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Chapter 13

The Tournament

Something seemed off about today. Banners covered the area, booths filed along the sidewalk, and the crowd was pouring in. What used to be a simple brutish tournament had been turned into a festival of celebration and the masses had come to the small island to join the fun. Children were giggling with ice cream or cotton candy in their hands and even the adults all seemed to have a pleasant carefree look on their faces. It seemed so out of place for a competition of one on one war.

And the changes were all due to her father.

They'd been like celebrities this day, her and her father. Men and women with cameras and microphones surrounding them, blinding her blue eyes with their constant flashing. Her dad seemed to rejoice in the glory, though she couldn't imagine why. Glory seemed to be just too much for her to handle. She didn't get a break from the cameras once though; Not since she decided to compete in the tournament herself.

It had been really strange when she'd finally decided it was what she'd wanted to do. It was like she'd almost forgotten she fought at all. She never thought about Martial Arts really, but one day she got too close to practice fight in their downstairs gym and reacted with expertise that shouldn't belong to such a small girl. Marvelling at her own newfound ability, she began practicing in secret, since her father had seemed really adamant that she not perform the skill ever again. But in the end, she got her way. Just a few days before the tournament began she'd announced publicly that she was competing and it was out into microphones before her father ever got the chance to hear personally.

His reaction was peculiar. He seemed to be shocked. Less about her fighting in the tournament, but more about her knowing she could fight at all. It was as if he never thought she even could fight, or at least would ever fight again.

It was weird.

But now she was here, at the tournament, surrounded by publicity. Her eyes roamed the many attractions and the now overwhelmingly large crowd of people who had all come to see who the first students of the world savior's new martial arts gym would be.

Attention. Attention. The qualifying round will begin shortly. All fighters registered please report to the waiting area behind the main arena.

Her head perked up at the sound of the announcement. It was time. The beginning was here and supposedly her dad found new technology to make the preliminary rounds move much quicker and waste less energy. She looked up at the eyes of her father on her right as he looked down to smile at her uneasily. She furrowed her eyebrows at his awkward look of worry before she turned her head to walk towards her gathering competition.

He could feel her energy walk into the waiting area, her sparks were hard to miss. None of the Z fighters had yet to explain the girls strange flow of natural energy, however their watch over her increased when she'd started suddenly becoming stronger. It wasn't much in comparison to their own power, but for a small human girl it was impressive. Her spark had become sparks and Gohan's intrigue had multiplied, along with his lust for battle.

He didn't have his hopes up though, this was only a small competition on earth with human "students". He couldn't feel a power level worth his time apart from Vegeta, who loomed hidden in the sky waiting to watch Gohan play with the other children in the ring. His pride would never allow Bulma to know that he would willingly attend something so petty as a human children's function, even if it was martial arts.

Videl looked very stern as she marched into the crowd of fighters, though her small worries didn't escape Gohan's critical gaze. He hadn't even known that she could fight, but he guessed he couldn't really be surprised what with her psychopathic father. He tried to stay out of her line of sight, waiting for the last possible moment to reveal himself. A strange anticipation filled himself as he thought of the moment she saw him.

He wondered if she'd remember him while he was fighting.

Attention. Attention fighters. The preliminaries will be decided by our newest technology. A punch machine has been developed with a strength calculator. Form a single file line based on your registration number and wait your turn. The top 16 scores will proceed to the tournament rounds. Thank you.

That's disappointing, Gohan thought.

That should significantly speed things up! Videl thought.

Her line formed quickly, she was very close the end since her father had wanted to make a grand entrance today. From what she could tell so far the highest scores any of the competitors before her were getting were in the 30-50 range. The 50's were a rare few. The more time passed the more her mind wandered. It was strange, when her mind filled itself with memories it seemed that her past was rather dull. Her memories were completely made up of memories from training with her father...and not much else. Sometimes it seemed more unusual than others: the seeming lapse in her memories. But for the most part she wasn't worried. Because really, she couldn't remember anything that told her that her thoughts were lacking or that she was anything less than typical.

Lost in her thoughts, she hadn't realized that nearly an hour had passed and she was now standing at the front of the line.

"Miss Satan, you're up," a monk in an orange and black outfit spoke.

"Oh! Uh, right." She approached the machine, which looked much more advanced technologically up close, reared back her arm, then let her full force strike the soft, designated place on the machine for her to punch.


"Alright!" Videl smiled, then looked back at the monk that seemed to be doing most of the speaking, "If you don't mind me asking sir, what's the highest score so far?"

Without missing a beat he answered her, "137."

Videl's heart dropped. Someone had gotten more than double her score. Sure, she was only twelve years old and the competition allowed up to eighteen, but Videl had always been able to take on and defeat student, and boys at that, which were much older than her. Though a senior would be difficult, she was sure that her talents were still much on the rise and she would be able to pummel any one of them without hesitation. But this... She wasn't sure she could handle this.

