When Lann finally deigned to open his eyes, the first thing he saw was darkness— wait, that couldn't be right. It wasn't really dark, more like a shaded yellow. Stubbly legs. Something that smelled like saltwater and rocks. What…?

Something pulled at his hair with a sharp tug once, twice, three times…

Lann sat up abruptly and ripped off the offending… thing that had been sitting on his face and chewing away at his hair.

A sleepy-looking, mossy-green turtle (Was it a turtle? He'd never really seen a turtle before.) made a strange noise as it munched on a bit of his hair that had torn out. The patch of scalp that the hair had been ripped out from stung like hell.

Lann would later deny the strangled scream that came out of his mouth before he had thrown the turtle as far as he could into the ocean. It did, regardless, sail impressively in an arc for a while before it descended and splashed into the waves with a muted plop.

Getting to his feet and stretching out the soreness from his limbs, Lann scratched at some reddened, peeling skin on his arm. Once he shook out all the granules of sand from his hair, he examined his surroundings. He certainly wasn't on the Firebolt, obviously.

The beach that he had found himself on had quite the tropical look to it, with the deep-looking jungle behind him and the crystal-clear water he was standing in stopping just at his bare ankles. It would've looked like a vacation were it not for the fact that he had no idea where he was, or if any of the crew had ended up with him on this island.

For the most part, at least he still had his clothes. Waking up on a jungle island with no pants was like asking something to bite you in the unmentionables.

Lann stretched his arms above his head. He'd might as well go and take a look around.

Carefully, of course. He'd be staying for awhile, and he certainly didn't want to get eaten by something else within the hour.

Kai was not as fortunate as Lann seeing as instead of waking up on the beach, he had regained consciousness in a tree, dangling upside down and barely hanging on by a vine that had tangled around his ankle. It was not a very pleasant awakening.

The vine snapped, and Kai fell face-first into a pile of dead leaves in a graceless heap of achy limbs.

He decided to count to ten before attempting to move a finger. Every single bone in his body just plain hurt, and the pounding in his head wasn't doing him any favors.