Chapter 1

(Before i begin, this fanfic is based on both the old and new TMNT cartoons, Enjoy)

(Also, i own nothing...Nothing...NOTHING...)

I ran through the streets, hoping to escape the purple dragons. Up until recently I was part of the gang. That was until I found out they were the ones who had murdered my family. Maybe I should explain. I was living with my mother, father and twin sister. We were living peacefully, until my friend started acting strange. Naturally I followed him one night and found he was part of the purple dragons. I being his friend came up to him during school and asked him about it. He then told me everything. How he was trying to get revenge on the people who had kidnapped, tortured and finally killed his younger sister. I told him revenge is the worst thing to do. He then told me I don't know anything until I have experienced his pain. We refused to speak with each other for a while. I was forgetting about him. Then the tragic day happened. I had just come home from school, to find police around the apartment I was living in. I asked a few people what had happened and they all told me the same thing; that a family had been murdered. I pulled out my cell phone and dialled mum's phone. No one answered. I began to grow afraid. It was strange for mum not to answer. I walked up to the yellow tape and saw a body being wheeled out. The face was uncovered. I grew numb and tears had run down my face. I quickly ducked under the tape and ran over to the body. On the stretcher was my mother. I was held back by an officer. I kept screaming out 'Mum,' hoping she would wake up. As she was placed into the ambulance I fell to my knees, crying out loudly. The officer left me to cry. I looked up as two more stretchers were wheeled out. Each holding my father and sister. I stood up as they were placed into the ambulance and driven away. The officer took my arm and led me to a police car. I got into the back seat and sat down. The officer got into the car and drove off. The car was quiet except for my sobs. He took me to the police station and took me in for questioning. I told them everything I knew. I didn't know of anyone who would murder them. I told them to try and solve the case quickly so it was seen that the murderer was placed behind bars for the rest of his life. The officer promised to do what he could. A family friend had been called and came down to the station to pick me up. When I saw her, I quickly ran into her arms and cried.

"April, they are gone" I cried, into her shoulder. April had a dark amber hair colour and brown eyes.

"I know. Come on, I'll take you back to my house" She replied. I walked in step with April towards the exit of the police station. We had walked down the street to her house. We had gotten together well, until I had ran into my friend. He then said to me he saw the news about my family and was sorry for my loss. Being in grief, I let him take me to the leader of the purple dragons. The leader, Hun asked me if I wanted to join. I accepted without hesitation as I knew the purple dragons had connections to people who could track down the killers before the police would. After I joined, I began to skip more and more of school, I started fights in the streets with anyone who badmouthed the purple dragons and worse, I began to have more and more fights with April, which usually started from the tattoo I had gotten of the purple dragon's mark on my left arm. I became more adapt to the gang life and started to become the person I had never wanted to become. It wasn't until after a year of gang life that I learned how my family was murdered. I had walked into a room and hidden from everyone, just trying to get a few moments to myself. I shut the door behind me and it wasn't until a few minutes after that that a few people entered the area before the room I was in. They were discussing all the murders they had
committed during their time in the purple dragons. I heard the voice of my friend talking about how he had murdered a family a year ago. I heard him mention my name as well as the names of my family. I then realised it was he who had killed them. I felt rage rise up inside my body. I peeked through the keyhole and saw it was him and three others. I waited until they had left, before I dared venture out. I went up to Hun and yelled at him for deceiving me. He just laughed and walked up to me. He punched me in the stomach, causing me to go flying back. I stood up and glared at him. I told him I quit and I'm never coming back. Hun then snapped his fingers and many members of the purple dragons came out. I fought my way out of the building which brings me back to now. I am running away from the gang and trying to find some way to escape. I turned down an alleyway only to find it was a dead end. I was standing between a fence and the ever closing in gang. I ran toward the fence and started to kick it. A few boards of the fence came off. I turned back to find the gang standing at the end of the alleyway. I crawled through the fence. I heard someone come right after me. I ran until I was tackled by someone. I tumbled over in the empty street. I landed on my stomach and started to get up, using my hands and feet. I was hit in the stomach, causing me to land on my side. I clutched my stomach and gasped for air. I looked up into the eyes of the person who killed me.

"Kody? Why?" I asked. He stood over me and smiled.