"And uh, who made such a high score?"

"Um, well, Miss Satan, it was um... the Delivery Boy."

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?" Videl was puzzled.

"Well, he was at the Cell Games. He was the last one seen to be fighting Cell when the cameras went off the air. Many actually believe that he defeated Cell as just a boy. But rumors are rumors, miss."

This was new.

"Has no one asked him about it since he's been here? What has he said?"

"He hasn't responded to anyone verbally, Miss Videl. He's completely silent."

"Hmm. And he's a boy, you say? How old is he?"

"Well, your age, Miss Satan. Though he could probably pass for closer to thirteen."

"A thirteen year old scored twice my score?! No way."

"Believe it, ma'am."

"Well, thank you. But I think now I have some new business to take care of..."

A smirk was plastered on the golden haired warrior's face as he hovered in the air near by, listening to a certain conversation between a monk and a twelve year old girl. When the idea to show up as the Delivery Boy, who was still so fresh on the people's minds, arose he just couldn't bear to pass it up. There was something excited so deeply within him about all of this that he just couldn't quite put a finger on.

Videl wandered all throughout the day looking for whoever could be the Delivery Boy, all the while Gohan avoided her, following her energy relentlessly. Even as the tournament commenced and rounds began to fly by with ease, for both Gohan and Videl, he'd managed to keep constant distance between the two, somehow always preventing her from getting too good of a look at his face.

Most of the competitors were between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, with two fifteen year olds and Gohan and Videl. Despite any age difference, Gohan and Videl were always the victors of their matches, and as fitting perfectly with Gohan's plan, the two had started on opposite sides of the brackets, only to face each other in the finals.

By now Videl had heard many rumors of the Delivery Boy and had now not only seen him, but seen him fight. Though to her dismay, he never showed a fighting style. In every fight he'd merely stood up straight and waited for his opponent to make the first move, then in a quick counter he would force his competitor out of the ring without breaking a sweat. It was intimidating to say the least, but more than that, it was frustrating.

But now they would come face to face for the first time all day. The boy who not only was supposed to be more than twice as powerful as her, but was rumored to have been the real victor against Cell instead of her father. To call him an arch nemesis wasn't shooting too far in Videl's mind.

"And now will our finalists join us in the arena! Know that these two competitors already qualify for our prize of becoming the first to study beneath Hercule Satan himself! Videl Satan, age twelve, and the Delivery Boy, also age twelve, come on out! One being the daughter of our beloved hero, and the other a newcomer who hasn't spoken a word once since he spoke his name to register this morning! These two are the youngest competitors here today and have both seemed to prove that age is just a number, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Championship round!

To look at her face to face again seemed to gain a strange reaction out of Gohan. Something deep within him seemed to be rising to the challenge... It was a feeling that he could easily relate to feeling before he fought someone much stronger than this girl, who was actually life threatening to him, yet still she remained a challenge. She seemed to be a different kind of challenge, but still one who required something to rise up from deep inside him to be able to conquer it. What exactly that meant, he wasn't sure of, but here he was facing it nevertheless.

The moment she turned to face him in the ring something started going berserk within her. An internal battle began in her mind. She'd seen him before. She knew it. Something about him drew her in, not in a frightening or overly intense way, but in a way that surrounded her with trust. Like her soul knew he was to be trusted, even though her mind found that completely illogical. Yet here she was, staring at him while they're supposed to be fighting, over thinking her every thought. What was going on here?


The Delivery Boy spoke.

That voice... That voice was so familiar...

"You will remember me, Videl Satan."

Her balcony. The boy with the black hair. What was his name?

The crowd watched in silence, all curious about the unspoken conflict between the two finalists. The daughter of the supposed defeater of Cell up against a boy rumored to have been the true world savior. Even more interesting was the way the two seemed to stare into the other. Then, to add to the mix, the Delivery Boy had finally spoken.

"You were the boy on my balcony..."

"Yes, that was me."

"This is so confusing!" Videl pulled her arms up to rest on the sides of her head, attempting to shake away her inner struggle.

"What's so confusing?" Gohan asked, honestly curious. He wasn't exactly sure what to expect when this moment finally came, but this wasn't it. He thought she'd put up much more of a fight, literally.

After taking a long pause, Videl spoke, "I feel like I should know you."

Puzzled, Gohan looked back at her with confused eyes.

"You do know me, Videl."

"No, I don't! I don't remember you!"

"You should -"

Suddenly screams from an area within the large main building cut off Gohan's thoughts. Chaos built itself slowly until a woman emerged onto the scene in mere undergarments screaming, "It's Mr. Satan! He's been attacked! H-he's dead!"

Then all hell broke loose.

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