A/N: This chapter will be about a female tribute from 1, Topaz and a male tribute from 2, Drake. Warning language and the stories might get a bit more violent . .

The Ruler and the Killer:

I lean over my district partner's corpse. I glare back at Drake, the ass from district 2. "What the hell was that for?" I practically spit at him. "You should listen when I talk, sugar." He cleans the blood off of his sword. "We should get a move on, the gamemakers don't like us hanging around. And keep your mind on the mission." "And what's that again?" I snarl and pick up my Morning Star off of the ground. He laughs, "To make sure I win this" I take one last look at my training partner, "I told you to not to underestimate him." I follow behind Drake.

Sleep, Kill, Sleep. That's all there is in our career partnership. The girl from his district thought she was smart, running off so early in the games. But unfortantely for her, Drake sniffed her out like a bloodhound. I watch as her picture illuminates the sky and he smirks at it. He actually laughs. It's like he's one a child's game on the playground. I half expect him to stick out his tongue at her picture.

Drake takes first watch, and I'm awoken to the sound of screams. Drake walks back into the camp, dragging a girl by her hair. "I could've been killed you idiot, leaving me unguarded with a fire and all alone while I slept!" I slap him but he doesn't even flinch. "This one made a fire too." He smiled. "What district are you again? 8? 6? Doesn't really matter." He throws her down in front of me. "Why don't you put on a little show for me, Topaz." He pulls a knife out of his pocket and hands it to me. "Go on now." "You're disgusting. Do it yourself." I try to turn away from him but he holds my shoulders. He has his foot on the girl's back so she can't run away. "Don't talk back to me, sweetheart. Don't say a thing." His breath is hot on my face. "Why are you so special? Why do you get to control the games?" He laughs at my question. "Cause I am a killer, babe. I am the ruler of these games." I have no choice but to put on a show for him. But I make sure the knife ends up in my bag, not his.

There is only us and the boy from 5 left. I've tried to leave our little partnership many times, but he always grabs my arm. "Not yet baby, I want to be the one to watch the light leave those pretty green eyes." When I take watch, he ties me to a tree so I can't escape and I can't kill him. If another tribute were to actually appear and try to kill him he thinks I would call so the tribute wouldn't kill me. But I wouldn't have, if only there was a tribute brave enough. I know he's stronger than me-strong than all of us, and it's faster to slice someone's head off than to bludger than with a morning star but I must stay somewhat positive. He isn't exacltely modest. All I can think about is not letting him win. I make sure to slip the knife up my sleeve when Drake isn't watching.

We prowl through the woods, me in the front him in the back yelling directions to me. He's smart enough not to let me follow behind him. I hear a twig snap and I think I've found 5 but suddenly Drake is on top of me and I'm pinned to the ground. "Sorry beautiful," he traces finger across my jawline. He looks right into my eyes. "But it's time for the ruler and the killer to make his most important kill."
He doesn't slice my throat or stab me in the chest. He takes his sweet time. I don't cry out, I look him straight in the black eyes. I'm too strong to cry out or to close my eyes. he sits up, taking most of his weight off of me. "Goodbye darling." He smirks. "Give one last look at the ruler and the killer." He leans down close to my face, as if he plans on kissing me. "You're wrong." I manage to speak. "About what?" he cooes as if I'm a child. "You're not the killer; I am." I use the last of my strength and bury my knife into his back. He yelps in suprise but there is nothing he can do. His cannon fires in the distance.

I shove his body off of me and I see the boy from 5 watching from one of the nearby trees. "Congratulations." I call to his wide eyes. "Enjoy the rest of the games." My cannon fires in the distance.

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