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"I've heard you and Doc Roe have gotten rather close," George Luz wiggled his eyebrows at Betty suggestively.

"Huh?" Betty asked him.

"Well, according to Spina…" George's sentence was cut off by Betty's hand over his mouth.

"Shhh!" she exclaimed, "Spina didn't see anything!"

"Slut." Betty looked up from her fellow Easy Company man (who had just licked her hand to get it off his mouth) to face Loraine.

"Excuse me?" Betty snapped and wiped her hand on Luz's arm.

"You heard me." The snobby nurse placed her hand on her hip and glared at the younger woman.

"Slut? I'm the slut? How the hell am I the slut when you've slept with almost all of the men in the regiment?" Speirs placed a hand in her blue flight nurse uniform pocket.

"I've seen you with the men of easy. Are you a woman or a man? It seems to me your sleeping with them too," the blonde said calmly.

"Drop it, Loraine," Betty said through clenched teeth as she felt herself loosing it.

"… I bet even your brother is ashamed of you. I would be. I'm surprised you're not pregnant with that medic's bastard by no-"

Betty cut off Loraine as she was tackled the snide woman.

"Bitch!" Betty screamed as her brother walked into the medical tent. Betty straddled Loraine at the waist as she punched her face. George quickly got up and dragged her off of the woman who was crying out in annoyance and pain, claiming that Betty 'had lost it and should be put in the middle of Antarctica with nothing so she could freeze to death' (which, when Betty looked back on it, decided was a crap threat). Betty continued to fight against George and Roe came into the room to see what all of the chaos was about. His eyes widened when he saw Betty, restrained by Luz, Loraine on the floor looking a mix between wanting to kill Betty, and, fixing her hair and make-up and Speirs standing in the doorway calmly looking at the scene that was anything but.

"Sir," Eugene snapped up to attention and faced Betty's brother. It seemed it was lost in the noise as Loraine got up and took a swing at Betty, who ducked. This resulted in it hitting Luz. With that, Luz released Betty. Betty threw a punch at Loraine.

"Enough!" Speirs yelled and everything froze and turned to him. They only seemed to register him for a second before Betty took another one at Loraine. This time it was Eugene who stepped in and George, who, as much as he didn't want to, restrained Loraine. Eugene pinned Betty against a wall with his body, arms above her head. The more she wriggled and tried to escape, the more Eugene pinned her.

"Private Luz," Ronald Speirs caught the attention of the private, "take Nurse Hedler back to her cabin to get cleaned up."

"Sir," Luz nodded and lead the reluctant nurse out, who shook him off when he tried to steer her. Once they were gone Ron turned to his sister and the medic who were still against the wall.

"Roe." The medic looked over his shoulder at Betty's older brother.


"First, get off my sister." The T4 did, but kept close to her, something that did not go unnoticed by the older Speirs sibling.

"Second, get her calmed down and cleaned-up. I'm going to talk to Colonel Sink."

"What?" Betty asked, "You're going to Sink? Why?"

"He needs to know about the fight," Ron faced his sister who was still pumped up from the fight.
"You'll get me kicked out!" she yelled.

"If that is the punishment he deems necessary-"

"You want me out of the airborne, don't you?" Speirs attempted to retaliate but was cut off before he could get a word out.

"You never wanted me to join in the first place did you? You wanted me to stay at home with Ma and make dinner while you and Papa were off fighting. Well, I hate to burst your bubble buddy, but welcome to the fucking 20th Centaury! I'm not twelve anymore! I am a nurse in the army. And like it or not I am part of Easy, where they go I go!" Roe didn't catch what Speirs leaned in and whispered in his sister's ear after she said that, but he guessed it wasn't what Betty wanted to hear because he had to restrain her again and drag her into the supply room as she fought against him.

"Bastard!" she screamed and several men from outside looked through one of the windows. She then cursed at him in French to the point where even Roe winced. Roe quickly shut them out as he finally hauled her into the room and shut the door with a final bang.

"Betty!" Roe finally snapped after listening to her yell at the door for five minutes. She stopped and turned to look at him, and after seeing the quiet fire in his chocolate eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said looking down at her feet, "that was uncalled for."

"Yes, it was," he said not unkindly.

"I lost it," she fiddled with her hands and then looked up at the man she considered her friend.

"I know," he said and then realizing the guilt in her eyes and the sudden moisture there he drew her into a hug.

"I'm sorry," she started to sob, "I didn't mean to."

Roe, startled by seeing the usually strong woman cry, simply rubbed her back soothingly, "I know. No one means to loose it." Roe was surprised when Easy all came in silently, watching as the medic held their sister.

Betty was unusually silent as she waited with Roe to enter Colonel Sink's office, half of Easy Company with them, despite her protests. She looked at the medic when he reached out uncharacteristically and grabbed her hand and rubbed soothing circles onto it. The woman gave a weak smile, but even Gonorrhea could tell it was fake. There was silence as Loraine walked out of the cream coloured office without a glance at the company outside the wooden door. Then, the call went out.

"Speirs." Roe and Speirs both walked into the office and saluted until they were told to sit.

"Bourrez-vous, vous enfoiré," Betty spat when she noticed her brother standing by the door with a smug grin on his face. Roe and Betty sat in the wooden chairs and looked at each other and then at the mustached colonel.

"Now," he said as he looked at the pair, "tell me what happened…"