A small groan escaped Rapunzel as she heard voices, 'Mother?' she thought assuming that she had fallen asleep, but how could her mother gotten up the tower if she was asleep? She could already hear her mother joking around with her and commencing their little chant, she could already her Mother's teasing voice saying, 'I love you.'

"Love you more" she mumbled. The blonde fidgeted slightly as she felt someone's hand against her forehead before her eyes fluttered open and light green orbs looked at an unknown male sitting across from her in a wooden chair. Her eyes widened as she violently sat up only to wince at the sudden pain that ran up her spinal cord.

"Dad! She's awake" the male in the seat called. He looked to be fifteen, possibly sixteen, and wore his hair down to the top of his nose in a bowl-ish cut, nearly covering forest green eyes and a coating of freckles. Though the blonde could care less about his appearance as she grabbed the nearest thing to her which was a large pillow and chucked it at him full force and started grabbing more objects as she screamed in terror. He was a man, and men had pointy teeth! Just like mother had told her!

She had never seen another human before excluding Mother Gothel and she was downright terrified. Her slender hands wrapped around the legs of a small table beside the couch she was on and swung it full force before she was grabbed from behind by thick burly arms and was picked up into the air.

"Put me down!" she shrieked and kicked her legs around and flailed her arms around before smashing the table backwards where a loud crashing noise made her assume she had broken the table. Though instead of being dropped to the floor instead she heard hearty laughter and the boy she had been throwing things at mumble 'ah shit.'

"This one has some fire in 'er, righ' Hiccup?" a gruff masculine voice asked as the blonde was finally put down on the wooden floor where she fell to her knees and then sat down in disbelief.

"Yeah…fire" the boy named Hiccup mumbled rubbing his sore cheek where the blonde had managed to have nicked him with a large leather bound book that had been inconveniently placed next to the couch. His gaze flickered to the floor where the blonde had pulled her knees up to her chest and was mumbling to herself and hyperventilating.

"What's yer name?" Stoick asked looking down at the young woman with inhumanly long hair, she blinked before her eyes widened slightly as she looked up at him with panic. The two males felt somewhat sympathy dwelling up in them at the sight of the drenched and panicked blonde. Though it was strange considering the fact not too long ago she tried to beat them senseless with household objects.

Rapunzel's gaze then flickered back to the strangers and she bit her lower lip and inched away pointing her finger at them accusingly. "Who are you and what do you want with me?" she asked her eyes narrowing as she suddenly wished she had her frying pan but knowing her luck she had lost it in the sea.

"That's the thanks we get fer fishing ya out of th' sea?" the large man with a red beard asked jokingly as he looked down at her and offered her a hand to get up since she didn't appear menacing in any shape or form. No he saw her as a toothpick compared to the other teenaged girls on Berk. But what did he know? Perhaps she was more dangerous then she appeared.

She looked away grudgingly and crossed her slender arms across her chest before looking up at the two males with curious light green orbs before she cautiously stood up. "I'm Rapunzel….and you are?" she asked raising a brow her fear seeming to have died down by the slightest.

"I'm Hiccup and the man who brought you here is my dad, Stoick The Vast" Hiccup explained looking at her with interest since she looked very different from any of the females on Berk besides the hair thing that is.

"You don't have pointy teeth do you?"

"Wait what?"

Stoick burst out into laughter at Rapunzel's question about their teeth; ah this girl was strange indeed.

"Um, I don't have pointy teeth," Hiccup said, showing his teeth with a small smile. He shot his father a glance as the man continued laughing causing Rapunzel to shrink back with a panicked expression crossing her features as she looked at the Viking man before managing nervous laughter.

The three turned to look at the door when a man with blonde hair and... No hand? Well, this is something that Rapunzel never thought she would go through in her life entered the home.

"Gobber!" Stoick said enthusiastically with a smile as he looked at the other man who had entered who turned his attention to Rapunzel who flinched and backed up towards a wall in fear.