"You want to know why? Because I had to. It was my assignment to join the purple dragons. Just as you had to do something similar" He replied. He then kicked me in the chest and I rolled to my back. Kody then picked up a piece of pipe from the ground and hit me in my left leg. I yelled in agony as pain flared through my shin. Kody then moved the pipe to my head and placed it against my cheek. The pipe was cold to touch. He raised it above his head and was about to bring it down when someone hit him in the face with a hockey stick. I looked over to the new person. He had black hair and wore a kind of hockey mask. My eyes grew wide as I remembered the tale of Casey Jones that everyone had told me. The masked man stood facing Kody. I sat up and moved away by dragging myself using my arms and good leg. Kody stood up and laughed.

"Well, Well. If it isn't the infamous Casey Jones" He said. Casey Jones twirled his hockey stick around in his hand. I stood up and bent my injured leg so that I was leaning more onto my non-injured leg. Kody made the first move and ran forward with his pipe raised. As he got to Casey he swung the bat down. Casey moved out of the way and hit Kody in the stomach with his hockey stick. Kody fell to his knees and coughed up some blood. Casey swung the bat down, which connected with Kody's head, making a sickening crunch. I cringed a little. Casey turned towards me and rested his hockey stick onto his shoulder. I stood there facing Casey, not daring to move. He walked over to me, until he was face to face with me.

"Do yourself a favour, go home. You don't belong here" He said. I glared.

"It's not much of a home" I told him, coldly. Casey chuckled.

"A home, no matter how little is still a home" He said. I felt my eyes relax as his words sank in. I looked down.

"Your right" I told him. A cough came from behind Casey. He turned to find the purple dragon gang standing there, each carrying some sort of weapon. Casey twirled his hockey stick around, not saying a word. I picked up the pipe from Kody's hands and held it above my shoulder in a baseball stance. Hun stepped forward.

"Kill them" He said. The gang ran forward. Some dark shadows jumped down from the rooftops and attacked the gang. In a matter of minutes the gang had been taken down. The dark figures turned toward us and I dropped the pipe at what I saw. There were four large green turtles, each wearing a different coloured headband. They held weapons that looked like only a ninja would have. They each put their weapons away. I started to feel a little light headed and fell. Casey caught me as I fell and helped me stand up. He put his hockey stick in the sports bag he was wearing on his back and lifted me up into his arms. My eyes grew wide with shock. He walked into the main part of the city and put me down near a police station.

"You can find your way home from here?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yes, thank you" I replied. I limped away from the police station and towards April's house. I stopped at the door and took out my set of keys. I stared at the door for a while before unlocking the door. I stepped inside and made sure that April wasn't awake. I closed the door behind me and limped across the living room and towards the bathroom. I shut the bathroom door behind me and went over to the mirror. I placed my hands either side of the sink and looked at my reflection. I had medium brown hair which reached down to my shoulders and had a side fringe that covered my left eye and had red streaks through it. My eye colour was light purple and had flecks of blue. I was sweating a little and my face had streaks of dirt across it. I turned the cold tap on and splashed the water over my face. I dried my face on one of the towels hanging up. I then pulled up my left pants leg and looked at the bruise already starting to form. I silently cursed as I touched the bruise lightly. I brought my T-shirt up and looked at my stomach and chest. There were bruises forming where I had been kicked there also. I undressed and turned on the shower. I entered it and let the water wash over me and calm my bruises a little. I washed my hair and rinsed it out. I turned the water off and stepped out. I covered myself with a towel and put my clothes into the wash basket. I walked out of the bathroom and towards my room. A cough came from behind me. I turned quickly to find April. She held a look of anger. I crossed my arms.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" She asked, in a tired voice.

"No" I replied, quickly.

"Its way past the curfew I set for you."

"April I'm now seventeen years old. I'm no child. I can take care of myself."

"Like how you took care of yourself tonight. Look the purple dragons are not who you are. What would your family have to say if they saw that?" April asked, pointing to the dragon tattoo on my arm. I slapped her hand away.

"Don't you dare drag my family into this. You have no idea what I went through to even stop thinking about that day every second I live. If you had any sympathy, stop trying to control my life and stop trying to be my mother" I said, a little louder than what I hoped. April's face held more fury.

"Go and get dressed. We need to have a talk" She said. I turned and entered the room I had been calling home for a year. I slammed my door and felt tears pricking my eyes. I sat on the floor next to my bed and covered my face in my hands.

"I'm so stupid" I said. I shook my head and placed it onto my knees. I felt tears fall from my eyes, leaving a wet trail down my cheeks. I found myself curling into a ball. A knock on my door made me raise my head.

