"My liege, I believe this woman's cooking will kill us all," Fusion Demongo explained respectively.

"How to do you figure that?" Fuse questioned.

"I shall demonstrate," the Fusion said as it motioned with its hand.

A Fusion Monster that was of medium strength appeared and walked towards Fusion Demongo. The Fusion motioned to the plate, and without a word, the creature devoured the material on the plate. Nothing happened at first, but within a second, the Fusion began to disintegrate into Fusion Matter. Fuse's eyes widened in horror.

"What is this?" Fuse demanded.

"It's ham and eggs," Muriel answered, unafraid.

"What is in this vile being?" Fuse demand.

"Well, everything in ham and eggs. I did add some vinegar to give it flavor," Muriel responded.

"Vinegar?" Fuse demanded.

"Yes. I carry a bottle on me. Here, have a taste," Muriel responded, holding out a bottle of vinegar.

"My liege! Allow me to test it for you," Fusion Demongo said.

Fuse nodded. Fusion Demongo reached out and took the bottle, taking a small swig from it. Before he could move the bottle away from his mouth, he began to turn into Fusion Matter. The bottle shattered as it connected with the ground. The contents spilled and burned a hole, causing it to fall into the next layer below it. This outburst began a mass panic. Standing, Fuse banished Muriel from the planet, sending her back to Earth. He called upon his minions still on the planet below and once sure they were gathered, he left the Milky Way.

"And that's how my day went," Muriel finished as she placed Eustace's dinner plate in front of him.

"What a bunch of hoo-ha," Eustace responded as he dug into his dinner.

"I tell ya Eustace, it's the truth," Muriel responded as she sat across from her husband with her own dinner plate. "You believe me, don't ya Courage?"

"Mhm," Courage said with a nod as he dug into his own dinner.

"See," Muriel said.

"Whatever. Let me eat my dinner," Eustace demanded.

Above the farm house was a clear blue sky with the sun setting. Planet Fusion no longer tainted the beautiful blue sky.