"Th' mystery lass finally woke I see" Gobber said with a snort as he shifted a package in his arms before approaching the blonde cautiously and handing her the package with a soothing expression on his unshaven face.

"Here are some warmer, clean clothes for ya." Gobber looked at Rapunzel. "You know, we should probably cut your hair some if yer going to sta' here."

"No!" Rapunzel cried. She seized a hold of her hair. "Please don't cut my hair!"

The males looked taken aback. "All right, all right, we won't cut your hair yet. But if it interferes with dragon trainin' its coming off." Gobber called out over his shoulder as he exited.

"Thank you," Rapunzel replied. She touched the package, stroking it softly.

The package contained an outfit that consisted of a light grey sleeveless shirt, a brown skirt that came to the middle of her thighs, wool tights, furry boots, these weird glove things, and a light cream brown fur vest that extended down to the bottom of her skirt.

"Ya should get dressed upstairs" Stoick said as he ushered Rapunzel up the stairs and into an empty room where she could dress in privacy while he headed back downstairs.

Suddenly, she heard a wheezing followed by violent coughing. She lifted up her hair to see Pascal, blue in the face and toes while green elsewhere, lying on her shoulder. He had been flattened by the soaked hair. Rapunzel gasped. "Oh, Pascal, I am so sorry!" She picked him up and cuddled him.

"Well at least you're free now," she said awkwardly before putting him down on the windowsill of the room and turning around to change adter making sure Pascal was looking away.

The blonde pulled on the articles of clothing carefully, and eyed the fur boots curiously and looked down at her bare toes which were incredibly numb at the current moment. She wiggled them and sighed in relief that they still functioned properly since it was freezing and she wasn't used to it since it was always warm all year long in her tower for some reason.

"You get your wish. Dragon training…you start in the morning." Stoick said awkwardly.

"Oh, man, I should have gone first," Hiccup began. "Because I was thinking, you know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings," he said making punching gestures.

"But do we have enough bread-making Vikings or small-home-repair Vikings?" Hiccup carried on with the raise of a brow as he looked at his father.

"You'll need this." Stoick placed a heavy looking axe with a wooden hilt in Hiccup's arms seeming to have disregarded anything the teenage boy had been saying.

"I don't want to fight dragons." Hiccup said blandly with a serious expression crossing his facial features.

"Come on. Yes, you do."

"Rephrase. Dad, I can't kill dragons"

"But you will kill dragons"

"No, I'm really very extra-sure I won't."

"It's time Hiccup" Stoick said determined as he looked down at his son with a proud look in his eyes that read that he wasn't going to let the topic drop.

"Can you not hear me?" Hiccup asked exasperated and somewhat annoyed.

"This is serious son." Stoick said as he picked up the axe from Hiccup's grip which the young male was thankful for since the weight was bothersome.

"When you pick up this axe, you carry all of us with you." Stoick carried on putting the axe back down into Hiccup's arms before snatching it back up. "This means you walk like us, you talk like us…." He stopped and placed the axe back in Hiccup's arms and straightened him up before giving a triumphant smile.

"…. And you think like us."

"No more of …this." Stoick finished gesturing towards Hiccup with a large beefy hand.

"You just gestured to all of me."


"This conversation is feeling very one-sided" Hiccup pointed out as he looked up at his father.

"Deal?" Stoick repeated this time more aggressively as his thick brows narrowed as he looked down at the auburn haired teenager.

"Deal." Came the reluctant reply.

"Good" Stoick said not even seeming to disregard Hiccup's crestfallen face as he pulled on his large basket and started making his way to the front door to leave for the hunting of the dragons nest.

"Train hard" he said clenching his fist as he looked back at Hiccup with hope.

"I'll be back. Probably." Stoick said doubtful as he pulled on his helmet and walked away.

"And I'll be here. With Rapunzel. Maybe." Hiccup called out after his father only to have the door shut with a thud leaving the teenage Viking standing there with an axe that weighed his weight.