"Kelisa? Are you even dressed now?" April asked from behind the door.

"Leave me alone" I shouted back. Silence was the only answer then I heard April's footsteps walk away from the door. I stood up and put on underwear, a clean pair of jeans and a black T-shirt that held the purple dragon's symbol. I brushed my hair and placed it into a casual ponytail. I heard voices come from the living room. I quietly opened my bedroom door and crept out. I stopped at the door of the living room and hid behind it, listening in.

"April, you do know you holding a person of the Purple dragons in here?" Came a voice that I couldn't recognise.

"Yes, I know for a fact that she is part of the gang" Retorted April's voice.

"How can you do that? I mean she is part of them and they did try to kidnap you a couple of times dude" came another voice I couldn't distinguish. Then a voice came that I could remember clearly.

"Michey you know we have to keep her away from them. I've seen what they can do. Everything she has done has been done to please them, so she can become part of them. So she can get her revenge" Came Casey's voice. I held a hand over my mouth to stop myself from making any noise.

"Perhaps," Came the voice of an old man, "We should discuss this with her instead of making her listen in to what we are saying." A few footsteps came closer and the door opened all the way. I was looking into the eyes of one of the turtles. He had a blue head band on, covering a part of his face, leaving holes for him to see from. He walked back into the living room, and I followed almost reluctantly. I sat down and looked around at everyone. April was sitting down next to the orange head banded turtle and a man who I knew was Casey. Sitting on a chair away from the table was a red head banded turtle, who held a face of anger. At the far end of the table was the purple head banded turtle and sitting next to him was a rat. Standing near the rat was the blue head banded turtle. I crossed my arms and waited for someone else to speak. April refused to look me in the eyes, she just kept her eyes locked on the table.

"I think you may have some questions for us?" Asked the rat. I looked at him.

"Yeah, I do. Who are you?" I asked. The rat smiled.

"I am Splinter, the one behind me is Leonardo, the one next to April- san is Michelangelo, the one at the other end of the table is Donatello and the one near April- san's kitchen is Raphael. I believe they were the ones who had saved you just a few hours ago" Replied Splinter. April looked at my expression as she wondered what had happened. I looked at April.

"Yes, alright they did. I thank them for it" I said, trying to stop April from watching me. Casey held a slight look of sadness. I sighed and looked down at the table in front of me.

"Would you care to tell us your name?" Asked Leonardo. I looked at him.

"I was sure you would've heard my name from April" I said, coldly.

"Kelisa, be kind to them. They did save your life" April said. I stood up quickly.

"I never asked to be saved. Why can't you just leave me alone" I said. I turned and stormed back to my room, slamming the door behind me as I went. I slammed my bedroom door once I entered it. I walked over to my bed and flopped down on it. I buried my face in my pillows and let the tears fall down my face. I refused to move or make any noises. I had been taught to not show any emotion of sadness in front of anyone from my time in the purple dragons. I quickly dried my tears on the pillows and sat up. I stared out the window and wondered what would happen if I hadn't left the dragons. I sighed and cuddled one of my pillows. I brought it up to my chin and buried my head into it. A knock on my door, made my head snap up.

"Kelisa? Is it alright if a come in?" Came Leonardo's voice.

"Yes" I replied. My door opened and in stepped Leonardo. He shut the door behind him and he stepped across the floor to sit on my bed. Once he sat, he glanced around the room.

"You are very lucky to have been taken in by April" He said. I sighed.

"If I was truly lucky, none of this would have happened. My family would still be alive, I would never have joined the dragons and I would never have caused trouble for April" I replied. Leonard placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Even so, you are still very lucky. April loves you. She just doesn't know what to do. She is tired of fighting with you, just give her another chance" He said. I took his hand off of my shoulder and stood up. I walked away and turned to face him.

"Don't give me that speech. Many have given the same one, only because April never wanted to accept that I was able to make my own decisions. And now she won't accept that I am able to right my own wrongs" I said. Leonardo stood up and walked over to me.

"Listen; just give April one more chance. You may be surprised as to how she feels about you" He said, calmly. I clenched my fists and looked at Leonardo straight in his eyes.

"Leave me alone. It's none of your business anyway" I said. Leonardo's eyes widened a little at the rage he saw in my eyes. He took a step towards me and I swung my fist forward. Leonardo caught it easily.

"Don't do this" He said.

