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Abraham's Daughter:

"Izzy, come on!" I call as we trudge up the hill. I'm practically dragging her hand in hand. We are meeting the careers, joining their pack. District 3 doesn't get this oppurtinuity often, so I try to do everything they tell me. The only thing that can screw this up is Izzy. But I can't ditch her, she's my best friend's kid sister. And the careers wanted me to find and bring her to the top of this hill. They told me they like pairs better. But now she has really screwed things up. She decided to make an alliance without telling me. This throws everything we worked for into the trash pile. But I figure if I can get us both up there the other girl will come to her senses and ditch.

As we approach the top of the hill, the beautiful district 1 girl smiles down at us with her long blonde hair blowing around her head and her piercing blue eyes gazing intently. Dazzle, her name is. She holds the most violent weapon in her hands. It's basically a club, but has spikes sticking out of it's sides. What's wrong with killing other kids with simple things like a spear or a sword? "Hello district 3" She practically giggles the words. Something this sickly sweet looks out of place with this deadly object in her hands. "Are we ready for some fun?"

Izzy can't stop staring at the weapon in Dazzle's hands. So I mutter about some plans of mine involving the force field as a weapon which was accidentely discovered last games, but before I can even really start explaining Dazzles is shusing me like I'm a young child. "Shhhh... Let Dazzle talk. Now Glint and I were talking and we decided that we really only have room for one more in the pack." I start to talk again but I discover that this is a monologue. "But we also noticed that you didn't exctaly pull your weight at the bloodbath. So.." She grabs the back of Izzy's jacket and pulls her closer to her. "We decided to let you practice on her."

I sputter and turn to run but she calls back to me "Kill her or I'll kill her. And I'll make sure to give a nice show." And I know what she means by show. I got to witniss a bit of it during the bloodbath and there is no way I will let her do that to Izzy. Little Izzy who tried to keep up asher brother and I went on our little adventures as we were kids. Little Izzy who is the only person that could make her brother smile after their mom died. Little Izzy who is too young to be stuck in these games. I walk back up and run my fingers through my hair. I try to push the thoughts of her brother out of my head.

"You can use this instead" Dazzle lifts up her shirt to reveal a knife she's strapped to her side shining against her cream and roses complexion. She hands it to me and I turn to face Izzy. "Please close your eyes" I can't bear to watch the tears that stream down her face. "It's a lot better this way." I raise my knife and plee to whoever can hear inside my head that this will be forgiven. I take a breath in but suddenly the girl Izzy ahs made a secret partnership with bursts out from behind the bush she had been hiding behind. I figured she had run by know. I look to her to see the small girl holding a too big bow and realise she is the exact opposite of Dazzle. Her dark hair frames her dark skin and dark eyes. "Stop." She says in a calm voice. "Let them both go or I will shoot"

Dazzle swaggers forward and coos at the girl "what's your district. Surely they wouldn't have trained such a sweet little girl with such a weapon?" The girl spits at her. "I wouldn't tell you. We're all fighting for the same team anyway." Confusion flashes across Dazzle's perfect features but is quickly replaced with her usual smile. She picks up her deadly weapon and walks towards the girl. She holds her ground and suddenly an arrow is let free. I learn that even the most beautiful die ugly. But I don't get the watch the whole show because I don't want to know what Glint has to say about the situation.

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