"How much of that did you see?" He asked looking back up the stairs to see Rapunzel who managed a sheepish smile as she looked at him.

"Umm all of it….I'm sorry" she said twiddling her thumbs as she looked at him sympathetically, she could understand his situation since the last thing she had done with Mother Gothel was fight about leaving her tower, once again.

"It's fine he's always like that, at times I just wish that he'd ju-" "Just listen?" Rapunzel asked cutting him off with a sad expression as she remembered how she had left her mother who had done nothing but been kind to her and watch out for her. She lowered her gaze and looked at her fur boots.

"Yeah but doesn't seem like that'll ever happen anytime soon" Hiccup said sarcastically as he placed the axe down where it leaned against the stairs. He then looked back up at Rapunzel before gesturing for her to come down the stairs and join him which she reluctantly did after a moments of hesitation before smiling slightly as Pascal popped out of her hair and adjusted himself upon her shoulder.

"What the hell is that?" Hiccup practically shouted as he looked at the small reptile, it looked like a relative of the Terrible Terror with its small size.

"It's a Pascal." The small dragon made a squeaking noise in protest. "Well excuse me he's a chameleon."

"You have to hide him….Vikings don't take kindly to dragons."

"He's a chameleon."

"Yeah sure but just hide him."

"Well as long as its day out, might as well show you around town" he said awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck looking at the blonde who smile enthusiastically about the idea.

"I'd love that!" she said clapping her hands together seeming to have forgotten that all not too long ago she had tried to murder him with household objects and practically fainted at the sight of him and his father.

"Great looks like I'll be your tour guide then" Hiccup said with a slight smile as he looked at the blonde who had already made her way down the stairs with her hair in a large bundle in her arms causing him to raise a brow and manage a nervous laugh. "You're going to have to do something with all….that" he said casually as he gestured towards her large bundle of hair with a slight smile on his face.

"Oh, alright then" Rapunzel said looking down at her hair with a quizzical scowl as she wondered what to do with it before she looked up at Hiccup as he sighed slightly. "I'll braid it for you" he said a bit miffed about the fact he could braid, it was mostly his mother's fault in his defense as he gestured for Rapunzel to give him her hair.

The blonde looked hesitant before handing the heavy bundle over causing Hiccup's eyes to widen slightly at the weight of all the hair. "Damn your neck must be strong" he joked earning a small laugh from Rapunzel before he commenced braiding her hell lot of hair.

"Okay it took me half an hour but I did it!" Hiccup said triumphantly as he pulled his hands away from the sturdy braid that he had just done, of course her hair was still overly long but now she could wrap the bottom half around her neck like a scarf which she had just done.

"Thank you" Rapunzel said politely as Pascal had already burrowed himself into her braided hair as he had always done since the two had first met only a short few years ago.

"It's nothing" Hiccup said modestly with a small smile, he was still a bit surprised that someone had actually thanked him since that never happened, like ever! He shrugged it off and stood up straight as he began leading Rapunzel out of the house an onto the chilly streets of Berk which weren't as full as usual do to a majority of the Vikings leaving to go hunt down the dragons nest with his father as they had been discussing for months.

"Well I'll take you to the training arena which is where you'll find a majority of the other teenagers around here, and then we can go to the Smithy, that's where Gobber works, don't worry he's not that bad, sure he could be better but not bad" Hiccup said before stopping short as he realized that he was rambling on and managed an embarrassed expression as he looked over his shoulder at Rapunzel who was looking around excitedly before she started singing.

Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be!

Just feel that summer breeze - the way it's calling me

For like the first time ever, I'm completely free!

I could go running

And racing

And dancing

And chasing

And leaping

And bounding

Hair flying

Heart pounding

And splashing

And reeling

And finally feeling

Now's when my life begins!

Hiccup cocked his head to the side with a raise of the brow wondering as to why Rapunzel was singing, in public, of all places. She had a lovely singing voice but really? He shook his head ignoring the strange looks the pair was getting from people who had seen the singing as they walked down the street.