"I'm through with listening to everybody telling me not to do something. This time, I'm making a choice, knowing that something stupid can happen" I replied. I swung my other fist. Leonardo caught that one with his other hand. I kicked out at the side and managed to hit him in the side. Leonardo didn't budge, but I knew he had some wind knocked out of him. I struck my fists down and broke free of Leonardo's grip. I jumped back and held a stance I was taught. I had my fists still into balls and looked at Leonardo, who hadn't moved. He had crossed his arms and was staring at me. I lunged forward and swung my fist forwards. Leonardo dodged easily and I stumbled a little. I regained my balance and turned to face the turtle. I ran forward again and used what little martial arts training I remembered. Leonardo blocked easily. I kept attacking until I was puffing. Leonardo pushed me and I fell down. I landed on my butt and looked up at Leonardo. He knelt down in front of me.

"Are you quiet done?" He asked. I glared at him. Leonardo nodded. "Well, seeing as you are on the floor, listen to me. You need to speak to April. She misses the way you two were before you joined the purple dragons. My brothers and I will be leaving soon. Take that time to talk out your problems" He continued.

"Talking won't do anything; we haven't had a proper conversation for a long time. She won't listen to me" I replied. Leonardo stood up.

"Just talk. Everything will work out" he said. I finally bowed my head.

"Fine. I'll do it" I said. Leonardo smiled. He walked out of my room and closed the door quietly behind him. I raised my head and waited for the voices in the living room to cease. When they eventually did, I stood up and walked out of my room. I moved to the doorway leading to the living room. I took a breath and walked through the door. April sat at the table. I walked over to the table and sat opposite April. I refused to look into her eyes. I heard April sigh then shift in her seat. I looked up despite what my head kept telling me. I saw the look of hurt in her eyes.

"April," I finally said, "Leonardo asked me to talk to you and to "work" out our problems." I quoted the air with my fingers. April gave me a look of disapproval.

"Leonardo is not one you should mock" She said. I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't mock him. Just the way he said what we should do" I replied, quickly getting defensive. April leant forward.

"Either way, don't do anything to upset him" April continued. I sighed and rested my back on the back of the chair. I started to clean my nails and refused to look at April again. April moved and walked over to me. She knelt down beside me and placed her hand under my chin, forcing me to look at her. I thrust my head away from April.

"Don't touch me" I said, angrily. April grabbed my shoulder and stood me up. I snapped my arm back and glared at her.

"If you have something on your chest, tell me now" She said. I shook my head.

"No, I won't tell you anything" I replied.

"Tell me" April continued. Every time I refused, April kept pestering me to tell her. Finally I snapped.

"You want to know what's going on? I hate the fact that I will never again see the faces of my family. I hate how you are always trying to take over the role of my mother. I hate that even when I quite the dragons you never even knew and I hate how every time I try to do something right it always backfires" I said, my voice raising with every sentence I said. April stood there listening to me. My body was shaking in anger.

"Kelisa, sometimes things happen for a reason. If that's how you really feel, I'll stop mothering you as much. As for you leaving the Dragons, how could I have even known? You have never told me anything since you joined them" April replied. I crossed my arms and held my tongue. The doors to the kitchen opened up and Casey stepped out into the room. I turned my head away and started to walk back towards my room. I shut my bedroom door quietly and lay down on my bed on my stomach. I looked out my window and saw a few dark shadows run past the building across my street. I quickly sat up and saw more dark shadows. I bounded off my bed, landing with a thump and ran to the window. I opened the window and peered out. The dark shadows took the forms of humans and were fighting one another. I climbed out the window and stood on the fire escape. I put the ladder down and climbed down it. I ran to the other side of the street and climbed up the fire escape on the building I saw the people fighting on. I reached the roof and peered over the ledge. I saw people in black ninja like costumes, fighting what looked liked the turtles. I got up onto the roof and hid behind a large cement block that would have led into the building from the door on the other side. I peered out from behind it and couldn't help but laugh when I saw the ninja people were getting their butts kicked from the turtles. I quickly covered my mouth when one of the ninjas looked around. I hid behind the concrete block completely. A sound of metal sounded above me. I looked up to find a ninja holding a sword. He lifted it up and jumped down. I quickly moved and heard the ninja land behind me. I turned and looked up at the ninja. He swung his sword at me and I rolled away, landing on my side. He ran forwards and I kicked my leg out. My foot connected with the ninja's chest. He dropped the sword and fell down. I picked up the sword and held it in front of me. The ninja stood up and grabbed some ninja stars from his belt. He threw them at me. I used the sword to try and block the ninja stars. I took steps back and came out to plain view of anyone looking over. The ninja threw another star at me and I failed to block it. It stuck itself into my arm. I hissed in pain. I looked up just in time to see the ninja jump in the air. I fell to my back and waited for him to be in the right position. When he was nearly on top of me, I used my legs to kick him in the stomach and push him over the edge of the building. I quickly stood up and was about to peer over the edge of the building when someone in a metal suit appeared. I held the sword in front of my in a defensive position. The man in the metal suit took one look at my tattoo before speaking.

