Hi, everyone! It's been some time since I wrote an MR fanfic. And I thought I'd make one now. So, in this two chapter story, centered around Tiger(my favorite MR character)he's got pretty much everything he could ever want, including his old pack back as part of the goodies, but he still has problems with his anger issues, especially if Hare sets him off. How he will deal with it, or how he will put it to the best of use, is anyone's guess, and things become especially critical and crucial when Moo comes back to life, albeit with the three forms he's had before split into three separate Moo's, and captures everyone but Tiger. So, how will this go down? Read this two chapter fic and find out.


This story takes place eight weeks after the end of Season 3 of the Monster Rancher anime.

This story was partially inspired by that 2002 animated film "Balto 2: Wolf Quest" as well as an episode of that show "Extreme Dinosaurs" titled "Bullzeye Surfs The Web".

I own none of the characters. They all belong to the Monster Rancher franchise.

Cold Drop

Chapter 1: Tiger's Temper Trouble

It was, overall, a good time for the Monster Rancher world. After all, Moo had been defeated for good. All of everyone who was a baddy was now good again, and they'd gotten a pardon, as had Tiger, Gray Wolf(who'd also gotten a pardon for when he was brainwashed) and the last Datonare and Daton for their past thievery and anything else, and speaking of that, the likes of Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton, Tama, Granity, Naga, Gali and Nina had joined the rebels. Furthermore, Big Blue had been restored to life subsequently, and Granity had also been changed back to Pixie in the process. Best of all, life was prosperous for both monsters and humans alike, and it was like living in a paradise.

However, there were still a few problems. Tiger and Hare still went at it routinely, and the former still had the difficulty with his temper and pride he had. But for the worst problem of all, a special kind of eclipse which occurred by chance one night had made it so that Moo's soul got phenomenally turned alive again, thus resurrecting the evil monster and chief baddy from his death, though there was a catch to it. Since he'd been destroyed before with no lost disk, he would not be brought back as one being. He would become three different, separate, individual Moos, Moo as his gold armored self as the rebels first encountered him, Moo as his original and most powerful dragon self and Moo as his final, red armored self that the goodies put away at long last to vanquish him and his evil from the Monster Rancher world.

When the three Moos, who discovered fast what had happened and how, plus realized not a one of them was as powerful as Moo had been before, when he was one of the three bodies as a single individual, but all of them were still very powerful and dangerous indeed, and after a long talk of what had to be done and how, they teamed up and found themselves a special hideout, and it served, since they'd been resurrected nearby a special temple, again, by chance, as a good place of both means of headquarters, machinery and weaponry. "Now," the biggest Moo said, "I am well aware all three of us intend to destroy those goodies and their friends, plus conquer all of this world. But we also have to, before that, organize a way for it to happen successfully this time." "True," the red armored Moo said, "and we also must address ourselves as something with Moo in it to tell each other apart, since we're all a form of the same monster." "You are both quite right, and for the latter, I've got the perfect names, given our looks and all." the gold armored Moo spoke. The other two looked at him.

"I dub myself Gold Moo, you Dragon Moo and you Red Moo." Gold Moo said to them, and they nodded. "All right, Gold Moo, now that that part is out of the way, one would wonder how we would set up a way to get rid of those goodies!" Red Moo spoke. "Wait! I know just the way!" Dragon Moo told the others. "According to what I see in this orb inside of this special temple we were lucky enough to get resurrected next to, the goodies, with the exception of Tiger, who will be in too bad a mood to go, are going to be heading for a special carnival! On the way, we could lay a trap for them and, after we capture them in that trap, show up to where they are being held and see to their destruction and what must be done for our conquest!"

"I suppose that plan would work." Gold Moo stated. "Even if we'll also have to deal with Tiger, he'll no doubt hear what we've done and try to stop us, and even as powerful, fast, tough and skilled as he is, he's no match for the three of us." "True, so his destruction and theirs will be fairly easy to do, and after that, we'll be able to make it so the rest of what's done for our world conquest will be gravy." Red Moo put in. "All right, let's get started." Dragon Moo said. "From what I saw in the orb, the carnival in question is taking place tomorrow." So they used all of the items in the temple they could find after coming to a unanimous agreement of what kind of trap they would use. Once it was all over, they waited for when the goodies they meant to capture in their trap would come to the carnival the next day, or at least be on their way to it, until they'd walk into the trap on the part of the way to the carnival the Moo trio planted it.

