Summary: The gods and goddesses grant their hero a wish. To reunite with his love…for at least one day.

Pairing: Percy Jackson/Luke Castellan

Warning: Slash

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It has been one month since the Titan War. One month since the prophecy was completed. One month since Luke had died a hero. One month since the wretched day the two star-crossed lovers had been separated.

One day, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty had called an urgent meeting that required all the Olympians and Hades to attend. Everyone was curious why the goddess of love had called a meeting that was so important that it had to include Hades.

"Aphrodite, why have you called a meeting?" Zeus asked in an annoyed and commanding voice.

Aphrodite said in a calm voice, "I have called you all here today to discuss the case of Percy Jackson."

Everyone straightened up at the mention of the hero's name. Poseidon because Percy was his favorite child and was very concerned about him, since he heard Percy had been sullen and depressed since the war. His child hardly slept and constantly had dark bags under his eyes. He didn't eat unless his friends forced him to and for appearance sakes. At night in his cabin, Percy would cry softly, but no one knew why. Athena because he was Annabeth's best friend and she held respect for the young demi-god, despite the fact he was her rival's son. Artemis because Percy was the only boy she thought had integrity. Apollo because he had a soft spot for the kid after he had saved his twin sister. Hades because Percy had beaten him in battle twice and helped his only son, which commanded his full respect, even if he did find the demi-god annoying. Ares because the kid had beaten him in battle at the age of 12. Even though the god of war still held some resentment towards Percy, he had to admit he had some respect for him. Hermes because he had mixed emotions when it came to the green-eyed boy.

"Why did you mention my son's name, Aphrodite?" Poseidon asked curiously.

Aphrodite's expression suddenly became gloomy. She said, "I have come to talk about his case."

Athena asked suspiciously, "His case?"

The goddess of love nodded her head. "His love life."

Poseidon's eyes narrowed at this. "His love life? What are you planning to do, Aphrodite?"

"Would you please let me explain?" Aphrodite's voice was filled with annoyance, but then her voice softened. "There is something I want to explain to you all. The reason why he did not except immortality."

Zeus asked irritated, "What about it? The upstart had the nerve deny such a rare gift." A few gods and goddesses glared at him.

"Percy did not accept our gift of immortality because one day he wishes to join his love."

"What...?" Everyone asked confused. No one knew what she was talking about.

Poseidon asked cautiously in a low voice, "Aphrodite, what are you talking about?"

"Why don't I show you what I mean?" The love goddess's voice soft and sad.


"Percy!" The said boy turned around and was startled to see the person he had been crushing since the day he met him, Luke Castellan. The older boy had taken him under his wing and cared for him when he had arrived at Camp Half-Blood. Even after Percy was claimed by Poseidon, when everyone shunned and talked about him behind his back, Luke had stayed by his side. The two became close and practically inseparable at camp. Even though Percy yearned for the older boy, he didn't know if Luke felt the same way. Sometimes he thought the blue-eyed adult sent him heated looks, but it would instantly vanish when they made eye-contact.

"Luke? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in your cabin sleeping?" The ravenette asked curiously. He wanted to know why Luke was out here at one in the morning.

Luke plopped down besides Percy. He chuckled and said, "I couldn't go to sleep. I wanted to take walk to clear my mind, but then I saw you here. So you wanna tell me why you are here?"

"Uh…" Percy didn't want to tell the older boy why he was here. His head had been filled with thoughts of Luke and camp and wanted to clear his mind by being at his most favorite place, the beach, where he felt one with the sea.

"It's nothing really. Just wanted to take my mind off of things."

Luke furrowed his eyebrows and asked worriedly, "What's bothering you Percy?"

Percy sighed and responded, "Just camp you know. I miss my mom and I just don't feel at home here…"

Luke placed an arm around the ravenette and said comfortingly, "Percy…I know it's hard for you, but I will always be here. If you ever need anything, just come to me. I care about you."

Percy stared up at Luke with eyes filled with mixed emotions. He bit the edge of his bottom lip for a few moments before asking, "Why do you care about me? Aren't I just in your way?"

Luke's eyes were filled with anger when heard those words. He pushed the younger boy onto the sand and used one hand to pin the slim arms above the boy's head. He said angrily, "Why would you think that? Didn't you hear what I just said? I care about you!"

Percy's eyes widened and turned a slight shade of red at the fact Luke had just pushed him down and pinned him arms above his head. He said flustered, "L-luke!"