"Your part of the Purple Dragons" He stated.

"Was" I corrected him. He took one step forward. His armour glistening in the morning sun, peaking over the horizon.

"I can only assume you don't know who I am" replied the armoured man. I shook my head and took cautious steps back. The armoured man kept walking forward and I kept walking back. My feet connected with the edge of the building and I waved my arms trying to keep my balance on the rooftop. The armoured man swung his arm that was covered in spikes at me, striking me in the stomach. I fell off the building. Before I hit the ground, I was caught by someone in both arms. I looked up.

"Leonardo?" I exclaimed. The blue head banded turtle looked down at me. He placed me on the ground. I looked up to find the armoured man had disappeared from site. A hand appeared on my shoulder.

"Come, I'll take you home" Leonardo said. I nodded and followed Leonardo back to April's apartment. I walked through the antique door and across until I reached the stairs. I turned to find Leonardo had vanished. I sighed and started to walk up the stairs. I reached the door to the apartment and slowly opened the door. I slipped inside and grabbed the nearest jacket off of the coat rack, which turned out to be a few sizes too big. I zipped up the front. I walked towards the bathroom and quickly opened the door. I entered it and shut the door quietly behind me. It wasn't until I locked the door that I remembered I still had hold of the sword. I dropped it, which then clattered on the floor. A knock at the door came.

"Kelisa? Are you alright?" Asked April from the other end.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I responded, picking up the sword and shoving it behind the sink. I unlocked the door and opened it.

"I heard you drop something that sounded big" She said.

"I have nothing" I lied. April looked at my clothing.

"That's Casey's coat, if your finished with it, I'll take it back to him" Replied April. I nodded, turned and shrugged it off. I crossed one arm over my chest, turned back around and handed the coat to April. I crossed the other arm over my chest and hid my scratches. April must have then seen some blood staining as her face became shocked. She took my arms away from my chest and saw the amount of blood staining my singlet as well as the torn clothing.

"What happened?" April asked.

"Nothing really" I replied.

"This doesn't look like nothing."

"Just drop it April." April looked as if she had been hit in the face. She turned and walked away. I breathed a sigh of relief. I shut the door again and locked it. I opened the bathroom mirror and grabbed out the first aid kit. I sat on the floor leaning on the bathtub. I took off my singlet and opened the first aid kit. I poured some aesthetic onto a cotton ball and started to clean my wounds. I gritted my teeth from the pain. Once my wounds had been cleaned to my standard, I grabbed out a bandage and wrapped it around my chest, not leaving one area uncovered. I placed my singlet back on and placed the first aid kit back into the mirror. I unlocked the door and headed straight for my bedroom. I shut the door and breathed a sigh of relief, with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and saw that my window was shut. I walked over to it and swore I had left it open. I heard a noise behind me, but before I could turn, a hand covered my mouth. I tried to scream, but the hand stifled it. I was grabbed on my arms and legs and carried over to the window. It opened up and I was tossed out. I went over the railing of the fire escape only to be caught again. I was led towards a van and thrown in the back. I got to my feet and was about to leap out, when the doors slammed shut. I tried to open the door to find they had been locked. I heard the van's engine start. I screamed and kicked the door hoping someone would hear it. The van started to move and I was pushed against the van's doors. I stumbled over to the front of the van and punched the steel as hard as I could while screaming. A banging sound replied.

"Keep it down back there" Shouted a female's voice.

"No, Let me out" I screamed back. A hissing sound started. I looked to the sides of the truck to see a very faint gas seeping into the van. I covered my nose and mouth from it, knowing what might happen was it some kind of chloroform. Despite my efforts to not breathe it in, I started to feel dizzy. I collapsed to the ground and fell fast asleep.