When the next day came, everyone had gotten ready to go to the carnival, much like all of everyone outside of the rebels had, and Genki said: "Oh, man, is this carnival ever gonna be fun!" "Chi! It'll be great, Chi!" Mocchi added. "Tell me about it!" Suezo put in. "The rides, the games, the food, the contests, the food, the pools, the exhibits, the food…" "Suezo, you just said 'the food' three times!" Hare told him. "Is it any wonder why?" Tama quipped. Hopper then put in: "Man, Hopper hopping there's hopping rides and trampolines!" "As if life couldn't get any better for us!" Holly spoke. "Golem concur." Golem said. "I agree, too." Nina stated. Big Blue put in: "Quite something to look forward to after I've been alive again for a bit, even if I don't normally enjoy that sort of thing." "To be honest, neither do I. On a normal basis, anyway." put in Pixie. "The same goes for me." Gray Wolf said. "Typically, I'm not a carnival kind of guy, but I can't help but make an exception in this case." "Same goes for me and Daton, so maybe it's the same reason as us you, Pixie and Big Blue have." Datonare suggested. "You know, just too much fun and all, and at a time when things are just a special kind of easy street?" Daton added.

"Yeah, and I'd say that pretty much sums it up." Gray Wolf spoke. "So would I," Pixie went, "but wait a second. Tiger?" Holly then said, seeing Tiger lying on his stomach and looking none too happy: "Tiger? What's wrong? You look so sad." "More like livid." Tiger replied, "but I suppose I hide it well with how quiet, still and down I am right now." "Something eating you, brother?" asked Gray Wolf. "Maybe he finally realizes how pathetic and immature he is!" let out Hare. "FUCK YOU, HARE!" Tiger yelled as he pounced on him, smacked him in the face an' bit him on the shoulder. "OOOOOWWWWW!" Hare yelled as Tiger got off of him an' walked back to lie down as he'd been lying down before. "Whoa…" Hare let loose. "Make one tiny little jibe and look what happens…" "You could have been more considerate, though." Tama told him subsequently. Hare got up an' Datonare asked: "Anyway, you're clearly upset/mad about one thing or antoher." Datonare told him. "What's got you so glum and irascible?" asked Daton. "I guess it's just the fact that even when things are all easy street, I just can't loosen up or shake a drop of this rage and jaded view of life I've got." Tiger replied.

He then sighed and went on: "As if that weren't hard enough, sometimes I don't think I control my wolf instincts well enough, and could unknowingly pose a danger to some or all of you because of it, and it's been a while since I thought about this, since there were much more important things at stake before we defeated Moo, and after we did, life was practically heaven on earth for us all, both before and after the celebrating of our triumph, but I just can't seem to grasp or comprehend my true self at all. As such, I'm just in a horrendous mood right now, and I actually think, despite how calm I may seem, that it's been some time since I was in this piss-poor of a mood. And for me, that's saying a lot. I just don't think I see myself going to the damn carnival today. Enjoy it if you want, and I know that you, Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton, Pixie and Big Blue, normally don't even think about this sort of thing, but feel pulled to it this one time due to what and when it is, plus I probably would be of that status myself and thus go if I were not in such a bad, dark mood, but I can't deny it or help it. I'm…sorry."

"We're sorry to hear that, Tiger." Nina consoled him. "But hey, maybe some time alone might help you feel a bit better and try to come to grips with all you struggle to understand." said Holly. "Might be. Worth a try." Tiger said, never one to get short with Holly even in his worst of moods. Her being present was part of what helped him remain calm while explaining despite the way he was otherwise on edge and furious. "Anyway, I speak for all of us when I say I hope you feel better, Tiger," Genki said, "but you just keep watch of our camp while we go to that big, fun and cool carnival!" "If your mood fades faster than you think and you decide to come, too, you are more than welcome to." Holly added. "My thanks." Tiger said. "Still, it's not likely." Then after everyone said goodbye to Tiger and he nodded, doing all he could not to let his bad mood overtake him and explode, he both kept watch of the camp they were currently residing in at this time and tried to soothe his mood while also finding out what he could about himself, his soul and his nature, along with his seemingly permanent problems and how to deal with them.