Luke switched his voice to a more lovingly tone and said, "Percy, I stick with you because I care about you. I love being around you. Being around you… it brings me to life. Makes me feel calm and happy."

He was shocked at Luke's words, but he couldn't believe it. He stared into the beautiful, gentle icy blue eyes and clenched his hands. "Aren't I just annoyance? You only stick with me because everyone had abandoned me! Aren't you just with me out of pity?"

That was when Luke did something unexpected. He smashed lips onto Percy's and moved their lips for a rough kiss that was filled with all his emotions. When the two finally pulled apart panting, the blue-eyed adult said, "I'm not with you out of it pity! I care about you and I love you!"

Percy's eyes went wide at the sudden confession. He stuttered out, "Y-you l-love m-me?"

Luke released his hold on the boy's wrists and wrapped his arms around the ravenette. He whispered softly into Percy's ears, "I love you, but do you love me?"

Percy hesitantly moved his arms to wrap around Luke and said nervously, "I-I l-love y-you too…"

Luke moved his head to gaze into Percy's mesmerizing sea-green eyes. A gentle smile graced his lips. He leaned down and continued to place tender kisses on the boy's ruby lips.

End of Flashback

Everyone was astonished at the flashback they had just seen, especially Poseidon and Hermes because it was their sons in the flashback.

"W-what w-was t-that?" Poseidon stammered out. Everyone stared at Aphrodite for an answer.

A sigh passed through love goddess's lips. She said, "It is exactly what you saw. The proof of love between Percy Jackson and Luke Castellan."

"WHY DIDN'T WE KNOW ABOUT THIS?" Hermes shouted.

Aphrodite looked away from all the gods and goddesses and said in apologetic voice, "I'm sorry I did not tell any of you. I thought it would be best to keep their relationship a secret."

Poseidon sighed and asked, "How long did their relationship last?"

Aphrodite merely said one word, "Watch."

The gods and goddesses watched flashbacks of Luke and Percy's relationship. All knew it was going to be a heartbreaking love. They saw the scenes of the two's blossoming love to the part Luke betrayed Percy by letting a pit scorpion bite the boy and placing a chaste kiss on his love's lips and whispering the words, "I love you, but this is goodbye" before he ran away like a coward.

At that part, everyone was still completely stunned by the events that seen with their own eyes. Secrets of the two's love were being revealed before their eyes.


It was nighttime and Percy was back home in his room sleeping on his bed. A figure had entered the room from the balcony and sat down on the bed. The mysterious person brushed his hands through Percy's soft raven locks. He did not say a single word, but sat silently on the bed running his hands through the ravenette's messy hair. Soon enough, Percy stirred in his sleep as he felt familiar and soothing hands run through his hair. He opened his eyes to see an intruder and jolted away.

He whispered dangerously, "Who are you?"

"Percy…" The ravenette's eyes widened at the voice. It was HIS voice.

He said in a low tone with disbelief evident in it, "Luke…"

Luke moved closer to Percy. Sadness, worry, fear, and love were etched on the man's face.

Percy grabbed riptide. He murmured alarm, "Luke…what are you doing here?" He feared the blond would strike him down this second, so he would be out of the older boy's way.

Luke whispered with sadness, "I'm not here to hurt you Percy."

Percy stopped his movement. He asked with confusion, "Then why are you here?"

"I just want to see you Percy. I miss you. I still love you." Percy could see the truth in Luke's eyes, but still…

The ravenette whispered angrily, "Then why did you betray me and leave me to die? If you love me then why did you do it?"

"Because I am an idiot. I love you so much." Luke pulled Percy into an embrace. "I'm sorry for everything. I know you will never forgive me, but please don't hate me."

Percy tried to push himself away from Luke's embrace, but he found he couldn't. He missed these comforting arms that surrounded him. He buried his head in the blonde's shoulder and said softly, "I can't hate you…but I can't forgive you. I know you love me, I know you always will, but we can't be together because we are enemies."

Luke tightened his hold on the younger boy. "Percy…I love you…I can never stop loving you…I know we are enemies, but I…I can't let you go."

Tears started to trickle down the ravenette's cheek. "Then don't. Stay with me tonight. I don't want you to leave because I can't let you go either."

The two slept in each other's arm for the rest of the night. Luke left the sleeping ravenette an hour before he had to wake, but not before planting a chaste kiss on the rosy lips and quick "I love you."