"Do you do that all the time?"

"Do what?"

"Sing in public?"

"Not all the time, why ask?"

"Uh no reason."

The two made their way towards the dragon training arena which Hiccup prayed was empty since he didn't want to be seen with the girl who broke out into spontaneous singing something that Vikings didn't do in their lifetimes. Though it seemed that the gods hated him since before the two were the other teenagers and Astrid who were looking at them with confusion.

"Who's the powder puff?" Ruffnut asked with a sneer as she looked Rapunzel over with a curios expression.

"Yeah who's the babe?" Snotlout and Tuffnut asked in unison as they practically drooled over Rapunzel who was now hiding behind Hiccup her eyes downcast.

Okay so maybe a tour hadn't been the smartest idea she had in her lifespan.

"Babe? Dude if she's hanging out with Hiccup The Useless she's gotta be a loser to" Ruffnt said with a snort as she crossed her arms across her chest as she looked at Rapunzel and Hiccup with a sneer that seemed to suit her so well that it looked like that was the way her face naturally was.

"Her hairs to long it's going to get in her way and ours" Astrid retorted from Ruffnut's side not prying into the matters of the others as she fingered her axe as she always did when it came to matters like these.

"Ditch the loser and hang out with us" Tuffnut said managing a flirty smirk only to be shoved out of the way by Snotlout who managed a wink that made Rapunzel and Hiccup cringe at the sight of.

"He's not just a loser, he's useless, and you need to be around people who are awesome like me" Snotlout said flexing his muscles causing the twins and Astrid to roll their eyes while Fishlegs stood meekly as he watched what was happening and fidgeting around.

Rapunzel clenched her fists getting fed up of these people badmouthing Hiccup who wasn't doing anything about it, at all! No he was making cow eyes at the blonde girl with the axe much to Rapunzel's annoyance since she wasn't saying anything about it either.

"Now come on babe lets go" Snotlout said as he walked closer and took Rapunzel's hand in his despite the blonde's protests before everyone's eyes widened in shock as a loud crunching noise sounded through the air and Snotlout crumpled to the floor clenching his bleeding nose and Rapunzel huffed and cleaned her fist off onto her dress before backing up and getting next to Hiccup.

"He's not a loser!" Rapunzel shouted loudly her brows creasing in annoyance causing Hiccup to blink in surprise as he looked down at her since no one had actually stook up for him besides Gobber but it didn't really count since the man mad fun of him at times as well.

"Calm down babe

"You're all jerks if you think he's a loser when you don't even know him! He's nice and didn't even yell at me when I threw stuff at him!" She carried on ignoring Hiccup signaling for her to calm down.

"I think that's enough Rapunzel. Well um bye guys, have fun and all that other stuff I'll be taking Rapunzel and be leaving now, so yeah" Hiccup said awkwardly before taking Rapunzel's hand and dragging her way from the scene as fast as their legs could carry them until they got back home and the door was securely closed behind them. He let go of her hand and slid to the floor with his eyes wide.

"I can't believe you did that" he mumbled looking up at Rapunzel who looked embarrassed yet still annoyed.

"They had no right to call you that" She replied hotly as she looked down at him.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, that's what friends do for each other don't they?" Rapunzel asked cocking her head to the side in a curious manner wondering if she had gotten the term wrong or not, she hoped not, and she hoped that Hiccup was alright with her thinking they were friends well she hoped he was.

"You think we're friends?" he asked incredulously sounding unsure especially when his voice squeaked at the end by the slightest.

"Um yeah, is that bad?" she asked hoping that it wasn't since she didn't have any friends except for Pascal who she had to keep hidden like Hiccup had told her to.

"No that's great" he said enthusiastically causing Rapunzel to smile widely and clap her hands in joy.

"Oh and Rapunzel."


"About punching Snotlout in the face, nice touch."