As the rebels were on their way to the carnival and discussing what there was to look forward to there, the Moo trio, from their temple, discovered that all the rebels, save Tiger, of course, were on the move and getting increasingly close to where they'd laid their trap. Then a sentence from Gold Moo consisted of: "It is time for us to use the orb which started all this both to make them know what they must and to reveal our trap, which we capture them with." "So all of us must get in position and prepare!" Red Moo said. Dragon Moo gathered round the magical, mystical orb with them and snarled: "Soon, very soon, we will bring those goodies down, kill off the lot of them, and soon thereafter destroy Tiger, and following that, no one, however they may try, will be able to stop us from conquering this world and destroying all the good in it! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Just as the goodies who were headed for the carnival walked(unknowingly)into the part of the ground where the trap was set, Golem knelt down to smell some flowers he saw and felt were too beautiful not to sniff. "Golem, come on." Pixie told him. "We know you like flowers and such," Gray Wolf stated, an' then Big Blue added on: "but there's plenty of time for that any time and anywhere." "We can't stop every time we see them, because otherwise we'll never get to the carnival before it closes!" Datonare told him. Golem stood up again and said: "Sorry…it hard to resist, especially for Golem." "We can see that, but try using some willpower." Daton put in, with Mocchi going: "Chi!"

Just then, they heard the voice of Dragon Moo say, obviously making it so the voices of the three Moos would project from the orb to this area where the trap was laid: "Not so fast now, goody rebels! You've got a brand new, much bigger thing to focus on just now!" "MOO?" all of them exclaimed in unison. "What the hell? We fucking destroyed you!" Hare shouted. "Yeah, no way you're still alive!" "Ah, but there is!" Red Moo's voice was heard saying by them. "A very special, most likely once in an eternity eclipse occurred which made it so Moo's soul was struck in a way so he was brought back to life. Unfortunately, the fact Moo had no disk of any kind made it so all three of the forms he'd been in were made into separate Moos, and we all are very powerful, even if not on par with how powerful Moo was in those forms as one monster."

"Anyhow," Gold Moo went, "I'm Gold Moo, as I'm in Moo's weaker but still powerful golden armor body you rebels first faced him in, the one in Moo's original, most powerful body is Dragon Moo and the one in Moo's final body before he was destroyed, at least for a time, is Red Moo! I chose the names for us!" "And we're all in a special temple, which is where we got some much needed sources of headquarters and power to start up again what you rebels so very shamelessly destroyed and prevented!" Dragon Moo roared. "You'll pay for tainting my father a second time, then!" Holly shouted. "Especially since after the carnival, I was planning to visit him at the new home he set up for himself after getting a respectable job there so he could live a better life, which he would have if not for you!" "Big talk for such a little bitch!" Red Moo let out in a cackle. "You wanna come and fucking face us, assholes?" growled Gray Wolf. "For we will stop you as we stopped you before!" Pixie yelled. "Only this time, it'll happen faster, since you ain't got no troops to help any of the three of you!" Suezo let out. "That's telling him, or in this case, them, Suezo!" Hare smiled.

"Seriously, you pathetic fuckers are talking through your hats!" Dragon Moo laughed. In addition, Gold Moo would then say: "Anyhow, I've got a surprise for all you rebels, and I think you'll find it quite cool! Though it's a shame Tiger couldn't make it!" "But we'll get to him soon enough." Red Moo added, an' the three Moo's got the trap activated with the use of the orb that had made all of this possible.

Then the ground would open up under the feet of those rebels an' reveal a giant hole surrounded by an ice slide, which they all slid down, down, down as they were screaming their fucking heads off because of it. As soon as they had disappeared, Red Moo said: "I should tell you, by the way. If you think this is cold, wait'll you all see where you're all gonna end up when the slide ride ends! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Indeed, they had all agreed on a giant hole in the ground covered in ice, as an ice tunnel, which would lead to a special, freezing cold pit covered in ice which was permanently cold and icy and located 100 feet under the ground. And that's just what the rebels had fallen down to, and now that they'd disappeared from sight, it was clear they could do nothing to save themselves or climb back out of the tunnel. How would they possibly get out of this? Read the next, concluding chapter to find out!


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