End of Flashback

The gods and goddess watched all the visions intensely. They observed the secret moments the two shared in private. They heard the reason why Luke joined Kronos. They saw how the two lovers showered each other with love and passion. Every god and goddess realized how deep their love was for the other. They realized during the time they shared, the two never talked about the war, but other miscellaneous things.

Then all of the sudden the flashbacks paused and the gods and goddesses glanced at Aphrodite curiously.

The love goddess said, "This will be the last moment they share together before Luke has…died as a hero."


It was around the afternoon and Percy had just come home from school. He entered into his room to set down his stuff, but then he saw Luke. Immediately, he dropped his stuff and ran into the blonde's arms. Luke wrapped his arms tightly around his love. Neither said anything, but enjoyed the moment they had in each other's arms.

Percy looked up at Luke and placed a passionate kiss onto the blue-eyed adult's lips. After a few minutes the two broke apart panting. Luke brought a hand to caress the ravenette's cheek. He stared into his love's mesmerizing sea-green eyes and said seriously, "Run away with me."

Percy's eyes went wide. He whispered with confusion, "What?"

Luke repeated, "Run away with me Percy. Away from this war. Away from everything."

Percy stared in Luke's eyes and shook his head. "You know we can't. We can't run away. I have to stop Kronos."

Luke replied with desperation, "If we run away then it will be no longer our problem."

Percy gripped onto Luke's shirt tightly and responded, "We will be cowards. We can't run away. It is our destiny."

Luke screamed, "Who cares about our destiny? All I want is to be with you! Don't you want to?"

Percy shouted back, "You know I do! You know I love you! You know that, but I can't runaway! I cannot abandon everyone! I can't abandon my family!"

Luke whispered with despair, "Please just run away with me. The world of the gods no longer has to concern us. All I want is to be with you."

Percy shook his head once again and said softly, "I will not run away. I have to stay and protect my family."

Luke stared into Percy's eyes and said, "Then what do we do?"

Percy leaned upwards and pressed and soft and apologetic kiss on his beloved's lips. After a few moments, he pulled away and turned his head to the side, not wanting to look into those icy blue eyes. He whispered unsteadily, "Then we shall say goodbye…" The ravenette's eyes started to water. He closed his eyes tightly to prevent his tears from falling.

Luke's eyes widened with astonishment. Tears started to cloud his vision. When the words finally sunk in, he reluctantly and shakily released his hold around Percy and responded heartbreakingly, "Then we shall…"

That was their last moment together as a couple and also the last time Percy saw him before that prophesied day.

End of Flashback

The goddesses' eyes started to water and the gods felt sadness for the two lovers.

Aphrodite said softly, but sadly, "This will be that very day."


Luke struck his mortal point with the cursed blade and a howl of pain echoed throughout the room. The blonde's body shined brightly causing Percy, Annabeth, and Grover to close their eyes and turn away. When the lights dimmed, Percy rushed towards Luke, who was lying weakly on the cold floor. Fresh tears sprinkling down his cheeks and onto Luke's chest.

Annabeth shouted, "Luke, hold on! The gods are coming! Grover, get ambrosia, nectar!" The two ran out the room in hope of saving the traitor turned hero.

Luke whispered out, "There's no saving me…"

Percy grasped Luke's hand and began to cry harder. Luke feebly raised his other hand to caress his love's cheek. He whispered hoarsely, "Promise me… promise me your heart will always be mine and one day we will be together again." The blonde coughed out blood.

Tears kept flowing down the ravenette's cheek. Percy choked out, "I promise I will always love you. My heart will be yours for eternity and one day we will meet again."

Luke gave one last smile and said with his last strength, "I love you." Icy blue eyes closed. Breathing no longer existent. Heartbeats no longer pounding.

Percy placed a gentle kiss onto the rapidly chilling forehead and said, "I love you too…"

End of Flashback

Every god and goddess present finally understood why Percy had rejected immortality. Every goddess and some gods were crying. The rest were silent and trying to comprehend every flashback they had seen. The gods and goddess felt sorrow in their hearts for the star-crossed lovers. Poseidon's emotions were going crazy and causing the sea to be wild. Hermes felt remorse for every word he had said towards Percy. He blamed his beloved son's death onto the boy without understanding how the other felt and what he had been through when he saw his love die before his eyes.

Poseidon asked shakily, "Aphrodite, why have you shown us this?"

Aphrodite looked the sea god straight in the eye responded, "Because I believe we should reunite our star-crossed lovers."

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